What a month it has been.  Has time started to speed up?  We have been finishing units in Social Studies on Alberta’s physical geography and in Math on measurement and time.

The students were introduced to Book Creator.  They have done a couple of amazing stories.  Their first assignment for Earth day was to take on the persona of a local plant or animal.  It has been inspiring to see the creativity and sense of humour really blossom.

Across the division, support was demonstrated for the tragedy of Humboldt.  We hold our kids a little tighter and each of us feels the loss in different ways even if we did not know any of the people.

Our Kindergarten to Grade 4 students have been participating in our Ecological Literacy.  They are discovering many things about the natural world, adopting trees, studying the trees, learning about bugs and birds.


March Update

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I know many of our students were looking forward to a school break and Easter.  I hope all our families were able to enjoy some family time and enjoyed some time outdoors despite the unseasonably cool temperatures.

***Reminder***  It may be spring on the calendar, but we really have not seen much of it yet.  We go outside every morning and 3 recesses during the day.  We can see a significant temperature shift during the day.  Please ensure that students come prepared for the weather and have some layers to either add or take away during the day.  It makes our time outside much more enjoyable.

Our class is really enjoying their experiences with Play Parkland.  We still have a few sessions left.  This week we are skating.  If you have access to any skates that your child can bring, it would be appreciated.  We have borrowed as many as we can and we are still short.  We want to make sure everyone participates.  We are low on sizes 5 to 8.

Time seems to fly by during these last few months.  There are many events and activities still to come.  Stay tuned for information.

I encourage all parents to be active participants in their children’s education.  We have learning conferences coming soon.  I also invite all parents to attend School Council Meetings.  They are always advertised in the newsletters or you can contact the school.  Your voice is appreciated and needed to inform the decision making process for the School and the Board.

Happy Spring Everyone!!

Of the major Canadian Cities, which is the coldest?

February  is always a funky month.  There are lots of weeks broken up and lots of things happening.  

We started the month with our first Play Parkland day.  What an awesome program!  We will be going several times to try a variety of activities.  This time we went swimming and to aerials for gymnastics.  Oh my gosh there were some huge smiles as they  splashed, leapt and bounced through the activities.  

We also had a successful Jump Rope for Heart (and Stroke)  Thank you to our families who helped raise funds for this very worthwhile cause.  On that same day, the school celebrated the Global Day of Play.  So much fun!!  The school divided into our houses and then rotated through various activities.  We played hula hoop relay, human mastermind relay, pylon concentration and, my favourite, human hungry hippo.


We did go out and enjoy some fresh air as well.  The fresh snow was begging us to come and play.  Students slid on hills of newly plowed snow and in honour of the beginning of the Olympic, we had some snow swimming matches.  Hilarious!!

We concluded the day with most of the school going on a Winter Walk and our class staying behind for our weekly session with Roots of Empathy and a visit from Baby Adi.  It is so sweet to watch this precious little one grow and develop and our students so enamoured with her.

Our Valentine Celebrations were delayed due to a snow/ice day and there were no buses.  The class did get to celebrate the next day and participate in a number of art activities.


We are outside daily.  With spring around the corner, we often just dress for the weather that comes in the afternoon.  Mornings are still very chilly so please dress in layers so children can enjoy the outdoors at all points of the day.

Please take a few minutes to sign up for Remind.  I realized how beneficial this is when we had our snow day and I had a means of communicating the information to people, but could only let the few families that are signed up know about our change of plans for Valentine’s.  I also send out reminders of permission forms due, home reading/math exchanges and information of upcoming events or activities.    

Winnipeg is the coldest Canadian city.

Did you know that February is the only month that can pass without a full moon?  It does not happen often, but Feb. 2018 was one of those years.

A Great Start to 2018!!


