Gingerbread Madness!

With Christmas break so close, I’ve had some time to reflect on this past month. A LOT has happened. One major operation was the Gingerbread Challenge that Seba Beach School was a part of! The challenge was to design, and build a community out of gingerbread! What fun! Schools all over North America took part and Skyped in to share our works with each other. Seba Beach School took the initiative to make this a ‘House’ challenge; where we broke into our houses (Chiles is the EAGLE HOUSE!) and divided the town into categories. Eagle house was given ‘Recreation’, so we sprang into action brainstorming various recreation facilities a community might have, designing blueprints to follow and then meticulously crafting these facilities out of gingerbread and candies! All in all, students had the opportunity to reflect on their communities and the tremendous opportunities await them therein.

In-Line Skating!

Today Seba Beach students had the opportunity to do in-line skating through the amazing teachings of Alien In-Line Skating! Students gathered in their class groupings in the gym, had a brief safety run down, and then embarked on a journey of physical literacy and fun! Older grades got to play games like Freeze Tag, a version of Dodge Ball and Red Light Green Light! Great fun was had by all, myself included 😀

WE Day!

Just as quick as Halloween approaches, WE Day follows!

16 Leadership students accompanied by Mrs. Stewart and myself have been given the great opportunity to travel via coach bus to Calgary for WE Day!

Students are to meet at Wabamun School at 3:30 am (yes, you read that right) on November 1 (yes, you read that right. The day after Halloween :P) where we will disembark on our journey. We will leave Calgary that afternoon between 2:15 and 2:45 pm and therefore have an estimated return time of 6:30 pm. The cost of the trip is covered by funds raised by previous Student Leadership fundraisers!

For more information feel free to check out:



Halloween is upon us!

It’s that time of year again! When the mornings grow darker and the frost begins to nip it can only mean one thing… Halloween draws near! Students are already abuzz as to what to dress as, with whom to go trick-or-treating, who to go to the dance with and of course, how to maximize candy accumulation 😉

This year the Halloween dance will be at Wabamun School from 12:30 – 2:30. There will be a small concession but of course, students are encouraged to bring a lunch as well. The cost is $2.00 per student, or a donation to the food bank.

The morning of the 31st will find students in a bevy of activities ranging from spooky ghost-tag int he gym, holiday themed crafts and of course, age-appropriate spooky stories being shared by our Leadership team. In the afternoon while the middle years go to the dance, the younger students will meet in the gym for a Halloween movie.

Students are asked not to come to school pre-dressed in their costumes, as they will most assuredly get distressed during morning activities, rather, students will be given ample time to change into their costumes during the lunch break.

BEE AWARE Presentation!

Bee Aware is a program based around educating grade 7 students about the risks associated with drug use.

“… it is a fun, interactive one-day retreat for Grade 7 students that provides valuable information regarding drugs and alcohol. It gives youth tools to say ‘no’ and lead a healthy lifestyle.”

Bee Aware will be held at the Wildwood Community Hall on October 25, 2017. Students will be bused from their school into Wildwood. The program will run during school hours, 9:15 – 2:00 PM.

Power in ME a powerful success!

On October 13, grades 5-9 went on a field trip to the Northlands Expo Centre where they heard powerful stories of individuals overcoming harrowing odds and difficulties, which ultimately helped them become the people they are today.

Adversity is a part of life that no one can avoid, despite out best efforts. It is not a matter of ‘if’ but rather ‘when’. Kevin Conroy once stated, “Everyone is handed adversity in life. No one’s journey is easy. It’s how they handle it that makes people unique.” The same water that softens the potato hardens the egg. It is not the circumstance that makes the character, it’ s how the individual overcomes circumstance that builds character.


Another year, another volleyball team!

After what seemed like no hope of starting a team, 11 middle years students stepped up to the challenge and got the ball rolling (or volleying, if you will).

The Stars take on Graminia this Wednesday (October 4), the Stars will host St. Matthews Lutheran School October 11, the Stars will be invading Broxton Park October 16, and out last game against Entwistle will be on October 18.


The Stars will also be making a show at Broxton Parks Jr. A’s Tournament October 13 and 14.


Future so bright we need to wear shades. Let’s go Stars!


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