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Happy Socks Campaign – Collection Deadline December 4th

Duffield School is helping out a local shelter by participating in a fundraiser called “Happy Socks for the Bissell Centre”. The Bissell Centre is located in Edmonton, it is a facility that helps to empower people from poverty to prosperity.

*A local group, called the Three Chicks is organizing this fundraiser. 

We will be collecting sets of socks, in the front foyer of the school, until Dec. 4th.

Build a set of “Happy Socks”

  • Take a pair of new warm socks, roll one sock up and stuff into the toe of the other sock. Once filled, a colorful ribbon can be tied around the top.
  • Then stuff the sock full of useful items such as:
    • toothbrush, toothpaste, floss
    • comb, shampoo, conditioner 
    • soap, washcloth, deodorant
    • gum, mints, hard candies
    • toques, gloves, gift cards
    • ladies set might include nail polish, hair ties, bobby pins, feminine products
  • Sadly, there are homeless children as well (although the focus of this campaign is on adult socks)
    • a child’s set might include small toys and child size socks

Grade 2 Remembrance Day Art

IMG_0073IMG_0087 (1) IMG_0070IMG_0083 IMG_0064IMG_0069IMG_0052

November News

Grade 2 November News

IMG_1808 (1)

Winter is upon us! Please help your child to remember appropriate outerwear!

Remembrance Day Assembly: Tuesday November 10th, 10:30 

Fall Break: November 11-15 (Back to school on the 16th)

Report Card #1: December 4th

Happy Socks Campaign deadline: December 4th

Grade 2 Classroom Christmas Party: December 16th – 1:30 to 3:00

Christmas Concert:  December 17th – 1pm and 7pm

Core Curriculum Update

Math: We have recently finished learning about patterning and are beginning review work on number sense and basic facts.   To practice, we are using math games including dice, computer games and paper and pencil work. Although a number of strategies are taught and supported, memorization of the basic facts is the goal.

Language: The grade two class spends most mornings working specifically on language learning tasks such as reading, writing and word work. Each morning is broken into 3 25 minute tasks where students are free to choose the order of activities as long as each one is completed each day. Some days students have access to an Ipad or chromebook, with which to complete their language tasks. 

*Grade two students have begun to add stories and pictures to their blogs. I encourage you to visit and leave a comment regarding the content. You will notice that only very basic editing is done, to increase clarity, so that the integrity of their work is intact. As time goes on, you will notice that their writing gains length and more appropriate conventions. 

Science: We are nearing the end of the magnets study. The projects have been shared, I hope to upload the videos onto the student blogs in the near future. The students explored, discussed and played. In the end they gained significant scientific knowledge about the workings of magnets and their many real world applications.

Our next Science topic is temperature!

Social Studies: We have completed our study of maps and mapping. The grade twos learned about symbols, scale, the compass rose and following directions.  We have focused this week on Remembrance Day and being thankful for the sacrifices made to keep us safe and free. Over the next weeks, the students will be learning about the diversity of our Canadian geography, how most settlements are based near water and we will discuss adaptations that have been made to accommodate for the landscape and weather.




Class Dojo

Class Dojo is a classroom management tool where each student is represented on the screen by a cute monster avatar. Each avatar has a bubble with total points accumulated weekly. The avatars are displayed occasionally on the Smartboard so that students can celebrate their achievements. I sent home notices with registration instructions for parents, if yours has been misplaced simply jot me a note in the agenda and I’ll print a new one for you. Instructions were also included to allow students to go in and modify their avatars.

I encourage all parents to sign up and take advantage of this great tool. Throughout the day, students are awarded positive points for helping friends, working hard, participating in discussions. Occasionally, negative points are registered for organizational issues, misbehaviours and not using class-time wisely.  A weekly report is automatically generated by the program on Fridays. Parents, however, have access to their child’s data 24/7. Grade 2 students are very motivated by seeing their tally increase and you can hear a pin drop in the classroom when I am awarding points for on-task and hardworking behaviours.

Taken right from the Class Dojo sight:

ClassDojo deepens understanding between teachers, parents and students. In the classroom, teachers use ClassDojo to encourage positive behaviors like curiosity and perseverance. Teachers can also send real-time messages to parents using ClassDojo Messaging to give updates on what is happening at school.

At home, parents are able to review their child’s progress with Student Reports and also communicate simply and safely with their child’s teacher.

ClassDojo is 100% free for teachers, parents and students to use anywhere in the world.

January-February 2015 – Important Dates

Upcoming Dates:

Tuesday January 20, Duffield-Keephills Ski day1 @ Rabbit Hill (register by Friday)

Thursday January 22, Assembly – Gr 1-3 – 12:45, Gr 4-6 – 2pm

Friday January 30, Professional Development Day – NO School for students!

Wednesday February 4, Interim Report Card #2

Thurs/Fri February 5/6, Teachers’ Convention – NO School for students!

