Do You Love Mornings, Exercise & Some Extra Spending Money?

We are looking for someone who is interested in shovelling the sidewalks of Parkland Village School. The position offers $25 an hour. The snow will need to be shoveled on an as needed basis based on how much snow is falling; however, snow removal needs to be completed prior to 8:15 am when it snows overnight. There is a snowblower available for you to use, but if you love exercising in the morning, this is a great plan for you to get in your workout while picking up some extra spending money! Please contact the school for more details or if you are interested.


Position: Snow Shoveling

Requirements: Remove the snow of the sidewalks prior to the start of school when it snows. If it is snowing throughout the day, remove the snow on an as needed basis.

Pay: $25 per hour.

Cameron (Grade 4) – Friday Dance Days

Today we are going to talk about Friday Dance day. It’s a time when you get to spend time with the entire school. Grade 4s can dance with grades grade 2s, grade 1s and kindergarteners. It’s a fun way to start school on a Friday morning. It gets our blood pumping in the morning, increases our health and wakes up our brains. What it`s really meant for is to help us start our day. This is a video I made about Parkland Village School’s Friday Dance Days.