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PLAY Parkland

Our grade 1/2 class has had several visits to the leisure facilities in Spruce Grove. We have been swimming and skating, we have done gymnastics and had some dry land activities such as taekwon-do.


Grade 4 Buddies – Communities

Our class is working with our grade 4 buddies.

Roan and Austin, two grade 4s summarized our learning this way:

  • Urban communities have sky scrapers
  •  Urban communities have way less trees then Rural communities
  • Urban communities also have way more people than Rural communities
  • The closest Urban community to our school is Edmonton

Related image

  • Rural communities have a lot of trees
  • Rural communities have lots of animals
  • Rural communities have farms
  • Duffield (our community) is Rural

Related image


  • Suburban communities have a bit more trees than Urban communities
  • Suburban communities are smaller than Urban communities but bigger then Rural communities
  • Suburban communities have more people than Rural communities
  • The closest Suburban communities to Duffield would be Stony Plain and Spruce Grove

Image result for suburban towns


Social Studies: Communities

In Grade 1/2 this week, we are learning all about types of communities. We have been studying Urban, Suburban and Rural communities. Yesterday we watched a video from You Tube about these three types of communities. It was fun, it had a little quiz at the end. At the end of the week, we will be having a little quiz and students will be asked to draw a picture of each type of community and add some ideas under each picture (very much like the image at the top of this post).

Grade 2 Science – Hot and Cold Temperatures

Earlier this week we made “eggs in a baggy” to learn about how temperature can affect certain materials. We broke 2 eggs into a sturdy freezer quality bag, then sealed the bag. The eggs came out of the shells as a liquid. We mushed them around with our fingers on the outside of the ziploc bag. Once they were well mixed we placed them in a big pot of boiling water. After a few minutes, the liquid started to change, it turned to a lighter color and started to become more solid. Once the egg mixture in the baggy became fully solid, we carefully removed it from the hot water and slipped it onto a plate. We added shredded cheese and voila… mess free omelets!

What a delicious way to start our day!

img_4394img_4395 img_4397 img_4399 img_4400

Made on Pablo – what fun!


Halloween Fun

Halloween is just around the corner, its almost time to choose the perfect pumpkin and create a jack-o-lantern!


I used Google Drawings to create these pumpkins.

  1.  I made an oval then filled it with orange, I then made 4 or 5 copies.
  2. I arranged them in the pumpkin shape and created a cylinder which I filled with green and placed on the top like a stem.
  3. I then created the face by making smaller shapes and filling them with black or yellow.
  4. I created details like leaves, eyebrows and eye lashes with the line option in the toolbar.

I challenge to create some silly or scary pumpkins.

It’s Fall at Duffield

“Every leaf speaks bliss to me, fluttering from the autumn tree”

-Emily  Bronte







Our Evacuation Continues!/httpImage/image.jpg_gen/derivatives/original_620/parkland-county-fire.jpg

For the rest of the week, our students will be relocated to Seba Beach School while firefighters work tirelessly to get the flames under control. Many residents in the area have been evacuated and those that are at home are finding the air around their homes smoky, dark and smelly!



Evacuation Today at Duffield!

A grass fire started yesterday near our school. Many homes were evacuated yesterday. People were told they could return to their homes last night and as of yet no homes have been damaged. The fire is still burning and there is lots of smoke hanging in the air. The inside of the school is very smokey. When we got to school, we were told that we were being evacuated to Wabamun School, about 15 minutes down the highway to the west. All of the bus-students stayed on their buses and other students were loaded onto random buses. Once all students were accounted for we traveled to Wabamun. The school was very welcoming and our classes were split up around the school. Our class worked on some blog posts this morning, telling stories about the evacuation. I think later today we will walk down to the water front and enjoy the lovely weather. What an adventure!

Great Blog Comments

The grade 2 class has been working on, not only creating interesting blog posts but leaving great comments on the blogs of others. Below you will find a list of items to consider before posting a comment on someone’s blog.

  1. Compliment the writer in a positive and specific way.
  2. Add new information (look at other comments to make sure you are not repeating what someone else has commented).
  3. Make a connection (share information about a similar experience you have had).
  4. End with a question.
  5. Proof read you post for spelling, capitalization and spelling.
  6. Always check with an adult before posting!
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