A Long Walk to Water

We’ve kicked off the book, A Long Walk to Water, by Linda Sue Park, today. This book, like a few others we’ll be reading this year, are perfectly connected to our Social Studies curriculum, which promotes great conversations in class and really has the students think about a world beyond Canada.

Each day, students will read one chapter either independently, in a small group, or with the teacher. A variety of tasks (both daily and weekly) are expected to be completed. Please see below for a list of the tasks, timeline and where they can be found.

  • Map the route Salva takes by colourign each country he goes to (paper handout)
  • Salva and Nya Key Events page (paper handout)
  • ‘Long Walk to Water’ Weekly Tasks (due every Friday, found in Google Classroom)
  • Visual Slideshow highlighting story line – 1 or 2 pictures per chapter required (Create using Google Slides and share with Mrs. Nicholls)

Check out the Book Trailer here

Passion Project

Students in LC 6 are kicking off the Passion Project this week, with it culminating the week before Christmas break.  Students will be working through the project, bit by bit, chunk by chunk, with hopes of not feeling overwhelmed. Students are asked not to go ahead in the project as each component needs teacher approval.  A copy of the student project package is linked below: it includes all project components, organizers, checklists/rubrics that make up the project.  Stay tuned for more details as the project unfolds.

Passion Project Package

Student Work Package and Parent Feedback

I will be sending home a student work package today, highlighting your child’s work in Social Studies over the last two months.  The package includes all assessments, rubrics and marks, your child has obtained during our ‘I Have A Voice’ unit in Social Studies.  Parents are encouraged to take a few minutes to discuss the assignments with their child, and more importantly, to discuss the learning that happened.

Attached to the front of the package is a parent feedback sheet titled, ‘Through Your Eyes’, and we’re hoping parents can take a minute to answer the 3 short questions. The student work can stay at home, however, please return the parent feedback sheet as soon as possible. Thanks for your ongoing support!


A few updates:

Tuesday, October 31 – Social Quiz, review is in Google Classroom, as well as notes to review

Tuesday, October 31 – Spookapolooza – Halloween afternoon. Students can wear costumes in the afternoon. Various activities will be set up and students can pick one or two activities to attend. Non-Halloween activities will be available in addition to the Halloween dance and other theme room. Treats will be available for purchase.

Wednesday, November 1 – Home Reading for October is due. A new sheet will go home.

Thursday, November 2 – City of Ember project due. By then, students will have had approximately 4 hours of class time to complete, but depending on project selected and work completed during class, additional time may be required at home.

Thursday, November 2 – Internet Safety presentation

Thursday, November 9 – Remembrance Day service at 11am. Family is welcome to attend.