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It’s Fall at Duffield


“Every leaf speaks bliss to me, fluttering from the autumn tree”

-Emily  Bronte





Our Evacuation Continues!/httpImage/image.jpg_gen/derivatives/original_620/parkland-county-fire.jpg

For the rest of the week, our students will be relocated to Seba Beach School while firefighters work tirelessly to get the flames under control. Many residents in the area have been evacuated and those that are at home are finding the air around their homes smoky, dark and smelly!



Evacuation Today at Duffield!

A grass fire started yesterday near our school. Many homes were evacuated yesterday. People were told they could return to their homes last night and as of yet no homes have been damaged. The fire is still burning and there is lots of smoke hanging in the air. The inside of the school is very smokey. When we got to school, we were told that we were being evacuated to Wabamun School, about 15 minutes down the highway to the west. All of the bus-students stayed on their buses and other students were loaded onto random buses. Once all students were accounted for we traveled to Wabamun. The school was very welcoming and our classes were split up around the school. Our class worked on some blog posts this morning, telling stories about the evacuation. I think later today we will walk down to the water front and enjoy the lovely weather. What an adventure!

Great Blog Comments

The grade 2 class has been working on, not only creating interesting blog posts but leaving great comments on the blogs of others. Below you will find a list of items to consider before posting a comment on someone’s blog.

  1. Compliment the writer in a positive and specific way.
  2. Add new information (look at other comments to make sure you are not repeating what someone else has commented).
  3. Make a connection (share information about a similar experience you have had).
  4. End with a question.
  5. Proof read you post for spelling, capitalization and spelling.
  6. Always check with an adult before posting!

Cubelets are Here!


We have a set of over 30 Cubelets, cubes that connect together in different ways to build robots that roll, spin, light up and make noise as well as react to motion, temperature and light. So cool!

February News

Lion Dance, February 10

To Celebrate Chinese New Year, a local martial arts studio will be visiting Duffield to perform at 11am.

Valentines Day Party, February 11:

Thursday afternoon we will be celebrating Valentines Day with a party.  If students are bringing Valentines for classmates, I respectfully request that they include everyone on the attached list.  Snacks would be great, if you would like to send along something to share.  Some great options are: cheese and crackers, vegies and dip, cut up fruit.  Please send a note in the agenda or an email if you are planning to send party items.

Ski Day, Febrary 12:

*No Hot Lunch served at Duffield Friday.

Our annual ski day has been planned for Duffield School.  Permission slips went home after Christmas, to the youngest in each family.  Jr High students had the opportunity to ski at Marmot. All students from K-9 are invited to participate at Rabbit Hill.  Students are welcome to bring their own equipment or rent.  All students are required to take a lesson before they begin skiing for the day. Snacks can be packed in a backpack or purchased at the hill.  Classes will be modified and combined in age appropriate groupings, at school, for any students not skiing. There will be some regular school work and some outdoor time.

Talent Show, February 19:

All afternoon on Friday, Duffield students will be watching and participating in the annual Duffield talent show.  Students have already brought in signed permission from home and are practicing with dedication so that they can demonstrate their talent with pride.

Mrs. Schram-White

Easy Blog Photo

Jump Rope For Heart

Easy Blog Photo

Read To self

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Healthy Experiences Part 2

IMG_2226IMG_2228IMG_2231 (1)

This afternoon in Grade 2 we made fruit and vegetable juice to taste!

  1. Before we began we took apart the juicer to see how it worked. We noted that there was a sharp grater almost like a cheese grater but with much smaller teeth that would break down the fruit and vegetables. We saw that there was a very fine screen that the juice would be forced through into a trough all around the base and out the spout. We checked out the bin attached on one side to catch all the pulp that is left over when you make juice.
  2. First we washed the fruit and vegetables in water with a bit of vinegar to clean off any dirt and debris and to kill any bacteria that may be present from being handled. Then we rinsed them in clean water.
  3. We cut the apples into quarters and only removed the stem. We cut the carrots and beets into chunks about the same size (mostly so they would fit in the juicer). We did not peel anything only cut off any bits that were yucky.
  4. We made apple juice first with all different kinds of apples. The juice is not clear when made this way, but colored by the skin and kind of frothy. It was a big hit!
  5. Next we made beet juice, it was very dark red and looked almost like blood some of the students observed. Many students liked the beet juice as well.
  6. Thirdly we made carrot juice, which was very sweet and the kids loved it.
  7. With all the juice that was left we made a mixture of the different kinds as well as a little spinach that one student brought in. The beet juice made the mixture still look very red but it was delicious.
  8. What a tasty and nutritious snack!
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