Friday February 13, 100 Days in School Celebration and Valentines’ Day Party

Monday February 16, Family Day Stat Holiday – NO School!

Wednesday February 18, Duffield-Keephills Ski day2 @ Rabbit Hill (register by Feb 13)

Thursday February 26, Talent Show @ 12:45

Fall Magnet Projects

A new crop of Magnet Projects is in the works!

IMG_6459 IMG_6466 Most grade 2 students have their projects at school this week. We have seen several presentations and they are terrific. I encourage you to check out the student blogs and have a look at the student presentation videos that I will be uploading shortly!


September in Alberta

So on Sat. Sept. 6, I went for a drive in the country and took some pretty pictures of fields. IMG_1367IMG_1386

Then on Mon. Sept. 8, we woke up to this! I took a few more field photos on the drive to school and then I took a couple at morning recess. The students were delighted and took full advantage, creating several snow figures!

IMG_1425 IMG_1427 IMG_1430

Summer’s Over Half-done!

Wow, already the 10th of August, 2 weeks from now I will be getting into bed in preparation for my first day back to school after summer holidays. The staff at Duffield will be having 2 days of professional development before the rest of the division heads back on Wednesday. We have many exciting changes beginning this year and our August teacher time will help us to prepare for them. Over the last/next 2 weeks I plan to spend plenty of time in my classroom beginning to prepare for the new school year.

Traditionally I upload a few pictures from my summer adventures. Last summer my daughter got married, no news that huge this summer!

Here are a few of the wonderful memories I have already made this summer:

IMG_6178 IMG_6195 IMG_6213

I had the pleasure of spending time down at the river with some of my favourite people (my teen and adult children); I went for a hike in Jasper and soaked in the Miette Hot Springs with a good friend;  I went to the Edmonton Heritage Festival and ate all kinds of interesting cultural foods and watched drumming and dancing; I got 2 different henna tattoos and a pedicure;  I renovated my back yard and added a fire pit. Whew!

IMG_6204IMG_1294IMG_6207 IMG_1288IMG_6224 IMG_6239

Darwell Farm Field Trip

The grade 2 and 3 classes visited a great new fieldtrip site on Friday June 6.

37 students, 4 staff and 9 parents traveled to Darwell. The “Darwell Country Gardens Adventure Farm” is a new petting zoo located 3km North of Darwell on HWY 765. What a great day we had! The weather was lovely, the staff was attentive and very knowledgeable, the students were engaged and enthralled all day long! I’ll venture a guess  that all participants slept exceptionally well Friday night! :)

Contact information for the farm:

Diana Richardson and Shelly Reid (780)892-3084

IMG_0693 IMG_0723 IMG_0703

Although the farm’s literature offered only a half day program, when we wondered about a whole day, they brought a great program offer back to us! What a full day it turned out to be:

Rotation #1: The students were able to enter some of the pens and get right up close to many of the available goats (and kids), chickens (and chicks), pigs, sheep (and lambs), llamas, alpacas, horses, ponies, cows (and calves), rabbits, ducks, geese, and a turtle, etc… I feel as though I’m missing some.

Rotation #2: Each student built a bird house which they were able to take home. The wooden pieces were pre-cut and had pilot holes drilled for building convenience. There were several hammers and screwdrivers and many, many nails!  Groups that finished early were treated to a brief lesson, with posters, about insects, their life-cycles and habitats.

Rotation #3: A huge hit was the wagon ride behind the quad and the “unnature” walk where the students  were challenged to notice about 15 things that did not belong in nature.

Rotation #4: The students were toured through the greenhouse and garden where plant life-cycles and other gardening details were discussed. Each student planted a bean in a Styrofoam cup and information regarding the nurturing of a bean plant was provided. During this rotation they also examined pond water collected in a kiddy pool and learned about frog life-cycles and pond plants. The students were given the opportunity to feed the geese and ducks grain from outside the fence around the actual duck pond.


IMG_0666 (1)IMG_0710 IMG_0729


The Duffield-Keephills Connection

IMG_5961 (1)

Here are the present grade 2 students from both Keephills and Duffield, sorted into a graph according to school and gender. We had such a great time meeting our new friends that will come to Duffield on Tuesdays and Thursdays next year. We played a “get to know you” game where each student needed to come up with an animal that started with the same sound as their name. Then they also had to name all the previous students and the animals that they chose!

Haley remembers that Hannah chose horse just like she did.  Daniel remembers that Marcus chose a monkey just like Maria did.  Ethan remembers that Aiden chose an anteater.  Alysha remembers that Taylor chose a tiger and so did Tanner. Xander remembers that Seth chose snake just like him. Nyana remembers that Acacia chose appaloosa, Autumn remembers that Keaton chose cougar. Avalyn remembers that Ashlyn chose alligator like she did. Owen remembers that Landon chose a lion.


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