The Survey Says…

The results are in! They are very encouraging and supportive of PVS Micro Village’s MicroSocietyⓇ. Each Market Day, we were so lucky and pleased to have a number of visitors come to tour and shop. Over the course of our inaugural Market Day Season, we had 72 “adults” and a very special group of 36 grades 2 & 4 students from Blueberry School tour as our guests. Adult visitors included parents, grandparents, aunties, and uncles of PVS students; trustees, superintendents, and visiting PSD70 administrators; venture/agency mentors and community members. All these wonderful visitors provided an amazing opportunity for our government members, as hosts at the Visitors’ Centre, to hone their public speaking skills, social convention & pragmatic skills, and to see the enthusiasm from the community around our Micro Village. Additionally, touring guests gave all Micro Village citizens the chance to interact with customers outside of our school community. Thus, providing unique interactions. Some visitors came in more than once and were able to provide feedback that indicated we were showing growth in the manner we conducted ourselves, in the products we sold, and in the general organization of the Market Day. This positive feedback may mean the most to both students and staff. However, all that being said, maybe it is the way Micro Village enhances our link to the community that will have the greatest impact in the upcoming years. We are truly blessed to have this opportunity to create partnerships that encourage, through almost daily, interactions with those in the community outside of our school itself. Clicking on this link will give you the specifics of our survey results. A summary is as follows:

Adult Visitors’ Rating………………………………………average of 4.8/5

Blueberry Students’ Rating…………………………an average of  4.6/5

Thank you, once more, for your support and involvement. We hope you can visit again next year to witness the growth we will undoubtedly experience.

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