May 2016 Newsletter

Check out what is happening in May by checking our our May 2016 Newsletter. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact the school. Also, reminder that the most current calendar of events can be found on the website or on the app for your mobile device.

Zen Den Parent Program

Looking for some ideas and strategies to help your child self-regulate and manage their anxiety? We are excited to be offering Zen Den Parent Program in partnership with Dawn Marie Chalas R. Psych, Aspire Psychological Services Inc.

Zen Den is an psycho-educational program that helps children learn about self-regulation, management of anxiety, and mindfulness. The participants attend eight small group sessions to help them acquire skills that will help them their whole lives.

We are interested in offering the same information in a abbreviated format to parents who would like support their children in learning these skills and strategies.


  • Equip parents with knowledge about the purpose of anxiety, how it can become problematic, and how it is manifest in our minds and bodies.
  • Teach parents self-regulation and anxiety management skills that they can pass on to their children
  • Encourage parents to adopt the skills themselves so that they can model self-regulation to their children


  • This information will be presented in a four session series. Each session would be approximately 1 ½ hour in duration.


Each session would include a mindfulness component, a relaxation strategy, a ‘brain break’ exercise, and some theoretical information about managing anxiety. The information would parallel what children are learning in the school-based program; however your child does not have to be in, or have taken, the ZenDen program for you to participate.

Dates & Times

  • March 16 at 6:00-7:30
  • March 23 at 6:00-7:30
  • April 6 at 6:00-7:30
  • April 13 – 6:00-7:30

Location – Parkland Village School 

If you are interested in attending the Parent Zen Den program please complete this registration form.

Micro Village Constitution is More than an Idea!

Today, our Micro Village government members moved the Constitution from an idea to reality! After taking both an Affirmation of Citizenship and Affirmation of Office, all members of government, including the Prime Minister, Deputy Prime Minister and Members of Parliament, each representing their grade level (grades 1-4) constituency, signed the final draft of our society’s Constitution.

Nov 25 - 2015 049

The Micro Village Constitution was developed through an arduous process which represented democracy in action. All grade 4 students were members of the committee tasked with developing and ratifying a document that reflects our culture, expectations, rights, responsibilities and freedoms. Meetings were facilitated by both Mrs. Cheryl Eidick and Mrs. Paige Couros (Parkland Village School’s grade 4 teachers). You may access the Parkland Village School’s Micro Village Constitution here.

The group began by reviewing existing constitutions from other MicroSociety’s within Alberta and the U.S.A. After highlighting the ideas and statements that resonated with them, the students looked at the Canadian Charter of Rights to ensure the selections were aligned with a Constitutional Monarchy form of government, such as ours.

Perhaps the most meaningful portion of Micro Village’s Constitution was the thoughtful discussion held by the students in developing the preamble. This statement lays out the ideals for the culture of Micro Village. It is through this statement that the grade 4 students expressed the ideals to which all citizens should aspire. In reading this statement, you will note that respect, fairness, equality, and a healthy community top the list of the values for this “more perfect school”. It is important to note that our community extends beyond the students and the staff. It does in fact extend to “all future students, families and teachers” with the goal to ensure “Parkland Village School’s Micro Village [citizens will] enjoy the same freedoms we enjoy today”.

Finally, the grade 4 students were tasked during their Micro University Constitutional Course, to review the remainder of the document. This work resulted in the finished document signed today and outlines Micro Village Citizens’ Rights and Freedoms, Equalization, and sections pertaining to the operation of our government. With the document in place, our government will be able to sit in Parliamentary sessions to do  work which includes creating laws, establishing taxes, and setting Micro Village’s minimum wage. This document guides, supports, and governs all citizens of Micro Village and is the core of our society whereby “kids are in charge”, are responsible for their learning, and engaged in developing an ideal culture and society.

