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February News

Lion Dance, February 10

To Celebrate Chinese New Year, a local martial arts studio will be visiting Duffield to perform at 11am.

Valentines Day Party, February 11:

Thursday afternoon we will be celebrating Valentines Day with a party.  If students are bringing Valentines for classmates, I respectfully request that they include everyone on the attached list.  Snacks would be great, if you would like to send along something to share.  Some great options are: cheese and crackers, vegies and dip, cut up fruit.  Please send a note in the agenda or an email if you are planning to send party items.

Ski Day, Febrary 12:

*No Hot Lunch served at Duffield Friday.

Our annual ski day has been planned for Duffield School.  Permission slips went home after Christmas, to the youngest in each family.  Jr High students had the opportunity to ski at Marmot. All students from K-9 are invited to participate at Rabbit Hill.  Students are welcome to bring their own equipment or rent.  All students are required to take a lesson before they begin skiing for the day. Snacks can be packed in a backpack or purchased at the hill.  Classes will be modified and combined in age appropriate groupings, at school, for any students not skiing. There will be some regular school work and some outdoor time.

Talent Show, February 19:

All afternoon on Friday, Duffield students will be watching and participating in the annual Duffield talent show.  Students have already brought in signed permission from home and are practicing with dedication so that they can demonstrate their talent with pride.

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Healthy Experiences Part 2

IMG_2226IMG_2228IMG_2231 (1)

This afternoon in Grade 2 we made fruit and vegetable juice to taste!

  1. Before we began we took apart the juicer to see how it worked. We noted that there was a sharp grater almost like a cheese grater but with much smaller teeth that would break down the fruit and vegetables. We saw that there was a very fine screen that the juice would be forced through into a trough all around the base and out the spout. We checked out the bin attached on one side to catch all the pulp that is left over when you make juice.
  2. First we washed the fruit and vegetables in water with a bit of vinegar to clean off any dirt and debris and to kill any bacteria that may be present from being handled. Then we rinsed them in clean water.
  3. We cut the apples into quarters and only removed the stem. We cut the carrots and beets into chunks about the same size (mostly so they would fit in the juicer). We did not peel anything only cut off any bits that were yucky.
  4. We made apple juice first with all different kinds of apples. The juice is not clear when made this way, but colored by the skin and kind of frothy. It was a big hit!
  5. Next we made beet juice, it was very dark red and looked almost like blood some of the students observed. Many students liked the beet juice as well.
  6. Thirdly we made carrot juice, which was very sweet and the kids loved it.
  7. With all the juice that was left we made a mixture of the different kinds as well as a little spinach that one student brought in. The beet juice made the mixture still look very red but it was delicious.
  8. What a tasty and nutritious snack!

Winter Fun at Duffield


Here are some Duffield boys getting ready to build a snowman when the snow first came. Of course right now our field is covered in a thick white blanket that won’t leave us until much later in the spring.

IMG_2216 IMG_2204 (1)IMG_2205 (1)

We also like to play games like grounders on the playground.

IMG_2212 IMG_2208 IMG_2211

Many grade 2s enjoy playing soccer every chance they get! 


Duffield School’s New Skating Rink


We love to skate! Our school now has a little skating rink that our parent council and some staff members have worked hard to create and maintain. We have had 10 skating frames donated by a family at our school so that beginning skaters can learn to skate faster. Twice a week in January, the grade 2 students went out to the rink to skate for PE (gym). They have all made a great deal of progress as skaters.

Kale Chips

1. Buy some kale from a grocery store.

2. Cut the thick stems off the leaves.

3. Wash thoroughly in a sink full of cold water.

4. Tear the leaves into palm size pieces.

5. Dry the leaves very carefully to remove as much moisture as possible.

6. Place the leave pieces in a large bowl, drizzle about 2 Tbsp good quality olive oil, and add sea salt to taste.

7. Spread leaves on a lined baking sheet so that they are not overlapping but they can be very close together since they will shrink as they dry.

8. Bake at 350 F for about 10-15 minutes until they begin to turn brown and are crispy. Be careful not to burn them as this will make the flavour very strong.

9. Cool and enjoy!

Some health benefits of eating kale:

Rural Crime Watch Poster Contest Winners in Grade 2!

Back in October, our class entered posters in the Rural Crime Watch poster contest. Three of our grade 2 students won cash prizes today! Way to go, Deryk, Riayn and Jillian, we are so proud of you!


Happy Socks Campaign – Collection Deadline December 4th

Duffield School is helping out a local shelter by participating in a fundraiser called “Happy Socks for the Bissell Centre”. The Bissell Centre is located in Edmonton, it is a facility that helps to empower people from poverty to prosperity.

*A local group, called the Three Chicks is organizing this fundraiser. 

We will be collecting sets of socks, in the front foyer of the school, until Dec. 4th.

Build a set of “Happy Socks”

  • Take a pair of new warm socks, roll one sock up and stuff into the toe of the other sock. Once filled, a colorful ribbon can be tied around the top.
  • Then stuff the sock full of useful items such as:
    • toothbrush, toothpaste, floss
    • comb, shampoo, conditioner 
    • soap, washcloth, deodorant
    • gum, mints, hard candies
    • toques, gloves, gift cards
    • ladies set might include nail polish, hair ties, bobby pins, feminine products
  • Sadly, there are homeless children as well (although the focus of this campaign is on adult socks)
    • a child’s set might include small toys and child size socks
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