MicroSociety is an initiative that supports students as they learn,work,and manage a microcosm of the real world.

MicroSociety replicates Canadian Society in an authentic and meaningful way. Students participate in our society through elected government, government services, private enterprise, or non-governmental organizations. All students apply for positions, interview, undergo performance assessments, collect wages, manage their own bank account, pay taxes and spend money; just as in the real world.

MicroSociety is unique! It is not a simulation or token economy. It is real. The students hold real jobs and are paid with an internal currency. The school based economy sits within a fully functioning society – in miniature- and the society functions all year long. The skills needed in the 21st Century are not only taught in the classroom; they are practiced in real world transactions every day.

MicroSociety is student driven. It is an engaging and authentic learning experience that provides a personalized learning opportunity for all students. MicroSociety fosters an entrepreneurial spirit, mentors ethical citizenship, builds leadership skills and creates engaged thinking in our students. It provides a safe environment to explore opportunities, make mistakes and thus, build confidence and resiliency.

You can find more information by visiting our Micro Village learning journey