Problem Solving

During this week and next, students will take a break from regular math classes to focus their mathematical thinking on challenging problems; ones that require some trail and error as well as some creative thinking.

Connected to this, students have also enjoyed challenging themselves with Suduko puzzles, with most moving from level 1 to 4 within a week. Soon, they will be solving puzzles included in the back of the newspaper! Yahoo!

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Student Led Conferences

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This coming student led conferences (Tuesday, January 30th and Thursday, February 1st) will provide the opportunity for both students and  parents to celebrate successes and identify areas for growth together.

Your child will be leading you through various stations to showcase their recent learning and speak to their processes and thinking. During this time, the homeroom teacher will be present and available, however time slots will be shared amongst a small group of families and students. If you would like to meet with the homeroom teacher privately, please contact the homeroom teacher directly to set up a time outside of student led conferences.

Thank you,

LC5 Teachers

*A pink form went home with instructions on how to sign up online. Also, you may visit our school website: to find out more.

Last Week Before Holidays

-Monday: – math groups / project planning for science / holiday activities 

-Tuesday: – social studies learning / building begins in science / LC5 D.P.A. activity 

-Wednesday: –literacy learning / building continues in science / LC5 Scramble – crafts, games, activities

-Thursday: – Wear your Pjs! (5R)  science project gallery walk / holiday activities 

-Friday: – Wear your Pjs! (school wide) literacy learning / Greystone Assembly / board games – brought from home (Miss Richardson away today) 

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