Things to do at Aboriginal Days

  • Bannock Making / Rock Painting /Dry Meat station / Clay Station / Introduction to Sweatlodge / Medicine Teachings / Traditional Games / Double Ball/ Run and Scream/ Rock in Fist /Blanket Exercise / Creation Story / Tipi Teachings / Drum Teachings /Inuit Teachings & Artifacts / Inuit Traditional Games / Artifacts & Inuit Singing /Art therapy / 7 teachings face paint / Métis Weaving / Story Book and Sharing Circle / Craft Station / Physical Literacy / Face Painting / Fire Truck / Race Car & Semi Truck

Celebrate Home Reading

To celebrate 5R’s amazing effort in home reading, this Thursday we plan to celebrate with a Pot Luck Lunch! If you could please send a food item in to share with the class, that would be great! It does not need to be a large item! (chips, fruit, crackers/cheese, veggies, etc.)

Pot Luck Clip Art