Value Village Gives Helping Hands A Hand

On, Tuesday, May 24, 2016 PVS Micro Village’s Helping Hands NGO traveled to Edmonton to visit Value Village.This visit came about because the Helping Hands staff wanted to get a first hand look at how a thrift store operates. The following is an account of the visit by Carter Davidson, Manager and Mason Murray, Assistant Manager:

Bernadette, the Value Village Store Manager, meet us at the front of the store. She asked us to put the items we brought for donation into a donation box, then we rolled it into the loading bay. We learned in the loading bay that everything needs to be accepted by the gentleman that works in that area. He put it into bags and then into containers. The loading bay was stacked with clothing, toys, books, and stuffies. From the loading bay the donations went to a sorting room. Altogether, there are 70 staff members working in the store. Many work in the sorting room where they check donations to see if the condition is good enough to keep and sell. If the condition isn’t good, they recycle it. Clothing  goes to Africa or is used for bags of rags. Electronic cords, all metal, and paper are recycled. Donations that are are good enough to sell are priced and then put into the store so people can buy them.

We learned some business strategies such as how it all works, how they price, how they know which items haven’t sold and that while the business is for profit, it also helps people with disabilities because they buy their products from Inclusion Alberta. Inclusion Alberta gets donations from the public and sells it to Value Village. So, every time a person gives donations to organizations such as the Canadian Diabetes Association, people with disabilities are given the opportunity to have a job and make money. We learned  new ways to price and display donations in Helping Hands so that we can sell more, make more money and help more people. 

Helping Hands wishes to thank Bernadette and all the staff at Value Village for welcoming us into the store and for sharing ideas on how we can improve our  Micro Village Helping Hands store. They would also like to thank the Aspen Foundation for Labour Education for their grant, which provided for transportation. 

Feedback Survey

We have had many amazing initiatives take place at PVS for this school year! In collaboration with School Council, We are looking forward to more great things next year and would appreciate parent feedback to make the most of the 2016/17 school year another success! Please take the time to complete this short survey in order to help us do that.

All questionnaires that are completed prior to June 15, 2016 will be entered into a draw for a $50 greenhouse gift card.

Micro Village Bank is Shown “The Money”

On Monday, May 16th the Micro Village Bank made a visit to Spruce Grove’s local ATB Financial Branch.  The field trip was organized by Louise Dworak Facilitator for the Micro Village Bank and Mrs. Milne, an EA at PVS.  The bank manager, Jayson Reddekopp and 10 bank employees made the trek to the ATB offices. They visited in the early morning, prior to ATB opening its doors to the public.  The following is Jayson’s account of their visit, as told to Mrs. Jeanes.

We arrived at ATB Financial and were met by the Manager, Rosetta.  She took us to the money vault. It was 10 small vaults in one big vault. After looking at the vault we went upstairs to the staff room and met some tellers. Jarrett, a teller told us about how important it is to get good grades so we can go to college if we want to get a job in a bank. We also met the loans officer, Debbie and more tellers on the main floor. The tellers upstairs answered phone calls and the tellers on the main floor served customers. They had all the money. Rosetta also gave everyone a little gift of a water bottle, sunglasses and a cowbell. I don’t know why we got the cowbell, but it does say ATB Financial on it and is fun to play with.

We asked Rosetta questions like:

  • How do you remember all the vault codes?
  • Where does all the money come from?
  • How much does it cost to keep the business running?

We learned the money is shipped to ATB from the Canadian Mint and that it costs over $2,000,000 to run the bank each year. The most interesting part of the visit was getting to see the vault with all the little vaults inside it.

It was a fun time visiting ATB Financial. I think I would like to work in a bank one day.

PVS Micro Village’s Helping Hands Lend a Hand

Dateline:  March 28, 2016                                                                                                                

Subject: Helping Hands Lend a HandLots to Learn

On March 28, 2016 the employees of  Helping Hands, a non-profit organization within the PVS Micro Village Society, traveled to the City of Spruce Grove to lend a hand at The Parkland Food Bank. This opportunity allowed employees to give back to the community.

Employees, under the direction of Carter Davidson, Manager and Mason Murray, Asst. Manager, decided they wanted to embark on a project that would help the greater community of Parkland County. Through their awareness of the amount of food collected at the school each year for Christmas Hampers, the staff identified The Parkland Food Bank  as a worthy cause. They felt this initiative would have a widespread positive influence, and that there is a need for a reliable source of nutrition withing the Parkland County community.

In order to collect food items, employees spent time creating and posting flyers around the school. They also ensured each Micro Village citizen took a flyer home to their families and advertised on Micro Media’s  biweekly newscast. Helping Hands offered a free bag of popcorn in exchange for a suitable food item donation. After the collection period, they had amassed 58 kg of food! It was noted by one employee, this was the equivalent weight of 2 employees, Mason and Jackson.

With a grant from The Aspen Foundation for Labour Educationthe non-profit group was able to charter a bus for the trip to The Parkland Food Bank. All 9 employees, managers, and 3 adult facilitators made the trek to deliver their 58 kg package. While there, they were able to learn more about the service the food bank offers, gain an understanding of the need, and do a little work. Members sorted their donations and shelved bread. Interesting facts they shared about Parkland Food Bank include:

  • The cost of milk & meat each month equals $6000. Clients only receive 1 L of milk and 1 lb of meat at a visit.
  • Sorting FoodClients are able to pick up a “full hamper” once each month.
  • Clients are able to access bread and produce once each week.
  • The Parkland Food Bank is supported by local stores which donate all left over bread products.
  • Bread products that cannot be used are traded as feed to a local rancher for meat.
  • A local company donated a cube truck to pick up supplies.

When asked what was the biggest insight they gained from their visit, Helping Hands employees overwhelming expressed dismay at the high level of need. They knew this service was in the community, but the visual image of the amount of food on the shelves, It Takes Teamworkand the dollars spent each week painted a picture of the enormity of the service the food bank provides. If you wish to find out more information on The Parkland Food Bank, you can click on this linkHelping Hands would like to thank The Parkland Food Bank for welcoming them to the facility. They would also like to thank The Aspen Foundation for Labour Education, for their generous grant. Finally, without the support of PVS Micro Village, there would not have been any food to donate, so thanks go out to all citizens of Micro Village.





Micro Village Presentation to Trustees

In case you missed it, this post was recently published on the Parkland School Division 184 Days of Learning Blog. We are proud of all of our students!

A delegation of students from Parkland Village School recently attended a Parkland School Division Board of Trustees Regular Board meeting to highlight recent activity and learning from the Micro Village Micro Society.  Principal Travis McNaughton was joined by Grade 4 Teacher Paige Couros as well as a number of students who shared with the Board and even brought the ‘market’ to the division’s Centre for Education.  Check it out!

Great job to:

Owen Zachary – Prime Minister

Ryan Loftstrom – Deputy Prime Minister

Aidan Moore – Police Sargent

Paige Eastwood – Wild Science

Alexandra Fayant – Sweet Treats

Avery Eigenseher – Furever Pawrtners

Carter Davidson – Helping Hands