Growth vs. Fixed Mindset

In school we have been focusing on a fixed mindset and a growth mindset.
1.The difference between a fixed mindset and a growth mindset is that a fixed mindset means you think it’s only based on natural talent. Also, it means that if you fail at it the first time you give up and don’t try it again. A growth mindset is the opposite where you try something again even if you fail at it at first and keep trying to get better at it. Also, you keep trying and practicing to get better at it.
2.A situation in my life where I had a growth mindset is when I was trying to solve my rubik’s cube. I tried a bunch of different videos but none of them worked for me so I kind of wanted to give up but I didn’t and eventually found one video I liked and spent almost two weeks trying to solve it and eventually I figured out how to solve it. A time in my life where I had a fixed mindset was when I got a skateboard for christmas and I wanted to ride it and when I rode it for the first time I was really bad, I couldn’t turn or do barely anything on it so then I gave up and I never really have tried it again.
3. One area where I would like to have a growth mindset is getting better at my scooter and learning how to do a few tricks on it because all my friends are good at scootering and I find it fun to do lots of cool tricks on my scooter. I’m going to start having a growth mindset is practicing a lot more on my scooter in my garage and practice one trick until I can do it. Another area where I would have a growth mindset is on my 2×2 rubik’s cube because I want to be able to solve more than one rubik’s cube. How i am going to accomplish this goal is first, buying a 2×2 rubik’s cube because my other one broke and by watching a lot of videos and working at it a lot just like my 3×3 rubik’

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