Feb. 23rd – Jersey Day and Spirit Assembly

 You are invited to join us for our Spirit Assembly in which our Grade 3 students are teaching us about the Habit of Synergizing. Students displaying this habit have been identified by their teachers and are formerly recognized with certificates in front of the school. In addition we are celebrating how hard we have been working on literacy in our school. Individual students are also recognized who have demonstrated the literacy strategy of “making inferences”. We will also be celebrating how many reading levels we have moved up as a school since September as a school.  Lots to celebrate!

Wear you favourite jersey to school Thursday as it is Jersey Day!

The Cultural Wheel at PVS – February 21st


A series of dance workshops plus a final celebration from 1:25-1:55 where students are featured in the performance in the gym. Parents and community members are invited to the celebration.

The focus is on harmonizing not homogenizing differences in culture. The program uses social dance, which is non-competitive physical activity.
The program promotes wholesome, respectful, non- discriminating physical contact.
Delivered with a deep sense of confidence, authenticity and systemization.
A traditional social dance experience teaches respect, consideration and true community.
Students will gain a sense of their historical identity as global citizens and experience being part of an unforgettable hands-on celebration.

We are so excited to welcome Ian Porteus and the Cultural Wheel to PVS!  Check out the video below.