Micro Village Bank is Shown “The Money”

On Monday, May 16th the Micro Village Bank made a visit to Spruce Grove’s local ATB Financial Branch.  The field trip was organized by Louise Dworak Facilitator for the Micro Village Bank and Mrs. Milne, an EA at PVS.  The bank manager, Jayson Reddekopp and 10 bank employees made the trek to the ATB offices. They visited in the early morning, prior to ATB opening its doors to the public.  The following is Jayson’s account of their visit, as told to Mrs. Jeanes.

We arrived at ATB Financial and were met by the Manager, Rosetta.  She took us to the money vault. It was 10 small vaults in one big vault. After looking at the vault we went upstairs to the staff room and met some tellers. Jarrett, a teller told us about how important it is to get good grades so we can go to college if we want to get a job in a bank. We also met the loans officer, Debbie and more tellers on the main floor. The tellers upstairs answered phone calls and the tellers on the main floor served customers. They had all the money. Rosetta also gave everyone a little gift of a water bottle, sunglasses and a cowbell. I don’t know why we got the cowbell, but it does say ATB Financial on it and is fun to play with.

We asked Rosetta questions like:

  • How do you remember all the vault codes?
  • Where does all the money come from?
  • How much does it cost to keep the business running?

We learned the money is shipped to ATB from the Canadian Mint and that it costs over $2,000,000 to run the bank each year. The most interesting part of the visit was getting to see the vault with all the little vaults inside it.

It was a fun time visiting ATB Financial. I think I would like to work in a bank one day.

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  1. What an awesome learning experience for your Micro Village Bank employees- it seems that a powerful way to learn about the inner workings of a bank is to visit the inner workings of a bank!

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