It seems so long ago already, but I hope everyone had an amazing holiday season.  The Grade 3/4 class has hit the ground running.  We are starting a new unit in Social Studies (beautiful and amazing Alberta), started our novel study on “Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone”, began a unit on poetry (ask your child about acrostic poems, cinquains and haikus) and we enjoyed some special projects and our showcase during Literacy Week.  Our class project was based on the book Northern Lights The Soccer Trails.  The students from Mrs. Lee’s and Mrs. Schumm’s class enjoyed the story of the young Inuit girl and the story of how our departed loved ones play soccer in the sky and we see them as the northern lights.  The classes moved to the art room and did a dirty cup pour painting (with our guest artist Ms. Carrie) to depict the northern lights.  While the paintings dried we went outside and had a fun soccer game in the snow.  Too bad it wasn’t dark and there were no northern lights.  During the week, also teamed up with Mr. Chiles class and collaborated on some really fun stories.  We will definitely do that again.  During Language Arts, we wrote cinquains about ourselves and in music, Mr. Chiles put the student’s poems to music.  The week ended with families invited to the Literacy Week Showcase.  Students enjoyed showing off their work and and seeing what others in the school had done.  What a great week!!


The first week of February has already seen our students participating in some fabulous events.  We did Jump Rope for Heart (please send in your donations or donate online before the end of the week).  Any student who has donations of $40 or more is entered in the draw for a scooter.  There are a number of other prizes to win as well.  Donations must be in by Feb. 16th.

Students also participated in Global Day of Play and a Winter Walk (stay tuned for an update and pictures).  We also had a lovely visit with our Roots of Empathy Family  and Baby Addison visited us this week.  It is so exciting watching her grow and develop!


Answer to our question:  Some of British Columbia’s mountains get far more snow than anywhere else in Canada. The highest average annual snowfall recorded at a weather station is 1388 centimetres (45.5 feet) on Mount Fidelity.

The station sits above the Trans Canada Highway at 1890 metres (6201 feet) elevation on the west side of Glacier National Park. This is also where snow falls most often in southern Canada, averaging 141 days a year.  Check out a map to see where this is.

December Newsletter

The holidays are upon us.  It is a time of reflection and gratitude.  I am personally grateful to teach these awesome children.  I am grateful for the people I work with, my family and for good health.  Holidays can be a very challenging time .  I hope all of you enjoy some moments of peace and joy during this time.  

We have had a busy month and the last couple weeks promise to be just as eventful.  We have been working diligently on our reading and writing skills.  We have been reading the book Wonder and were able to go the movie this past week.  I believe all the students were touched by this heartwarming story.

Today we enjoyed a lovely walk to the post office to send letters to Santa.  We then walked to the lake and saw how the ice can move, shift and stack up in places.  It is funny that in the morning I was talking to a student about plate tectonics and we got to see the ice do similar things that the plates do.

Last week our first reports cards went home.  This is a new format.  If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.

During the next couple of weeks, we will be doing lots of various crafts and special activities including the Gingerbread Challenge.  There has been a note sent home with a list of supplies that are needed.   We greatly appreciate any items that you can send to support our activities.

We have been enjoying the Roots of Empathy program and our adorable little baby Adaline will be coming to visit this week.  The students are always so excited to see her.  If you have not yet sent your release form, please do so as soon as possible.

To accommodate the scheduling for Roots of Empathy, we have switched our library book exchange to Wednesdays.  Students are keeping their books at school so they can read them during daily read to self.  If you have any library books at home, please return them to the school.

We have had a low percentage of students bringing back their home reading and math packages.  It can be challenging to find time to do this work 4 times a week, but it can significantly contribute to a child’s progress.  Please return them on Thursdays so they can be prepared to send back home for the weekend.  Thank you for your support.

We continue to enjoy the lovely weather, but know that it could change any day.  Please ensure that your child is dressed for the weather (coat, hat, mittens, snow pants, winter boots, layers), especially those colder mornings.  We are running short on mittens for kids to borrow so please be sure to send them with your child.  We do a mitten check on all the students before they go out to be sure that they can enjoy their time outside.

The Christmas Concert is on Tuesday, Dec. 19th at 6:30pm.  We look forward to seeing all our families.

November News

Greetings to all our Grade 3 and 4 families!

October has been a very busy month. We enjoyed our Thanksgiving and Halloween celebrations.  A huge thank you to the families who sent Halloween items and treats to help us enjoy the day.

This month we have been:  Working on our word families, paragraph and poem writing, printing practice, vocabulary, and reading.  I am delighted to see gains for all students.  We are doing a novel study on the book Wonder.  You may want to ask your child about the book.  The movie comes out later this month and we are in the process of arranging a viewing.   In math we worked on patterns and are now working on our addition and subtraction strategies and being confident working with numbers.  In social studies we are almost finished our unit on mapping, continents, oceans, features of continents, etc.  In health we have talked about a growth mindset and we continue to work on our belief in our abilities and building our capacity to not give up when faced with a challenge.  The self talk is “I may not be able to do it YET!!”


