In science class this week we formed crystals from some different ingredients. We took 20ml of each ingredient and stirred it all. Then we added 1 charcoal briquette. We waited a few days and let the crystals grow.

Elise Kwan Reflection

  1. Some things that stood out to me from the presentation was that she had to stay in a hospital for 10 months! Also, I thought that it was crazy that she had had 5 open heart surgeries, 2 brain surgeries and a few minor surgeries. Third, I thought it sucked that she had to stop snowboarding.
  2. Some things I won’t take for granted is my PS4 because lots of people do not have one and will never have one. Something else I won’t take for granted is playing Hockey. Hockey is one of my favourite things to do and lots of kids can’t do it because either they can’t afford it, are in a dangerous situation and could be moving to a whole new country because of war. They could also not play because of medical reasons.
  3. Some things I would take from this and apply it to my own life is to never take things for granted because there may be someone out there who can never do that for example medical reasons or something. Also, if you see someone who maybe looks a little bit different not to make fun of them or call them names because you don’t know what they are going through.