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Fall Magnet Projects

A new crop of Magnet Projects is in the works!

IMG_6459 IMG_6466 Most grade 2 students have their projects at school this week. We have seen several presentations and they are terrific. I encourage you to check out the student blogs and have a look at the student presentation videos that I will be uploading shortly!


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September in Alberta

So on Sat. Sept. 6, I went for a drive in the country and took some pretty pictures of fields. IMG_1367IMG_1386

Then on Mon. Sept. 8, we woke up to this! I took a few more field photos on the drive to school and then I took a couple at morning recess. The students were delighted and took full advantage, creating several snow figures!

IMG_1425 IMG_1427 IMG_1430

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Summer’s Over Half-done!

Wow, already the 10th of August, 2 weeks from now I will be getting into bed in preparation for my first day back to school after summer holidays. The staff at Duffield will be having 2 days of professional development before the rest of the division heads back on Wednesday. We have many exciting changes beginning this year and our August teacher time will help us to prepare for them. Over the last/next 2 weeks I plan to spend plenty of time in my classroom beginning to prepare for the new school year.

Traditionally I upload a few pictures from my summer adventures. Last summer my daughter got married, no news that huge this summer!

Here are a few of the wonderful memories I have already made this summer:

IMG_6178 IMG_6195 IMG_6213

I had the pleasure of spending time down at the river with some of my favourite people (my teen and adult children); I went for a hike in Jasper and soaked in the Miette Hot Springs with a good friend;  I went to the Edmonton Heritage Festival and ate all kinds of interesting cultural foods and watched drumming and dancing; I got 2 different henna tattoos and a pedicure;  I renovated my back yard and added a fire pit. Whew!

IMG_6204IMG_1294IMG_6207 IMG_1288IMG_6224 IMG_6239

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Darwell Farm Field Trip

The grade 2 and 3 classes visited a great new fieldtrip site on Friday June 6.

37 students, 4 staff and 9 parents traveled to Darwell. The “Darwell Country Gardens Adventure Farm” is a new petting zoo located 3km North of Darwell on HWY 765. What a great day we had! The weather was lovely, the staff was attentive and very knowledgeable, the students were engaged and enthralled all day long! I’ll venture a guess  that all participants slept exceptionally well Friday night! :)

Contact information for the farm: dcgadventurefarm@gmail.com

Diana Richardson and Shelly Reid (780)892-3084

IMG_0693 IMG_0723 IMG_0703

Although the farm’s literature offered only a half day program, when we wondered about a whole day, they brought a great program offer back to us! What a full day it turned out to be:

Rotation #1: The students were able to enter some of the pens and get right up close to many of the available goats (and kids), chickens (and chicks), pigs, sheep (and lambs), llamas, alpacas, horses, ponies, cows (and calves), rabbits, ducks, geese, and a turtle, etc… I feel as though I’m missing some.

Rotation #2: Each student built a bird house which they were able to take home. The wooden pieces were pre-cut and had pilot holes drilled for building convenience. There were several hammers and screwdrivers and many, many nails!  Groups that finished early were treated to a brief lesson, with posters, about insects, their life-cycles and habitats.

Rotation #3: A huge hit was the wagon ride behind the quad and the “unnature” walk where the students  were challenged to notice about 15 things that did not belong in nature.

Rotation #4: The students were toured through the greenhouse and garden where plant life-cycles and other gardening details were discussed. Each student planted a bean in a Styrofoam cup and information regarding the nurturing of a bean plant was provided. During this rotation they also examined pond water collected in a kiddy pool and learned about frog life-cycles and pond plants. The students were given the opportunity to feed the geese and ducks grain from outside the fence around the actual duck pond.


IMG_0666 (1)IMG_0710 IMG_0729


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The Duffield-Keephills Connection

IMG_5961 (1)

Here are the present grade 2 students from both Keephills and Duffield, sorted into a graph according to school and gender. We had such a great time meeting our new friends that will come to Duffield on Tuesdays and Thursdays next year. We played a “get to know you” game where each student needed to come up with an animal that started with the same sound as their name. Then they also had to name all the previous students and the animals that they chose!

Haley remembers that Hannah chose horse just like she did.  Daniel remembers that Marcus chose a monkey just like Maria did.  Ethan remembers that Aiden chose an anteater.  Alysha remembers that Taylor chose a tiger and so did Tanner. Xander remembers that Seth chose snake just like him. Nyana remembers that Acacia chose appaloosa, Autumn remembers that Keaton chose cougar. Avalyn remembers that Ashlyn chose alligator like she did. Owen remembers that Landon chose a lion.


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Look Out Bugs, Here We Come!

