Order Your Yearbook Now!

Don’t forget to order your 2017-2018 Yearbook!

Go online to the PowerSchool Parent Portal and add it to your account by clicking on “Additional Items” at the bottom of the “Student Fees” page, click on “School Fees”, click on the “Yearbook” icon and then “Add to Cart”. Don’t forget to “Check Out” at the end.


Simply print off this Yearbook Order Form and send in the $20 and it will be added accordingly.

Not sure if you have ordered or paid for one yet? Check out your Student Fees page of the Parent Portal and you will see it there if you have.

If you have any questions, simply call the office at 780-963-3535 OR email us at muirlake@psd70.ab.ca.


Gr 1 to 9 Reports Cards are Available

Your child’s grade 1 to 9 report card is now accessible through the PowerSchool Parent Portal. 
For information on how to sign on to the PowerSchool Parent Portal click HERE.  
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Once you have logged in to your child’s account, click on the “Report Card” link on the left side. 
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The next window will prompt you to “Generate” the report card which will take you to a PDF version of the report card which you can view or print.
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PLEASE NOTE:   The report card CANNOT be viewed from the APP on a Mobile Device. This is because the APP does not allow you to LINK to outside programs like our Report Card or Fees systems. You will need to do this from a computer or by using your BROWSER on your mobile device. 
If you are having problems signing on to the PowerSchool Parent Portal please contact the office at 780-963-3535 or by email to muirlake@psd70.ab.ca
Wishing you and your family a Very Merry Christmas and a Safe & Joyous New Year!

School Supply Fundraiser

Write-On Stationery is offering the parents of Muir Lake School the opportunity to pre-purchase their school supplies for the 2017-2018 school year. Write-On will purchase, package and deliver all of your children’s school supplies for the next year.

Simply fill out the form that went home with your child, return it to the school and pick up your supplies during the last week of August. Extra forms will be available in the office OR you can order and pay for your supplies online at www.write-on.ca. As a fundraiser, Muir Lake School will receive a percentage of all orders placed – it’s just that easy! “Write On Stationery” orders will be accepted until June 21st.

Supply Lists will be going home with your student’s report card at the end of the year and are also available by clicking HERE.

Check Out Your New School Council!


Check it out!  You have a new school council for this school year and we are excited to introduce them to you! Click on the Muir Lake School Council tab at the top of the blog page – this is where you will find all you need to know about our school council and what they can do for you. With that being said, we are still looking for a grade 4 representative. If you are able to help fill this position please contact Christy Sherwood via email at muirlakescchair@psd70.ab.ca

Remember; council meets the second teaching Monday of each month at 7 p.m. in the school library learning commons and all parents are encouraged to attend. Minutes and agendas will be posted on the council blog page in advance of each meeting.

Thank you for your continued support of our school council.

Parent Teacher Interviews

PT Interviews

ALL Grade 1 to 9 Parent/Teacher interviews are scheduled for Tuesday October 4th from 4 to 7 and Wednesday October 5th from 3 to 6.  All parents are invited to book their appointment on our online booking system at https://muirlake.schoolappointments.com. Interviews for Kindergarten students will take place on November 22 & 23 – watch for more details coming soon.

You will NEED to re-create your login for your account.

INSTRUCTIONS are available by clicking HERE

Should you have questions, please feel free to contact the school at 780-963-3535 or email us at muirlake@psd70.ab.ca 

Thank you!


Parent Teacher Interviews

PT InterviewsIt is that time of the year again – time to meet with your child’s homeroom teacher. The primary focus of these interviews is Citizenship and Social Responsibility and to discuss how things are going thus far. Please go on-line to http://muirlake.schoolappointments.com to schedule an interview with your child’s homeroom teacher.  Times are set for Wednesday October 7th from 4 to 7 pm and Thursday October 8th from 3 to 6.

NEW FOR THIS YEAR: ALL Grade 1 to 9 homeroom teachers will be available in their classrooms for scheduled appointments. Kindergarten interviews will be held at a later date which will be announced.

Mrs. Gottenbos will not be available for parent teacher interviews on Thursday, October 8, but will be available Tuesday, October 13 after school. Please email her directly for appointments.

Click this link for Parent Instructions on how to navigate School Appointments in order to book your appointment. You will need to re-register this year with a new “User ID” as all data is cleared at the end of each year.

And as always, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact our school office at 780.963.3535.

You will also have the opportunity to shop at the Scholastic Book Fair in our Collaboration Center which is taking place from October 5 – 9. Click HERE for more information on the Book Fair or if you are able to volunteer some time to help our students “shop”. Thank you!


Congratulations Mrs. Stride-Goudie

It is with very mixed emotions that we report that Mrs. Stride-Goudie will be leaving Muir Lake School. However, we are VERY excited to announce that the new school in Spruce Grove will have an amazing first principal.

Construction of the new Kindergarten to Grade 9 school in the Prescott subdivision in Spruce Grove is about to shift into high gear. Extensive planning, hiring and logistical decisions continue and will now require the leadership from its first principal.  Karen Stride-Goudie will be tasked with bringing to life the vision for the new school as an exemplar of a student-centered, innovative, digital learning center that will continually create authentic opportunities for all learners to succeed.  You can read the full announcement on the PSD70 Website.

KSGHardHat“The opportunity to work closely and collaboratively with our dynamic Senior Executive Team to create and design a learning space for our new school in Spruce Grove is exciting, engaging and inspiring. It has been a privilege to serve the students, staff and parents at Muir Lake School for the past four years. This leadership experience has provided me with powerful opportunities to foster a culture of trust, collaboration, innovation, creativity and risk-taking.  I look forward to the new challenges that lie ahead.”

We are also very pleased to have Gail Ferguson who is currently the principal at Millgrove School in Spruce Grove join our admin team and lead us into the new school year.  Welcome Mrs. Ferguson!

Gail Ferguson“I have loved being an early years principal at Millgrove School and am so thankful to our students, parents and staff for all the wonderful learning we have experienced together. I now look forward to joining the Muir Lake School community to continue creating opportunities for success for all students.”

Fundraising & School Council

Foundation Logo in ColourJust a reminder that the School Council meeting is tonight at 7 pm in the Collaboration Center. Elections for the School Foundation/Fundraising Association will also take place tonight, but this will take place ahead of time at 6:15 pm.  Without a team to run the Foundation, the casino and fundraising for the school cannot take place – please come out and volunteer to help out with this.meeting

Student Led Conferences

onlinePlease go online to SchoolAppointments.com to book your Spring Student Led Conference. Dates have been set for Tuesday March 24th and Wednesday March 25th.

At the Student Led Conferences, students will be demonstrating their learning and sharing their online learning portfolios. Some teachers will have centers set up in the art room or the multipurpose room for this purpose. Student Led Conferences will also have a private interview time component with your child’s teacher.

All grade 4 to 9 students are asked to bring their device to the conference so that they can share the “Google Drive” & “Google Classroom” with you.

The grade 7 & 8 teachers will be in Mrs. Rich’s classroom (room 164) holding conferences on a “Drop In” basis and the two grade 9 teachers will be together in Mrs. Arnold’s classroom (room 155), also available on a “Drop In” basis.

The Parent Instruction Guide for SchoolAppointments.com can be viewed here.

We will also be running the Scholastic Book Fair during the week of interviews, so if you are able to help or just want to do some shopping, please feel free to stop in to the Collaboration Center.

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