Term 2 CTF Registration is OPEN

Term 2 CTF Option Course Registration is now OPEN!!!
Please direct your grade 6 to 9 students to the link on the left side of the main blog page called CTF Option Course Registration – have them go to it and register for Term 2 CTF Courses prior to Friday November 30th OR simply go to https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfgiqDnOZFw2gF4uhI6es9uo0MCUhUaInKIfsM8896qX6dDsQ/viewform and fill in the registration form.
We encourage you to speak with your children about their choices and read the CTF Course Descriptions carefully and pick what they want – not what their friends are picking as we discourage switching as these courses are about exploring new avenues. Please note that some of the courses have fees attached to them and these fees will be automatically added to your child’s PowerSchool Account.
CTF Option Course Descriptions can be found as a link on the the left side of the MLS Blog page or click this link https://drive.google.com/file/d/1XKOnFiG5YV8_kdKx7nl7HG_FxwmyxzVF/view?usp=sharing
Grade 6 Art with Ms Wayken on day 5 will be with students in group 2 this term and students in Art Group 1 & 3 will register for CTF courses. Students know which group they are in and their homeroom teachers also have a list posted. It is also important to be aware that Musical Theatre will run for 2 terms during terms 2 & 3.
Thank you and always, should you have any questions please feel free to contact the office at 780-963-3535.

CTF Term 2 Course Registration

register nowCTF Term 2 Registration is NOW OPEN!!!

Please have your grade 6 to 9 students go to http://bit.ly/CTFTerm2  to register. Course information is available at http://bit.ly/CTFRegInfo. These links are also available on this Blog page at www.psdblogs.ca/muirlake. They are on the lower left hand side under “LINKS”.

Group #2 of the grade 6 students will be taking Art with Ms Wayken, so they will not need to register this time around. Group lists are available from the grade 6 teachers.

ALSO . . . .  if your grade 7 to 9 student are currently enrolled in FRENCH with either Mrs. van Beek or Mrs. Arnold on Monday & Friday, they will continue with this for the whole year. They still go online to register for CTF the same as always, but there is a question as to whether or not they are in FSL and they just answer it accordingly.

We need these online CTF registrations done by the end of the school day this THURSDAY December 10th.


Term 2 Options Registration

register nowAll grade 6 to 9 students are asked to go to the links at the side of this Blog page to read the information and register for their Term 2 Options which will begin right after the Christmas break.  You can also go to http://bit.ly/Term2OptionInfo or click HERE for the Term 2 Option Information. To register go to http://bit.ly/Term2Options or click HERE to take you to the registration page.

In order to get everyone enrolled and the lists posted before students leave for Christmas break we are asking that registration be completed by Thursday December 11th.

T2 Options Open For Registration!

All grade 6 to 9 students are required to sign up for their Term 2 Options online by Tuesday December 3rd.  Course Information is available by clicking HERE and then students are able to sign up by clicking this REGISTRATION link. These links are also available on the left hand side of this Blog Page or by going to  http://bit.ly/T2OptionsReg.  Paper copies of the courses being offered this term are also available in the office.

If you have already taken Foods, Sports Exposure or have been a Classroom Assistant this year please select a different option as these classes are in high demand and this would allow for other students to register for them as well.  Class registration must be done by the end of the school day on Tuesday December 3rd in order to process all of the requests in time for term 2 option classes to begin on December 10th. If you require any assistance please see Mrs. Garley in the office – “Thank You” for your co-operation in getting this done as quickly as possible.

Time to Choose Your Term 2 Options

Click the link at the left of this page to register for grade 6 to 9 term 2 options or click here for more information .  Please be sure to have your online registration done by Thursday November 29th as term 2 begins December 5th.  The first Day 2 will be December 6th and the first day 4 will be December 10th.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the school office at 780-963-3535.