IMG_5880 IMG_5872IMG_5873

In Grade 2 we are beginning our study of “Small Crawling and Flying Creatures”. In our Insect Journals, we are recording observations of the creatures that we find outside. Then we let them go!



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Celebrating Education Week at Duffield


  • Duffield School bookmarks for all students
  • Staff “little known facts” match up distributed
  • Grade 3s and 5s swimming at the Tri all week

Tuesday:  School-wide Mathematics scavenger hunt, 2:45.

Grade 2 – What am I?

1.  My color is like the sky on a clear, sunny day.

2.  I can be found on the playground, but my purpose is not play!

3.  I have 6 faces, 8 vertices (corners) and 12 edges.

IMG_5717 (2)


  • “Hats on for Mental Health”
  • Parents invited to eat with their child in the library, 11:45

Thursday: School-wide DEAR (Drop Everything and Read) 2:45




  • Grand Trunk High School rock band, 8:45

IMG_5808 IMG_5783 IMG_5778 (1)

  • Staff “little known facts” matches revealed
  • Volunteer Tea, all parents welcome 1:30

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Traditions – Grade 2 Social Studies


 noun \trə-ˈdi-shən\

A way of thinking, behaving, or doing something that has been used by the people in a particular group, family, society, etc., for a long time.

As per: merriam-webster.com

We are just finishing up our study of traditions in Grade 2. Each student was asked to write about a family tradition. With some input from home, the students created great examples of activities that they have practiced regularly (ie, annually) for many years.

Every Christmas Eve, my children gather after our turkey dinner and read a Christmas story. Sometimes it is the bible version, other years it might be ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas (sometimes both). After the story, we hang our stockings and put out a snack for Santa. Then off to bed so Santa comes! As a mom, I have always loved this tradition!

Check out the student blogs for a peek at their favourite traditions!

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What icons or symbols make you think of Canada?

In Social Studies, the grade 2 class has been learning about culture and traditions. We have learned that some symbols of Canada are the maple leaf, maple syrup, the beaver and the moose. As a child, I camped in Washington State near Bellingham. American children that I met would ask questions like, “Do you live in an igloo and own a dog sled?” Of course I thought this was really funny because my house was only an hour away, across the border and my lifestyle was very similar to those same children. We lived in a regular house and had a regular car.  It is interesting what we think about life in other countries!

I am interested in what our friends from around the world think are some symbols of Canada. What icons or pictures make you think of Canada?

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All About … Canadian Sports – Soccer (by Barb McDermott and Gail McKeown)

My students have been asked to use a children’s reference book to record some interesting information about a Canadian animal, sport or symbol.

I chose soccer to prepare an example.



History: Soccer  came to England in the 1800s and was first called football. It is still called football in Europe. The first rules were written in 1848. The first organized soccer game in Canada was played in Toronto, Ontario in 1859.

Uniform:  Soccer players wear jerseys and shorts, they wear shin pads under thick socks. The players wear special shoes called cleats that help them to grip the grass field.

Equipment:  Soccer is played with a leather ball that is often white and black. The ball is about 22cm in diameter and weighs about 400g.

Facility:  Soccer is played on a rectangular-shaped field of grass, painted with lines to distinguish the edges of the field, the centre, corner arcs and the goal creases. (Because of our cold climate in Alberta, children play soccer indoors all winter long. Some play on a slightly smaller field with the same markings and the teams are smaller, often 7v7. Other teams play 6v6, “boarded indoor soccer” on an enclosed field a bit like a hockey rink with green carpet where the ball stays in play when played off the boards unless it hits the net above.)

Here is a photo of my daughter with some of her teammates near the goal of an indoor soccer facility in our area.  You can see the green carpet and the painted lines.

Teams:  A soccer team has 11 players on each side. Each team has forwards, midfielders and defenders as well as a goal keeper. The players pass the ball to each other with the hope of shooting it into the opposing team’s net. The team without the ball, tries to stop the ball from advancing and to take control of the ball in order to reverse the direction of play.

Rules:  The game lasts 90 minutes, usually divided into two 45 minute halves with a break in the middle called “half-time”.  The team with the ball is called the offensive team, while the team without the ball is called the defensive team.  This can switch at any moment! Only the goal keeper can touch the ball with his or her hands.  Players need to keep the ball inside the painted lines on the field. The referee watches carefully and blows the whistle if he or she notices any player not following the rules. 

Skills:  The referee flips a coin before the game begins and the team that wins the toss can choose which side of the field they begin the game on. The game begins when the player at center kicks the ball to another player on his or her own team. Ball handling is very important in the game of soccer and as players advance they also begin to learn many plays and strategies which help a team to win. 

My daughter, Becky, playing outdoor on a grass field!

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