3 PATs done, 2 to go! Students have been given their raw scores for both the Reading Comprension PAT, and Math PAT. The first one was out of 50, while the second one was out of 55. Raw scores will be sent home on the 28th, and official marks will be mailed to you in the fall.

Our next PAT is Science and it will take place this Monday. Students are to review notes using Google Classroom.

Our last PAT is Social Studies and is on Friday, June 22nd, the day after our visit to the Alberta Legislature. Our field trip is a great hands on review. All students selected a ‘role’ today as they will have the opportunity to act out a ‘Mock Legislature’ during our tour. Should be fun! Be sure to pack a bagged lunch and send extra water. No microwaves will be available.

9 more school days to go! Be sure to get field trip permission forms in Monday.

Have a great weekend!

Sending Meds to Camp

Please send me an email if you’re planning on sending meds to camp for your child. This includes Tylenol, Advil, Reactin, etc.  We ask that you send only the bare minimum, rather than a full bottle. Medicine containers need to be in original packaging, labeled with student’s full name, with dosage clearly marked. I will keep all meds in my possession and administer as needed. *If your child has an epi pen at school, I will take it with me. Let me know if you have any questions.

Camp Reminders

  • Off to camp by 9:00 am on Thursday, June 7 (next week!) and return by 2:45 on Friday, June 8
  • Return device form if planning to bring a personal device (if devices are ‘secretly’ brought in, they will be held in teacher’s possession until picked up by parents, whether that be Friday or Monday)
  • Devices will be turned in at 9:30pm Thursday and returned to students after morning cleanup by 10:00am
  • Please contact me at if you need anything while we are at camp. If you’d prefer my personal cell phone number, let me know and I will send it to you directly
  • I will take numerous pictures at camp and I will upload them right away to our shared picture folder. Check here often for pictures.
  • See attached KIT List for items to bring
  • Camp Itinerary
  • Lastly, please have a conversation with your child about safety and responsibility. As noted in the information package sent home – If your child becomes ill, injured, or has a behavioural issue at any point throughout the trip, please be advised that you may be required to pick up your child.

Yearbooks for Sale

Dear Families,

Greystone is happy to announce our first ever yearbook, designed by students in our yearbook option, for the 2017-2018 year! This will be a great souvenir of our time at GCMS and will be filled with photos, memories of our year, trips, clubs, grade 9 Grad and much much more!

Each yearbook will cost $25.00 and can be purchased:

Many thanks Ms. Solomon and the Yearbook Committee.


Half Marathon

If the distance around the exterior of the school is 0.33km (approximately), how many laps around the school would we need to complete in order to run/walk a half marathon?  63 laps!

Today as a class we ran/walked a half marathon in 8:36.57!  Not too shabby!  Stay tuned for when we beat our record!

Is there a full marathon in our future? Perhaps!