Last Micro Village Market Day of the Year

On the last Micro Village Market Day of the year, we were excited to have some special visitors from Blueberry School. Two classes from Blueberry attended the Market Day both as shoppers as well as to gain work experience in our different ventures. It was a great way to finish the first year of our MicroSociety® journey.

Check out this short video about the day.

Read more about the day on the 184 Days of Learning Blog.

Micro Village Bank is Shown “The Money”

On Monday, May 16th the Micro Village Bank made a visit to Spruce Grove’s local ATB Financial Branch.  The field trip was organized by Louise Dworak Facilitator for the Micro Village Bank and Mrs. Milne, an EA at PVS.  The bank manager, Jayson Reddekopp and 10 bank employees made the trek to the ATB offices. They visited in the early morning, prior to ATB opening its doors to the public.  The following is Jayson’s account of their visit, as told to Mrs. Jeanes.

We arrived at ATB Financial and were met by the Manager, Rosetta.  She took us to the money vault. It was 10 small vaults in one big vault. After looking at the vault we went upstairs to the staff room and met some tellers. Jarrett, a teller told us about how important it is to get good grades so we can go to college if we want to get a job in a bank. We also met the loans officer, Debbie and more tellers on the main floor. The tellers upstairs answered phone calls and the tellers on the main floor served customers. They had all the money. Rosetta also gave everyone a little gift of a water bottle, sunglasses and a cowbell. I don’t know why we got the cowbell, but it does say ATB Financial on it and is fun to play with.

We asked Rosetta questions like:

  • How do you remember all the vault codes?
  • Where does all the money come from?
  • How much does it cost to keep the business running?

We learned the money is shipped to ATB from the Canadian Mint and that it costs over $2,000,000 to run the bank each year. The most interesting part of the visit was getting to see the vault with all the little vaults inside it.

It was a fun time visiting ATB Financial. I think I would like to work in a bank one day.

May 2016 Newsletter

Check out what is happening in May by checking our our May 2016 Newsletter. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact the school. Also, reminder that the most current calendar of events can be found on the website or on the app for your mobile device.

Micro Village Job Fair

Our Micro Village job fair was a huge success! We are so proud of all of our of students and the ownership they are showing in making our Micro Village community great.

All of our students who are Managers and Assistant Managers of all of the different ventures were very earnest in their preparation for the job fair. To prepare they attended the Leadership and Management 101 Micro University class. Here they explored the differences between leadership and management and the importance of both. Out of this they began generating vision for the type of leaders they want to be and the kind of culture they want to create in their ventures alongside their future employees. Here are some of the ideas they identified as important that they generated in their own words:

  • Working as a team
  • Doing the right thing
  • Helping employees and other people
  • A good role model
  • Being kind
  • Respectful
  • Grateful
  • Include everybody
  • Work together
  • Do the right things.
  • All  ideas are included
  • Kind and nice
  • Letting everybody have say
  • Helping people improve
  • People improve as you do

Our Managers and Assistant Managers began this work in creating this culture within their ventures at the job fair this week. Students arrived at the job fair with their applications and resumes in hand. They visited the different ventures and had great conversations with the management teams of each venture. After visiting with the different Management teams of Micro Village, each student applied to three ventures of their choosing.

The job fair generated awesome conversations between our students, and was part of the process for our students to identify their personal strengths and reflect on how they can contribute to our Micro Village community. It is also another step of empowering students to make choices that align their learning with their interests. All of our ventures will provide opportunities for our students to grow in Alberta Education’s Cross-Curricular competencies; however, the freedom for each student to choose the venture in which they apply to will increase their engagement and motivation.

Check out this short video to gain a sense of what the job fair was like for our students.

The next step… interviews are underway!

November 2015 Newsletter

Here is our November 2015 Newsletter. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact the office or comment below.

Global Read Aloud

Connecting with students in other communities, helps students gain new perspectives and gives them a global perspective. We can connect with other classes through skype, twitter, google hangouts and our blogs. Today we kicked off Global Read Aloud in grade 4! We are reading the novel Fish in a Tree by Lynda Mullaly Hunt. We started off by listening to the author read chapter one to us and then we predicted what we think will happen in the book on our padlet. We connected with @arissclass at Greystone, @millgrove4H at Millgrove, @room_ten from Manitoba. The purpose of the Global Read Aloud is to connect with classrooms all over the world and talk about the same novel. It is a great way to get student to have dialogue about what we are learning and get excited about language arts. The best thing about connecting with other students is that we hear questions like “Can I write more?” or “I love reading all these predictions”. Kids are reading and writing (which is the goal), but they are having fun so they enjoy doing it! Below is a video of how engaged the students are while they are writing and reading the predictions on the padlet. 

Welcome Back!

Remember what the first day of school was like when you went to school? Today we asked our staff and students what they liked best about their first day of school this year and would like to share with you a few things that we are excited about this year. We hope you enjoy our welcome back video we created.

Student Presentation at the Board Meeting

At the recent Parkland School Division Regular Board Meeting, Grade 3 Team-Teachers Kyla Ward and Cherie Lovsund brought along some of their students to share some of their real-life learning in a Team Teaching Environment.   The presentation covered topics from a science unit on rocks and minerals, a social studies unit on travel and world trade, literacy and numeracy work being done. There was also a sneak peak into the MicroSociety that’s coming to Parkland Village School next year.


In our classroom we have two teachers all of the time!  This is really great for us because:

  • it helps create more chances for real-life learning and differentiated instruction
  • we develop even more respect for differences
  • it helps us build more friendships
  • it provides lots of opportunities for peer models

Part of the presentation was an iMovie created by Paige Eastwood, Gabriella Miller and Miya Esak showcasing learning experienced in their Science Mineral and Rocks unit.
Click the link to view this post on the 184 Days of Learning blog.

May 2015 Newsletter

We have some exciting things happening here at Parkland Village School. Check it out in the May 2015 Newsletter.