Starting off the 2012-2013 with Flying Bob

Every year, I am sure that Principals and School staff diligently plan and organize the first day of school activities. These activities are to not only start off the year on a positive note, but also to welcome and inspire the students and teachers about the upcoming year. Some schools hold prep rallies, some have huge meetings, some only have a welcome in the morning and it is off to class.

This year at Seba Beach, we thought we would try something that had not been done in some time. The students went to their classes in the morning to meet with their peers and with their teachers, to get important information about their classes and share their adventures over the summer.

In the afternoon, as always we planned to have cake (Chocolate and Vanilla) and hot dogs. As an additive this year we invited Flying Bob – a motivational speaker and entertainer to finish off the school day.

I would love to explain the amount of fun that the students had, however my literary skills would not do the experience justice. Therefore please enjoy our quick trailer video and please share what your school does for the first day of classes.

What kind of Relationship do you want?

A wonderful colleague and friend sent me this beautiful video. It is a touching video and although it can be applied to many contexts and situations it was not until recently that the true meaning and representation behind it hit me.

Like George CourosChris Wejr, Patrick Larkin and many other educators, I have written multiple posts on the importance of relationships in education. how education makes many of the elements of teaching and administration less complicated and easier to accomplish.

All to often we don’t think or realize the influence that we have on the lives of children, however through out the year our interactions and experiences with students determine whether our relationships with students and staff are either for a:

Season: Meaning that we will be part of a persons life for a short period of time, thus implying that our relationship will be on the less in-depth part of the spectrum.

Reason: Meaning that the relationship that is formed is to serve a specific purpose and that once that purpose in complete that most likely the relationship will dissolve.

Life Time: Well this should be obvious, these are the relationships that are most sought after and the most fulfilling.

I have found that the biggest thing about relationships is that they take work and that once we stop working at them the best of relationships can falter.

So, next time you are working with a student, making plans with a staff or simply meeting someone for coffee, keep in mind what type of relationship you want and act accordingly, but also know that it is the moments that take our breath away not the number of breaths we take that accurately represent our life.

Door Decorating

It is a simple thing teachers do to make their classrooms welcoming and inviting to students and to parents. Decorating ones classroom door is something that I did at least once a month either having welcome back signs on it with leaves to signify fall or creatively making a Christmas scene when it came to that time of year.

However, this year I was unsure about decorating my office door. Being the Principal I don’t always have students coming to my office and if they do they aren’t always happy about having to come down.

I was however presently surprised, both in September and here in October, finding my door already decorated. It was wonderful to see. My kindergarten and grade one students, with the help of their teacher have been decorating my door. The best part of it is that the majority of items that are placed on my door are student created, rather than having store bought items on my door.

It is a pleasure to see the students work, their faces when they come down and show me which item they created and the look on parents faces when I tell them that I had nothing to do with the decorating that it was all students.

Honestly, it puts a great big smile on my face and I look forward to seeing what the students are going to create each month to decorate my door.

Instead of posting every month with a new picture, please feel free to follow along at our schools new Facebook Page.

Welcome To Seba Beach

Honesty. Responsibility. Respect. These three words are the foundation of Seba Beach School and guide the school’s approach to all relationships between students, parents, teachers, staff, and the community. This is why Seba Beach calls itself the “The Friendliest School on the Planet,” and anyone who walks in the door can’t help but be affected by the welcoming atmosphere.

Although there are a couple of new faces on the staff this year at Seba Beach, we are glad to say that many are familiar. Mrs. Kreminuck and Mrs. Peck are Seba’s foundational educators working with our Kindergarten to grade threes. Mrs. Bieda is one of the new faces stepping in and working with the grade three and fours. Mrs. Loe is charged with the grade five’s and six’s. Seba welcomes back Mrs. Smith after having taken a year off, being a new Mom. Moving from the upstairs to the Junior high school, Ms. Anderson also returns to Seba as Mrs. Kindrat. Ms. Wong also returns to Seba this year after a year in Africa and also returns a Mrs. K. Finally, there is Mr. Ram who comes to Seba from within Parkland school division to replace Mr. Petras, who has moved onto Blueberry School.

We are looking at some great possibilities and changes in the upcoming year, and hope that you will join us, staff and students in our journey and adventure.