PVS Green Towers

This week a handful of our kindergarten-grade 4 students were invited to help plant the green towers at the front of our school. Parkland Village is lucky to have two green towers this year!

After our amazing custodian, Tara Parrott, brought in a collection of seeds for us to use it was decided that one tower would hold our edibles and the other would grow flowers.

Today we got to work, students chose from our wonderful seed collection and started filling the tower.Stayed tuned for updates on how we use our harvest and all of our growing adventures at PVS!

Muir Lake Prepares for The Butterflies!

We are very excited a t Muir Lake as we await the arrival of our butterflies!  We have prepared our tower garden with butterfly flowers and the grade 3 classes will hatch their butterflies in the enclosure with the garden.  We have put it in the Library Learning Commons so that all will enjoy.


Green Smoothies at Prescott

Last week we had our first harvest from our Prescott Tower Gardens. This project is a great opportunity for our Grade 3, 4 and 7 students to blend our Science, Health and Language Arts outcomes in one tasty place.

Can you tell that our focus in writing has been on voice and strong word choices?

VVVVVRRRRRR! Did you know green smoothies taste a lot better than they look?

First we had to harvest the Tower Garden. We hoisted the fresh kale at the top of the structure, then chopped off the spinach, swiss chard and lettuce.  Then we put the fresh leafy greens in a plastic bag to take to the SCIENCE LAB OF FOOD!!  Third we had to wash the spinach, swiss chard, kale and lettuce so it was clean for the smoothie.

We had to blend the greens together.  I felt my finger being squished by the button I had to hold to fuse the kale and lettuce. After it looked like a swamp. The noise was INTENSE! Then we had to blend them together with bold and sweet strawberries with chopped bananas in the BOOMING blender.

It looks gross but tastes awesome.  IT’S SCIENCE.  Before yesterday I had never tried a green smoothie in my life. I LOVE green smoothies, I could drink one all the time.  So now are you interested in having one cuz it’s the bomb.com. It may look like a yucky greeny color.  But once you taste it you will LOVE it!

Do you know where in the school we grow the greens? We have two tall Tower Gardens. We are so happy we have them. You can learn a lot from them. They are cool to use. I know why they are called Tower Gardens. They are a tower and they are a garden! Get it?

Different Ways To Grow Plants By: Tia Allers

It’s super difficult to figure out the best way to start a garden. We tried many different ways to grow our plants that are easy to do at home. There we’re many tests and we found the best results came from the methods of using egg shells, toilet paper roles and ice cream cones. These are some extremely good ways to keep your garden healthy and environmentally friendly.


Egg shells were a fantastic and easy way to start a garden. Instead of composting your shells after cracking them for the delicious part, save them and once you have as many as you would like to have in plants you can begin with the rest of the process. We simply added so dirt into each shell and placed in a few seeds of our so desired plant.  We made sure that there was enough water for them to grow properly and left them. One day when they get bigger we are able to just plant each shell into the ground. This is a great method because it’s easy and simply plus the egg shells are biodegradable so you can still be Eco friendly.

Another fantastic way to start a garden we found was toilet paper roles.  We were able to just save the rolls after the paper was all gone and place some dirt into each. Once we placed dirt into all the roles we then plants the kind of seeds we so desire. Again this is a great method due to the fact that it is biodegradable and stops the roles from just going into a landfill or other places.

Last but most certainly not least for the methods we found worked best is ice cream cones. We discovered that this method was the faster to biodegrade and had some of the best results between the all of the methods. The only difference between the other methods and this one is that you aren’t saving it from being thrown out. Instead all you have to do is go out and buy some mini cones from your local store and other than that it’s the same process. Add dirt and the seeds desired and then plant them into the larger garden. We found that this process for gardening biodegraded the fastest. The cones only took about two weeks to fully desintagrate where as the others are still in the process of biodegrading.