Graminia Green Initiatives

Good morning,

I am pleased to share with you a presentation that was put together by two of my students Gracelin and Abby outlining some of the things we are doing in grade 4 to promote a healthy and green school.  The girls will be delivering their presentation to the Healthy Active School Symposium later on today, and were so excited for the opportunity. Enjoy!!

Andrew Woloshyn

Green Smoothies Recipe & Nutritional Value

My student researched the benefits of all the greens we harvested from our TD Garden Tower in our Green Smoothies.  First she served up the smoothie to her class, then she researched and presented the nutritional value in a google presentation.  Enjoy the links below:

FullSizeRender (7)




Going Green


Today a few staff and community members were lucky enough to spend some time together at camp YoWoChas on Wabamun lake. We spent the day discussing how we can move forward as a division and work towards improving environmental education. IMG_6527

We went on a lovely nature walk which was an amazing way to interact with nature. We were also lucky enough to have an incredibly skilled and knowledgeable guide who made the walk that much more educational.IMG_6526

We look forward to sharing our statement with everyone soon.