What to expect this year at Seba

Sunrise 3
Parkland School Division has made some great, innovative and inspiring changes over the course of last year and many will come into effect this year at Seba.

With a New Vision : Parkland School Division is a place where exploration, creativity, and imagination make learning exciting and where all learners aspire to reach their dreams.

And a New MissionOur purpose is to prepare, engage and inspire our students to be their best in a quickly changing global community.

To ensure that we are meeting our division Vision and Mission the educational team at Seba Beach will be trying a great number of things, the new division report card and digital portfolio’s to name two. In addition the team at Seba hope to increase clarity, to increase the sharing of information and practices as well as engage parents and community by allowing them a direct line and view of the learning that is going on in each classroom.

We will strive to achieve this by are being inviting parents, community members, other division staff and other educational stakeholders to access our classroom blogs which are listed below as well as our school Facebook pages.

We hope that by collaborating within our division, outside our division, by highlighting our diversity and expressing our success while sharing our learning that we can ensure that at Seba Beach we are doing our best to meet the priorities we have in Parkland School Division.

Please come and join us, and share your ideas and experiences.

Door Decorating

It is a simple thing teachers do to make their classrooms welcoming and inviting to students and to parents. Decorating ones classroom door is something that I did at least once a month either having welcome back signs on it with leaves to signify fall or creatively making a Christmas scene when it came to that time of year.

However, this year I was unsure about decorating my office door. Being the Principal I don’t always have students coming to my office and if they do they aren’t always happy about having to come down.

I was however presently surprised, both in September and here in October, finding my door already decorated. It was wonderful to see. My kindergarten and grade one students, with the help of their teacher have been decorating my door. The best part of it is that the majority of items that are placed on my door are student created, rather than having store bought items on my door.

It is a pleasure to see the students work, their faces when they come down and show me which item they created and the look on parents faces when I tell them that I had nothing to do with the decorating that it was all students.

Honestly, it puts a great big smile on my face and I look forward to seeing what the students are going to create each month to decorate my door.

Instead of posting every month with a new picture, please feel free to follow along at http://www.facebook.com/stormSBSprincipal our schools new Facebook Page.