Hudson Family House Fire

The Hudson family tragically lost their home to a house fire this past weekend. As you can imagine, this is a devastating loss and difficult time for them. As a community, we want to come together to show our support for the Hudson family. If you wish, you can support the Hudson family in two ways.

1. Financial Donation

Donations are being received in a couple of ways. First, donations are being coordinated by Tanya Horton at 780-919-8387. Also, a friend of the family has set up a “GO FUND ME” electronic account for those who wish to make online donations to the families home re-building efforts. The link for those direct donations is:

2. Barbecue & Bottle Drive

Volunteer drivers and participants are needed to assist with the bottle drive on June 6th. Details are in the poster below.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact the school. Thanks in advance for all of your support for one of our families in their time of need.

Rainbows Program Starting Soon

Parkland Village School is excited to continue the program Rainbows this year. Rainbow has been successfully offered here and a number of schools in Parkland School Division the last number of years. This program is meant to provide additional support, build skills and hope for children who have experienced loss or significant change in their lives and is being made available to grade 1-4 students in our school.

When something significant happens in a family, the entire family is affected. The Rainbows’ program helps children who are grieving the loss of a parent or guardian due to death, divorce, deployment, or trauma. Even though death, divorce or loss appear to be only grown up problems, they have a profound effect on the children touched by these experiences. If a parent dies, or a divorce occurs, not only do the parents grieve, the children do also. Due to their age and short life experience, children can find it extremely difficult to verbalize their feelings of grief.

If your child is part of a single, combined, or stepfamily, or has experienced a death or permanent loss of a loved family member, this experience will be an opportunity for him/her to share their feelings with a peer support group and a trained facilitator in a safe non-judgmental confidential setting.

If you feel this program would benefit your child or if you would like more information about the program, please call the school at 780-962-8121 or email We will strive to offer this program to all students who would benefit if at all possible but please contact us as soon as possible to help with the logistics.