Elf on the Shelf!

Hello! This year at Seba we will be doing an Elf on the Shelf! This morning we read the story about the magical elves, and went for a walk around the school and found him! We had to go get Mrs. Stewart to show her we found the elf! We haven’t named him yet but we submitted a list of names to the office for the naming contest!

Letters Hh, Aa

Hello everyone! Wow how is it December already??! I feel like just yesterday I was meeting all the kids and beginning this wonderful year together!

For the letter Hh we made Hats out of construction paper, worked on our fine motor skills by poking the letter H in playdough and learned about our heart!

For Aa we measured ourselves with apples- most of us were between 16-18 apples tall! We also rolled red playdough into balls to make apples an count them on our apple tree! After we were done measuring ourselves we took the apples and put them in our sensory bin and made apple sauce!

Letter Dd

For the letter Dd we had a lot of fun centres!! We started on Tuesday with a Dinosaur Dig in our sensory bin. Then once we found the dinosaurs we brought them over to the carpet and measured how many dominoes long they were! (We found some dinosaurs that were 1 domino long, and some were 6 long!!)



Then on Thursday we rolled D’s with dough and made drums!


Until next time!

october projects

For October we are learning about the letters X, O and H!

To study the letter X we brought in a real life skeleton and looked at x-rays on our light table. We had to match the body part to the x-ray. We also had a treasure hunt and found sand from Treasure Island because X marks the spot.

For the letter O we made freshly squeezed orange juice, made owl patterns and mixed red and yellow paint in shaving cream to make the colour ORANGE!

We also spent time working on your names and matching the letters in our names to the letters on the coconut tree from Chicka Chicka Boom Boom!

Stay tuned to see what we do for the letter H for Halloween 🙂

september projects

Hello all! Welcome to Ms. S’s EE/K blog! Here you can find projects, themes and day-to-day activities we do in EE/K!

For September we learned the letters P, U and B! For the letter B we played in popcorn in our sensory bin, made patterns out of pom poms, had a pancake breakfast and painted pink and purple P’s on polk dot paper plates!

For the letter U we designed our own underwear, explored underwater and dug underground.

For the letter B we bathed babies, played with bouncy balls to work on our fine motor movements, and dressed up like a bumblebee! We also explored outside and looked for bugs and then had a teddy bear picnic! We used unifex cubes to measure how tall our Teddy Bears are!

We had a great September.