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Candy Gram Sales


Leadership Option will be selling Candy Grams from November 30th- December 2nd in front of the library.  For $1 you can buy a large sized candy cane and write a message to a friend.

November 23, 2015.


Grade 6 Math Assignment due tomorrow : p.  8 #1,2;   p.10 #8 Math Makes Sense link

Spelling Week 9


Just a quick update to spelling – we will make this week an extended week of spelling due to the new schedule. Week 9’s test will be on Monday November 30! Unit 9 words adjacent               exquisite                 superimpose admit     […]

Spelling Week 8


Please note that next weeks spelling test will be on Monday. Lesson 8 words cupboard          gentleman           post office two-thirds          cross-pollinate      motorcycle straightforward        solar system          warm-blooded merry-go-round         overthrow           headache jet stream           decision-making           good-natured Bonus: fire extinguisher

November 2, 2015


Remembrance Day Service Our Remembrance Day Service will be held on Tuesday November 10th at 10:30 a.m. Poppies will be distributed to all students on the above date and donations will be accepted at this time. Every year, we have an assembly with all the students and try to explain to them the meaning of Remembrance […]

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