We go outside every morning and for 3 recess periods during the day.  We go out unless temps go below -22.   

At this time of year we can have some significant temperature swings.  Please ensure that children come prepared with mitts, hats, scarves, boots, thicker socks, snowpants, a warm coat, perhaps a hoodie or sweater for an extra layer or to wear if it warms during the day.

Remembrance Day and Fall Break

All families are invited to join us for our Remembrance Day observations on Thursday, Nov. 9th.  There will be a notice coming home with students.  Students are off for Fall break from Nov. 10-14.  Looking forwarding to seeing everyone on the 15th all rested and recharged.

For Your Information:


November 6 and 7:  Parent/Teacher Interviews.  Please book your time if you have not already done so.  Information is on the Seba Beach School website.

November 16:  Picture retake day

Today:  If you are not yet connected:  We are using “remind” as another form of communication.  You may use your phone or computer to sign up.  Please use this link https://www.remind.com/join/sebabea.  You will receive messages and reminders as well as be able to reply to messages.

Keep warm and cozy and have a great month!!







Pajama Day

October 20th – Pajama Day!!    Our Student Leadership group is inviting all students to come in their cozy jammies and fuzzy slippers.  Can’t wait!

Home Reading and Math Program Begins

The home reading and math program is being sent home tomorrow.  Look for the package in your child’s backpack.  Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.  I hope this becomes not only a learning experience for the students, but also a positive relationship building experience for you and the child.  All the best!



Happy Thanksgiving to all our Families!

 I hope all of you enjoyed a safe, happy and peaceful Thanksgiving and that you were able to spend some special time with friends and family. 

Thank you to those families that were able to come to our Cardboard Challenge Showcase.  This can be a very challenging week for our students and they had a fabulous time sharing their ideas and testing all the games.

This week we will be setting up the home reading and math practice program.  Please look for that in your child’s backpack later in the week.  All the instructions and materials will be included.  They are to be returned one week later.  You can keep everything together in the bag so parts don’t go missing.  Thank you in advance for your cooperation with this program. 

September Classroom Update


Greetings to all our grade 3 and 4 families.  

September has been an amazing month of getting reacquainted, meeting new friends, learning new routines, building relationships and demonstrating our knowledge.

Meet the Family Night was very nice.  Thank you to all the families that came out to enjoy some school community spirit.  We look forward to seeing you and many more at our future events.  

School Council is up and running.  This is a wonderful way to be involved with the school and your child’s education.  Check out the website for information and opportunities to participate.   

In our class this year, we are promoting a growth mindset and working to help ourselves by replacing negative self talk with more positive, motivating words and phrases.  Our word of the year is “yet”.  We all face many challenges and the word yet can be powerful to help us shift from stopping to moving forward.

Communication between home and school is very important.  We have been sending home a weekly self assessment. This is one method of communication between home and school as well as a critical piece of learning for our students.  If they are not getting home, please check with your child.  We will also be using “remind” as another form of communication.  You may use your phone or computer to sign up.  Please use this link https://www.remind.com/join/sebabea.  You will receive messages and reminders as well as be able to reply to messages.

****Outdoor Activities****

Be prepared for the weather!!  Our students go outside every morning for daily physical activity.  They also go out for 3 more recesses.  This time is crucial to help them be more focused and able to concentrate on their learning.  It also allows for some amazing creativity, collaboration and language building.  Please send your child prepared to go outside in all types of weather.  They are welcome to keep extra hats, mittens, socks, scarves, sweaters, etc. in their lockers.   

October will mark the beginning of our home reading and math program.  A package will come home each week with 2 books (the idea is to read to mastery not just once or twice), check for comprehension with the questions provided and some math facts to do for less than 5 minutes.  I appreciate that there are challenges to getting this work done, but I have witnessed first hand how doing this work can really bolster their learning.  After the week, the package is returned to school to be replaced for the next week.  Be sure to log your work.  Please keep the package in a safe place in your home so your child is able to care for it and participate fully in the program.  

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions about your child’s learning.  You can contact me via email at rschumm@psd70.ab.ca

Hope to see you at the cardboard challenge showcase!

Mrs. R. Schumm