The Best Fit for the Best People – Production Has Begun!

This week has been very exciting. After a decidedly unexpected 2 weeks of interviews, every Micro Village Citizen has a job with a venture or agency  and our production meetings have begun! Venture and Agency Management Teams, and their staff, are moving forward with the process of preparing for our  Market Day “soft” opening on March 8. As exciting as this is, we are moving forward with an eye towards excellence, so that may mean some ventures are ready to open and others may need a bit more time.  We are learning that flexibility and patience are key to ensuring we do the best we can, in the most timely fashion. Sometimes, “timely” means “more time”.

If one was to sum up the greatest challenge of our journey it would be that our learning is a process. Although we want to make everything perfect the first go around, it is not always so. Our goal is to engage in reflection, ask for and accept feedback from all stakeholders, then use this information to modify our current and future planning. We are driven to provide an educational experience that engages all our students in a meaningful way through choice and authentic real-life connections. This is evident as we walk around the school during these first production meetings. Despite a few hiccups, we can hear and see the excitement of all Micro Village citizens. Venture and Agency teams are engaged in their planning activities, stretching their thinking, and taking on responsibilities they wouldn’t have dreamed of before. We say bring on Market Day!

Just imagine, that in a few weeks our community will be shopping at the Bugs & Berries Gift Shoppe, Sweet Treats Bakery, The Italian Bistro, or browsing through the Helping Hands Thrift Store. Perhaps one might want to take advantage of the services offered by The Recreation Centre, Animal Rescue & Wellness Centre or at the TechCheck Design Studio. If you are looking for some entertainment, you might stop and visit the Performing/Fine Arts Studio and challenge your brain at the Wild Science Museum. Finally, one may tour the Government Offices, the Warehouse or exchange your Canadian money for Micro Village Micro Bucks at the Micro Village Bank. Don’t forget to watch out for our PeaceKeepers. You just might be issued a “doing good” ticket for following the laws and being kind OR you could find yourself  on the wrong end of a “not so good” ticket for being unsafe or unkind; the choice is yours!

Check out this video to get a taste of our Production Days…more to come in the future.


Micro Village Job Fair

Our Micro Village job fair was a huge success! We are so proud of all of our of students and the ownership they are showing in making our Micro Village community great.

All of our students who are Managers and Assistant Managers of all of the different ventures were very earnest in their preparation for the job fair. To prepare they attended the Leadership and Management 101 Micro University class. Here they explored the differences between leadership and management and the importance of both. Out of this they began generating vision for the type of leaders they want to be and the kind of culture they want to create in their ventures alongside their future employees. Here are some of the ideas they identified as important that they generated in their own words:

  • Working as a team
  • Doing the right thing
  • Helping employees and other people
  • A good role model
  • Being kind
  • Respectful
  • Grateful
  • Include everybody
  • Work together
  • Do the right things.
  • All  ideas are included
  • Kind and nice
  • Letting everybody have say
  • Helping people improve
  • People improve as you do

Our Managers and Assistant Managers began this work in creating this culture within their ventures at the job fair this week. Students arrived at the job fair with their applications and resumes in hand. They visited the different ventures and had great conversations with the management teams of each venture. After visiting with the different Management teams of Micro Village, each student applied to three ventures of their choosing.

The job fair generated awesome conversations between our students, and was part of the process for our students to identify their personal strengths and reflect on how they can contribute to our Micro Village community. It is also another step of empowering students to make choices that align their learning with their interests. All of our ventures will provide opportunities for our students to grow in Alberta Education’s Cross-Curricular competencies; however, the freedom for each student to choose the venture in which they apply to will increase their engagement and motivation.

Check out this short video to gain a sense of what the job fair was like for our students.

The next step… interviews are underway!

Food For Change Event

Parkland School Division’s Wellness Initiative in partnership with Alberta Health Services is hosting a Food for Change Event on March 9, 2016 from 5:00-8:00 p.m., for schools, students and parents groups who organize snacks/canteens, lunch programs, and fundraising activities. If you are interested in attending or are interested in getting involved in this capacity here at Parkland Village School contact the school office and let us know. You can find more details below or by visiting the Food For Change Event link.