Walk For Cancer (Post by Kayla – Gr.4)

Hi my name is Kayla Gerhardt, and I am a student here at Parkland Village School. As you know my mom, Mrs. Gerhardt is a teacher here. In January, we received news that my mom was diagnosed with cancer.  I decided to make a fundraiser in my mom’s honor.  On March 26th, we are having a Walk for Cancer to raise money for Cancer Research.  I am asking my fellow PVS friends to help join my cause.  Mr. McNaughton has also agreed to support my cause by shaving his head for cancer if we as a school community, raise $3000. 00!

So I am asking all of you to please join me and get as many donations as you can for this great cause!

On the day of the event students can also pay $2.00 to spray paint their hair (washable) pink for the day or to wear a hat.

I’m very excited to organize this fundraiser. Thank you in advance for your participation.


Kayla Gerhardt

Click the link Mrs. Gerhardt’s Walk for Cancer Event Sponsor Form

Donations can also be made at Mrs. Gerhardt’s Walk For Cancer Webpage directly to the Alberta Cancer Foundation. If you would like a donation receipt this would be the best way to donate to the cause.



Our students are participating a in 21 days of kindness challenge. Thanks to a generous donation, this challenge was launched with a special presentation by the organization “Be The Game” for our students that focussed on empowering students to believe that they can make a difference to help make our world a better place through simple acts of kindness. Since then I have seen many students latching onto the phrase “Kind Everytime” and really trying to make a difference. I am extremely encouraged and proud of our students who are working together and as individuals to help make our school a better place.

We interviewed some of our students about the Kind Everytime Challenge and put together this short video of what they had to say.

Participating in this project has again reminded me how the smallest acts of kindness can have a large impact on the environment, culture, and those around us that we interact with everyday. Sometimes, it is easy to forget to recognize the value that each person has and show appreciation for them in an intentional way and on a consistent basis. In this spirit, I would like to take a moment to thank the many people in our community (students, staff, parents, volunteers, etc.) who through their own acts of kindness help make our school awesome. As we head into the busy Christmas season, I would like to invite us all to join our students in being extra intentional about being kind and showing our appreciation for our loved ones around us.

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Cameron (Grade 4) – Friday Dance Days

Today we are going to talk about Friday Dance day. It’s a time when you get to spend time with the entire school. Grade 4s can dance with grades grade 2s, grade 1s and kindergarteners. It’s a fun way to start school on a Friday morning. It gets our blood pumping in the morning, increases our health and wakes up our brains. What it`s really meant for is to help us start our day. This is a video I made about Parkland Village School’s Friday Dance Days.