A Life Like Mine

Around our world,  people live in many different ways.

What rights and responsibilities do we have as citizens of Canada?

What luxuries do we have?

How is that different in other countries? How do children live around the world?

We compared so many aspects of our lives: education, play, housing, clean water, food, love, clothes, family,  jobs, buildings, health care, safety, language.





What Can I learn? Non-Fiction Study

We wondered and learned many things in reading power today!

Why sheep have curly wool?  We wondered- maybe to keep them warm? Maybe they are born that way? Maybe they get curly hair in the winter? Maybe because there is no one to brush their hair so it curls up? We learned-  Sheeps wool is naturally curly. The curls create pockets of air that keep the sheep warm in cold and windy weather.

Why do snails carry houses on their backs? We wondered-  maybe for protection? So if a bird grabs them they don’t die?  Maybe so they don’t get pinched by crabs? We learned- The shell of a snail protects it from predators and from the hot sun.

Why is the sea salty? We wondered- Maybe the fish cry a lot? Maybe the fish need the salt to live? Maybe it comes from the fish? We learned- The salt is in the rocks and stones of the earth. Rain soaks through the ground, dissolving salt along the way. The salty water runs into streams and rivers, which carry the salt to the oceans.

Where Does Pepper Come From? And Other Fun Facts. By Brigitte Raab


Importance of Detailed Writing!

Miss Hampton brought a new friend to class today. Blue needed to brush his teeth to help them stay bright white. Our groups gave instructions how to brush his teeth. Miss Hampton followed the instructions…

It didn’t go quite as the students had planned.

Put it in water. What’s IT?

Put toothpaste on it. What’s IT? How much toothpaste?

Brush your teeth- outside, inside, and tongue. What part of the toothbrush? How?

Rinse toothpaste off it.  Off what?



To watch a video of Blue’s adventure with his toothbrush, click on our instagram account grade3learningteam

Bridge Building

In science, we worked as teams to design and build bridges. Our material was Popsicle sticks and our fastener was glue. At the end we tested them for strength! Each bridge was strong in its own way- each structure was unique! Many teams used triangles to distribute the weight; we learned that triangles are the strongest part of a bridge design.

Celebrating Synergy

Grade 3’s did a wonderful job presenting at our monthly spirit assembly. The class sang a fun rendition of It’s A Wonderful World 🙂  We then recited a poem called No difference about equality and everyone being treated the same with candles. SUPER PRESENTATION GRADE 3’s!!

Pink Shirt Day

February 22 is Pink Shirt day. Pink Shirt Day was started by two high school boys who saw a peer being picked on for wearing pink. They decided to show support by wearing pink the next day. February 22 has become an international day to STOP BULLYING! Great job PVS!



Cultural Wheel

We were so lucky today! We had a special presentation by Mr Poitras about the cultural wheel: community, folklore, celebration,  and culture. He played his fiddle and taught a dance where we moved together and switched partners. We shared it during our school cultural wheel in the gym. What a great way to appreciate community- dancing together!!