Learning about Consensus

Students in grade 6 are learning about how the Iroquois Confederacy made decisions using the model of consensus. To kick off the unit, the boys and girls met in separate groups and had to come to an agreement on which one item to purchase off of the Boston Pizza menu. Once they each came to a consensus (which was a long process for the girls) one boy representative and one girl representative met to pitch their ideas and come to a consensus. The purpose of the activity is to show the potentially lengthy process consensus brings. It was interesting to watch students’ voices get louder, some took on leadership roles, while a few slinked back into their chair. We will be continuing the process next week as a consensus is yet to be had.

Ancient Athens Afternoon

On the afternoon of Monday, March 12th, students in Learning Community 6 will be venturing back in time (over 2300 years), to participate in a role play of ancient Athens. Ancient Athens was the birthplace of democracy, which is our current topic in Social Studies.

All students will be assigned a role within the social structure from that time frame to act out – Male Citizens, Athenian Women, Metics and Slaves. Through this activity, students will further their understanding of the individual roles, the voting process and ‘direct democracy’.

Students are asked to bring in a white, beige or solid colour sheet, as well as a few safety pins, to serve as their toga which will be worn over top their clothes. A housecoat would also work. Sandals are also encouraged.

Women in ancient Athens typically worked in the home all day. If girls from LC6 do any of the following tasks, they are encouraged to bring them in this day as well. For example: Knitting, Crocheting, Cross Stitch, Loom Bracelet, etc.

Be sure to follow #GreystoneSchool on twitter to see pictures of our ancient Athens afternoon.

If you have any questions, please contact your child’s teacher.


Learning Community 6 Teachers



A few reminders for tomorrow, Thursday, March 1st

  • Science quiz
  • PE will be outdoors
  • Presentation in gym from 9-10:30 (if you’re late you’ll find us there)
  • Last day to hand in Olympic Reading is tomorrow
  • Hand in February Home Reading
  • Library tomorrow
  • No school Friday

Tech Free Friday Mornings

Starting this Friday we will be introducing Tech Free Fridays to our grade 5 and 6 students. This will apply to our before school time (8:10-8:25 a.m.) while students are in the blue pod area prior to class. In an effort to see students interact with each other while spending less time on technology, encouraging a healthy balance between peer interactions and screen time, and also helping to preserve battery life of devices we thank you in advance for your support and taking some time to discuss this new plan with your child.

We are finding an increasing amount of personal devices running out of battery power throughout the day due to the growing amount of play time during transition and break times and want to ensure they can continue to be used as learning tools when needed.

Just as a reminder for our students, larger personal devices such as laptops and iPads are not permitted outside during break times. This is for the safety and security of your child’s device.
Following Spring Break as the weather continues to warm up (above 5 degrees) into early spring students will be asked to remain outside until 8:25 a.m. Students will still have 10 minutes to get into their classrooms and prepare for the day. We believe fresh air and promoting increased physical activity is important for our students.
Your child’s teacher will take the opportunity to have a meaningful class discussion about our plan moving forward to ensure everyone is understanding the change and expectation.
Please let your child’s teacher know if you have any questions.
Many thanks,
LC 5 & 6 Team

Babysitting Course

Greystone School is pleased to have Second Chance CPR and First Aid offer the babysitting course on the March 2nd PD Day from 8:30am to 4pm.
Please pick up your forms at the front office.  Please return the forms and $60 cash by February 22nd.
This course is for grade 6 students or older.

Putting Ourselves in Parvana’s Shoes

The kids arrived to school this morning to find the classroom empty and dark. They were assigned to ‘families’ of 6-8 people and each family was asked to sit in a 10′ x 12′ taped off spot on the floor. Blinds were closed, interior windows blacked out and one lamp turned on in the corner. Today the class was going to experience first hand what Parvana and her family have experienced for over a year as a result of the Taliban in Afghanistan (novel – Breadwinner).  Be sure to check in with your son/daughter to learn more about their experience.