Global Read Aloud

Connecting with students in other communities, helps students gain new perspectives and gives them a global perspective. We can connect with other classes through skype, twitter, google hangouts and our blogs. Today we kicked off Global Read Aloud in grade 4! We are reading the novel Fish in a Tree by Lynda Mullaly Hunt. We started off by listening to the author read chapter one to us and then we predicted what we think will happen in the book on our padlet. We connected with @arissclass at Greystone, @millgrove4H at Millgrove, @room_ten from Manitoba. The purpose of the Global Read Aloud is to connect with classrooms all over the world and talk about the same novel. It is a great way to get student to have dialogue about what we are learning and get excited about language arts. The best thing about connecting with other students is that we hear questions like “Can I write more?” or “I love reading all these predictions”. Kids are reading and writing (which is the goal), but they are having fun so they enjoy doing it! Below is a video of how engaged the students are while they are writing and reading the predictions on the padlet. 

Adopt Our School

From September 14 to October 4, Parkland Village School is excited to be taking part in the Adopt-a-School-the -Indigo Love Reading Foundation’s Fundraising Program.  Adopt a school unites Indigo, Chapters and Coles Stores, the local schools they adopted and their communities to raise money for elementary-school libraries across Canada.

We need your help to make sure Parkland Village School raises enough money for our library.  All funds that are raised by P.V.S. will be used to buy new books for our library.  If you would like to adopt our school please choose one or more ways you would like to contribute from the 3 steps below.  Thank you for your support in helping us expand our library.

To view the poster in your browser click the link.  Remember you can click the link everyday!  More Clicks=More Money!!!

Running Club

Running Club is starting! We are excited to have the opportunity for our students to participate. There are two ways that they can participate.

  1. Participate in daily runs during recess here at the school.
  2. Participate in off-site cross-country runs.

If you would like your child to participate in the off-site runs please complete the Cross-Country Running Form as soon as possible as the dates are fast approaching. (A hard copy  of the form will be sent home as well.)

Come Participate In School Council!

We are excited to host our first School Council meeting this Wednesday at 6:30 here at the school. We are looking for a few more positions to be filled as well as we are looking for class reps this year. Even if you don’t want a position we would love to have you come out and participate. Hope to see you there!

Our School Council Chairperson has set up Remind 101 as a means of communication pertaining to School Council. If you would like to recieve these information texts just sign up following the instructions below or click this link.

Download Our School App!

One of the priorities in Parkland School Division is Engaging Our Community. At Parkland Village School we value parents and community engagement greatly. We strive to continue to grow in making learning, communication and information transparent and easy to access for our parents and community. This is why we have created our school app. The Parkland Village School App collects all of our online content in one place for you to access from your mobile device. Our hope is that this will be one more way for you to stay easily connected, up to date and engaged in the important work that is happening in our school with our students and your children.

App Features

  • School Blog – View the latest school blog posts in text format. To view full post and embedded media click the title.
  • Class Blogs – Access all classroom blogs to see the learning that is happening in our different grades. Engage in the learning by leaving your thoughts and comments on the posts.
  • Events – Stay current with upcoming events. Click the specific event for more details and even add the event to your personal calendar if you wish.
  • Website – View the website from within the app.
  • Social Media – Check out our latest posts on all of our different social media platforms.
  • Video – Check out the latest videos that we have shared.
  • Hot Lunch – Order Hot Lunch from within the app.
  • Book Interview – When parent/teacher interviews are approaching you can book your appointment right from within the app.
  • Feedback – Your voice matters. We value your feedback. Share your thoughts, share a positive story or experience, or tell us how we can improve.

Download The App

Our app is available on the following platforms.

  • Android – Search Parkland Village School in the Google Play store or click the link.
  • Apple – Search Parkland Village School in the Apple App Store or click the link.
  • Kindle – Search Parkland Village School in Amazon or click the link.
  • Blackberry – Coming soon.

If you would like to make a request to have the app available on any other device please contact the school and submit your request.

March 2015 Newsletter

Check out our March Newsletter. As always, if you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact us!

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