Canadian Map Study

We have kicked off our Social Studies learning by first studying/ reviewing the map of Canada, by specifically looking at:

-the purpose of maps, how to read maps

-our provinces, territories and capital cities

Next, we will look to the resources present across Canada, such as: water/fishing, soil/farming, trees/lumber, oil. Students will explore how such resources affect our way of life as Canadians.

Before moving forward, we will be having a small “Checking In Quiz” to ensure we know our provinces/territories and capital cities. This quiz will be on Tuesday, September 26th. If students would like to prepare for this, they may access their Google Classroom for helpful online games, and a copy of the Canadian map.

Library Learning Commons

Today we visited the Library Learning Commons for the first time.

There we learned:

  1. how book exchange works: students may take out two books- one novel, one book of choice
  2. when LC5 is able to visit the Library Learning Commons outside of our weekly schedule: each nutrition break for quiet work or reading, and during one assigned lunch hour for games and fun
  3. library books may be taken home, but must be returned or renewed every two weeks
  4. the library space is not only a place for book exchange, it may also be used for playing board games, makers space activities, working with neat technologies and listening to guest speakers

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Online Resources

This week in 5R, we have set up the following online resources for students to visit if they have finished learning tasks early or for extra practice at home. (more sites to come)

  1. Typing Club: a place for students to develop their typing skills
  2. Prodigy : an engaging math game which is tracked by the teacher
  3. Google Classroom: Social Studies: Canadian Map Games

Please ask your child to show these sites to you. They may sign into each of them using their google (psdblogs) account.

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Back to School BBQ

Thursday, September 14, 2017

6:00 BBQ :BBQ is served!

6:45 Welcome to Families in Gym: Families are welcomed to the 2017-2018 school year by our principal

7:00-8:00 Families Head to Classrooms: Families may get to know their child’s homeroom teacher and are shared important information such as communication and classroom routines

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