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Write On stationary orders for Grade 2


Muir Lake School is continuing to offer school supply packages throughWrite-On Stationery.  Write-On Stationery will purchase, package and deliver all of your children’s school supplies for the next year to MLS in the last week of August.  As part of their service, they also provide pre-printed labels.

There are ways for you to order your school supply package:

1.      Go to the Write-On website and order online, or

2.      Use our paper order form that will be going home with your child SOON and turn it into the school before June 20, 2018.


  • Go to
  • Click on “PARENTS – Order Here
  • School Name: Muir Lake School
  • Choose your child’s NEXT YEAR grade and place your order.
  • They now accept VISA, MC, AMEX, Visa Debit and Interac On-line.


  • Fill out the paper order form that will be going home with your child
  • Turn in the paper order form and money to your child’s teacher or the school office by June 20, 2018; prices include GST.
  • If paying by cheque, please make cheque payable to Write-On Stationery Supplies Inc.

Supplies will be available for pickup from Muir Lake School in the last week of August 2018.

For your convenience, copies of the 2018 2019 supply lists will be sent home with your child at the end of the year, but they are also available for download by clicking on THIS LINK.

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the school at 780-963-3535 or by email to

Thank you

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Hot lunches for May and June changes


The Hot Lunch program that usually runs Wednesday, Thursday and Friday has wrapped up leaving us with just the Fundraising Lunches.

So what does this mean?

It means that IF you have ordered through the online lunch ordering system, lunches will only be served to the students on Mondays and Thursdays through the months of May & June. Please ensure that your children have lunches each day of the week.

With this being said, don’t forget to place your final June lunch order by the end of Thursday May 17th.

For more information about the School Lunch Programs please go to the Lunch Programs tab of this blog or contact Jennifer at 780-983-1316 or by email at


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Report Card will be on line March 15

Your child’s report card is now accessible through the PowerSchool Parent Portal.
Also, earlier in the year achievement testing (​CAT-4)​ was done​ with the students in grades 2, 4, 5, 6 & 8; results will be going home with these students today.
For information on how to sign on to the PowerSchool Parent Portal click HERE.
Inline image 3
 Once you have logged in to your child’s account, click on the “Report Card” link on the left side.
Inline image 1
The next window will prompt you to “Generate” the report card which will take you to a PDF version of the report card which you can view or print.
Inline image 2
PLEASE NOTE:   If you are having trouble linking to the report card then check to see if you have a SPACE in your USERNAME. If you do then delete the space and try it again. Also, the report card CANNOT be viewed from the APP on a Mobile Device. This is because the APP does not allow you to LINK to outside programs like our Report Card or Fees systems. You will need to do this from a computer or by using your BROWSER on your mobile device.
If you are having problems signing on to the PowerSchool Parent Portal please contact the office at 780-963-3535 or by email to
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Upcoming events and news



Field trip to Chickakoo with Nature Kindergarten June 6 all day. (Weather permitting) we will go on the bus with the Nature kindergarten at 8:30 am and stay the day to do activities. We will be returning to the school at 2:30 just in time to catch the bus at the end of the day.

June 22 grade 1 and 2 are swimming at the Tri Leisure Centre

Fun day for the elementary  is the afternoon of June 27 (1 hot dog, juice box, and fruit is provided to elementary students for lunch) please still send a snacks.

Last Day of school for students is June 28 ( we will be sending home students materials everyday the last week of school) We will have a movie and snacks in the pm that day.

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Spelling words


Spelling words for June 11-15  This is the last test for this year.

  1. to             6. due
  2. too           7.  tea
  3. two           8. tee
  4. do             9. fur
  5. dew           10. fir


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Welcome Back!


Welcome to Grade One.  I am looking forward to working with you and your child to make this a successful and rewarding year.  The following will hopefully address some of the questions that you may have regarding the classroom and the grade one program. The following are bits of information about grade one and the routines that are in place.  THERE WILL BE A GREAT DEAL OF INFORMATION COMING HOME THIS MONTH, SO PLEASE CHECK YOUR CHILD’S BACKPACK EACH NIGHT. In the future I will ask for parent volunteers for special days/events in the classroom and/or for fieldtrips.  Everyone volunteering in the school will need to fill out a volunteer registration form and criminal record check.  They can be obtained in the office. Child information sheet– I am the only person to read it, please return as soon as possible to me to help me get to know your child better.  Please let me know of any allergies or medical conditions as soon as possible. Please sign and return the FOIP permission and technology permission pages, so your child will receive a log on and password access to use on our computers/ipads in the school. Grade One’s do not have lockers therefore you do not need to sign the locker agreement side. (if form is not included today will be sent in future)   Snack – The students are given the opportunity for a snack time. Please send “finger friendly foods” i.e. Granola bars, fruit, yogurt tubes, things in baggies, messy or foods needing spoons will be saved for lunchtime. Lunch– We eat our lunch in our classroom after lunch recess.  The students are given 20-25 minutes to eat their lunches. SHARING FOODS WITH FRIENDS IS DISCOURAGED BECAUSE OF POSSIBLE ALLERGIES OR FOOD REACTIONS. (with the exception of birthdays, parties and celebration days)    This year we are using a rotating day 1-5 schedule so library, music, and gym will not necessarily be on the same day each week. Library will be on day 2 in the afternoon. I will send a reminder in the student’s agendas each week.  School supplies- I store all extra supplies for each child in a bag labelled with his/her name except what they are currently using so they are not wasted and are readily available when needed.  Any unused supplies will go home with your child at the end of the year. We will be painting in the future, if you have an old shirt your child could use as a paint shirt over his/her clothing please send with his/her name on. It will be kept here for painting through the year and returned at the end of grade one. Agenda scribbler– We will be using lined scribblers for an Agenda that will go home each day and must be returned to school each morning.  This book is the mainstay of our communication system. If you are sending payment or some else important to me please put it in an envelope. Please with what it is for and your child’s name on the envelope. We will be writing each day in our agendas to notify you of special events, activities, and later in the year we will be printing our spelling words in them also. I check and initial the agenda scribbler each day.  I ask the agenda scribbler be kept in Ziploc bag for protection against leaking water bottles, wet mitts, and other accidents. It would be appreciated if any money/payments being sent to school is put in a Ziploc bag or envelope.  Please clearly label with your child’s name, reason for the money, and the amount enclosed because the envelopes are set to/collected by the office. Other communication- open communication between home and school is important to me.  During the school year you may be hearing from me through newsletters, notes in the agendas, class blog, an email or phone call. If you have any questions I encourage you to contact me at school (963-3535), write a note, or an email.

I look forward to meeting you and working with your child this year.  Hopefully together, we can provide a positive learning and growing experience for the children. September 13th- Mustang Kickoff and Welcome back from 5:00 pm to 7:00.  Come mingle and meet the teachers and staff. (This note will be coming home in their agenda on the first day also.)

Thank you,

Ms. Wendy Douglas

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We have a dairy allergy and a severe pineapple allergy in the class this year. Thank you.

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We will be going to the library every day 2 in the afternoon. I will put a reminder in the agenda each week. We are allowed to check out books each time we return our old books.

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