Rube Goldberg Machine

Today we created a Rube Goldberg machine in the gym. The process was difficult, required perseverance and challenged us to work as a team. We did this activity as one of the culminating tasks for our unit on building devices that move. Please read the student’s blog posts on what they learned when building the Rube Goldberg Machine!

Simple Machines- Lever


 We started our study of simple machines with an exploration of levers. Groups were given 4 popsicle sticks, a glue stick, half a meter of duct tape, a cup and a small ball. Their task was to launch the ball high enough for a group member to catch it. Above is a video showing the student’s learning.




CLover  Ashlynn 2Olivia

Carter Brookelyn Ashlynn

poster  gabriella

If you were to walk through the halls of Micro Village (the name that was created and voted on by citizens at our school) right now you would see colourful signs plastering the walls (like the ones above). We just finished campaign week and students who are vying for position of Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister have been shaking hands, putting up posters and talking with students on the playground. This year we will have a Prime Minister from grade 4 and a Deputy Prime Minister from grade 3. During our first round of Micro University, students learned how to campaign and how to make an informed vote with professor Dhaliwal.

On November 8th, 2015 we will have an assembly from 2-2:30 p.m. where Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister candidates will have an opportunity to give a short speech explaining why they will make a great leader. Parents are welcome to watch the candidates explain their platforms. On November 9th, 2015 students will vote and the Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister will be announced before fall break. In each classroom, students will also vote for a Member of Parliament who will represent their class in Micro Village’s government.

Being a member of government is just one of many leadership opportunities that will be open to students this year. Coming up next for Micro Village, we will be announcing the ventures (businesses) we will have this year. We will be hiring managers and assistant managers for each venture. Ventures will be announced the week following fall break!

Thank you to all the citizens who participated in the elections! You can be very proud of yourselves for trying something new and taking a risk. In the words of basketball legend Michael Jordan “I can accept failure. Everybody fails at something. But I can’t accept not trying. Fear is an illusion.”

November Newsletter


Mrs. Couros/ Mrs. Eidick’s Grade 4 News

We have really enjoyed the first 2 months of school and we are looking forward to another great month of learning. This month in our MicroSociety, we will be having elections. Students who would like to run for Prime Minister or a Member of Parliament have filled out an application form. Students may campaign the week of November 2-6th. On the 9th we will have an assembly where Prime Minister candidates will get to share their platforms. The election will take place on Tuesday, November 10th, 2015. If your child is running, they may bring posters to school starting November 2nd.



Langauage Arts:

The students have continued to go through our reading and writing stations every second morning. We have also been participating in the global read aloud. Students have been blogging and tweeting about the book and interacting with students from across Canada about the novel. During reading time we are working on increasing reading fluency, comprehension and expression. Students have been focusing on paying attention to punctuation to improve their reading fluency. At home, after your child has done their 20 minutes of reading, you can ask them questions to check for understanding. A great question to ask, that allows students to show deeper understanding of their book is “How do you think the character feels in the book?” or “Have you ever experienced something similar to the character in your book?”. During writing time, we will be focusing on story writing. Students use graphic organizer to help create a clear beginning, middle and end. We will continue to focus on writing complete sentences and using descriptive words.



The students are wrapping up our first science unit “Waste in Our World”. We have just started observing rotting fruits and vegetables to further our understanding of how things decompose. After we have watched our fruit or vegetable rot for two weeks, students will be taking their knowledge of decomposition and making a video or presentation about their findings. Each day we are taking the temperature and weight of our fruit of vegetable to see how it changes. Students are also taking observational notes in order to document any changes. Our Trip to the Edmonton Waste Management Centre was very informative. To see more some photos of our trip, check our class twitter accounts ( or

Social Studies

In Social Studies we are continuing our study of the regions of Alberta. Students have written 3 paragraphs about their region and are now using that information to creatively present about their region. Some students are using iMovie, posters, dioramas, slides and brochures to display their learning.


In Math we are finishing our unit on Patterns and Algebra. We will next be moving onto number sense. During math time we rotate through centers so that students can problem solve, play math games and practice what we are learning in our books. We will be practicing our addition and subtraction basic facts to prepare for multiplication and division. Students have an account on and they can use it to practice their basic facts at home or at school. Students have a pin they need to get on at home. We have glued the pin into their agenda so they can access the site from home. They will enter either or into “teacher” spot and then put in their first name and pin to get on the website. This site will create basic fact questions at your child’s level.



Important Reminder

November 2-6th-        MicroSociety Campaign week

November 9th–             Picture Retakes (am)

November 9th-          Campaign assembly (pm)

November 10th –         Elections

November 10th –          School Remembrance Day Assembly (am)

November 11-13th –   Fall Break (No School)

November 18th –      School Council Meeting (6:30pm)

October 25th –        Spirit Assembly (9:40 am)

November 27th –                PD Day (No School)


As always, if you have any questions or concerns please email us at or


Paige Couros and Cheryl Eidick



Global Read Aloud

Connecting with students in other communities, helps students gain new perspectives and gives them a global perspective. We can connect with other classes through skype, twitter, google hangouts and our blogs. Today we kicked off Global Read Aloud in grade 4! We are reading the novel Fish in a Tree by Lynda Mullaly Hunt. We started off by listening to the author read chapter one to us and then we predicted what we think will happen in the book on our padlet. We connected with @arissclass at Greystone, @millgrove4H at Millgrove, @room_ten from Manitoba. The purpose of the Global Read Aloud is to connect with classrooms all over the world and talk about the same novel. It is a great way to get student to have dialogue about what we are learning and get excited about language arts. The best thing about connecting with other students is that we hear questions like “Can I write more?” or “I love reading all these predictions”. Kids are reading and writing (which is the goal), but they are having fun so they enjoy doing it! Below is a video of how engaged the students are while they are writing and reading the predictions on the padlet. 


Paige Couros


landfill 2 landfill 3 landfill 4 lanfill 1
As we prepare for our trip to the Edmonton Waste Management Centre, we started making landfills today. We designed our landfills so that the garbage we will put in it will not contaminate the ground water (a piece of paper towel at the bottom of the container). We will test our landfills tomorrow and blog about what we have learned. On Thursday when we visit Edmonton’s waste management centre, we will see how our landfills compare to Edmonton’s. This is all a part of first science unit “Waste and Our World”.

Mrs. Couros

Terry Fox run

The Terry Fox run went great our school raised 585.00$.  Well done Parkland Village school!!!! Anyways we ran a lot it was great to see everybody smiling and thinking of those who have cancer on Terry’s run.  Everybody wrote on their back who they were running for. Some were running for their grandparents or other family members. We even had some students run for pets who had cancer. It was a wonderful way to bring the whole school together!

Post by Gabriella

Daily 3

We are having a great time in our daily 3 with our centers and so is Mrs.Eidick’s class.  Both  classes are having an exquisite time during these first few  weeks, everybody is sure going   love language arts!  I think the teachers love it too, at least  I hope so! Brookelyn Mellott states “LOVE IT!” “Grade 4 language arts rocks Our cursive writing is awesome in Mrs.C class same with working with her at her horseshoe table. Mrs Edick reading centers are marvelous and working with her is fantastic!

Post by: Gabriella!

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