Science projects are Due!

Students in both 7A and 7B have been hard at work constructing their structures and completing their presentations. In the coming week or so, students will be presenting their structures to their classmates, so they are encouraged to complete any final touch-ups on their projects. For those students still needing a bit more time, I am happy to supervise during morning and lunch recesses, but students must come speak with me first.

Homework for tonight is to complete the topic 4 review in the online science textbook if it was not completed during class time today.


Welcome Back!

Just when we thought the summer would last forever…. =(

It’s the start of a new year and new beginnings! This year, things have changed a lot at Seba – we have a new principal, and classes have been rearranged.

I will be teaching Math, Science, Health to Grade 5/6 and Math, Science, PE, Foods to Grade 7-9 who will be together in one class!

Volleyball tryouts for grade 7-9 girls will be on Tuesday Sept 9th from 3:30-4:45 in the Seba gym. ¬†You must have proper athletic shoes and a change of clothes in order to participate…no exceptions.

Keep checking my blog for updates!! =)

Homework June 16

Grade 9 – finish practice test to #60

Grade 8 – still waiting for unit 5 and unit 1 review booklets!!

Grade 7 – use study sheets – answer the questions!

Grade 6 – Study for your exams coming up this week! Math on Thurs and Sci on Fri!!


Homework June 12

Grade 8 – still waiting for unit 5 review booklets from this week!!! Finish Unit 1 review booklet for Monday!

Grade 9 – Finish all your science sheets for Monday!!

You should be studying and reviewing for final exams!!!!!!!

Dance forms are due soon- bring them in or you don’t go!!