Teacher and Classroom Blogs


In the hope to increase parent involvement and increase the clarity of what is happening in the classrooms at Seba Beach, each classroom has been set up with its own Blog. Some of the classrooms may use this initially as a place to provide updates and other information to be accessed by students and parents, while other classrooms have leaped forward displaying what is being learned in class and how the students are feeling about what they are learning and experiencing.

Whatever format a teacher chooses this year in respect to their blog is not the focus. The focus is that teachers are using the blogs and becoming familiar with the process so that they can share and convey this information to their students. The students, mostly in the upper grades this year will be building Digital Portfolios.

R. KremeniukKremeniuks Building BlocksĀ 

N. PeckLighthouse at Seba

S. PowellWinds of Change

G. FerzliFerzli’s Fury

K. KindratEye of the StormĀ 

S. WongKhondowe’s Kapers

I look forward to sharing in the adventure that many of my teachers are undertaking and can not wait to see the results and comments from the public. If you have any ideas please feel free to share them, not only with myself but with my teachers.

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