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March News


Friday, March 3 is PD day no school for students

Friday, March 17 Grade 1 and 2’s swim at the Tri Leisure in the morning

Report cards go home March 16

Thursday, March 23 is the last day of school before spring break holiday

No school on March 24 to April 2 spring break holiday

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Tie Dye T-shirt fundraiser


This year, our Leadership Option is organizing a Tie Dye t-shirts fundraiser. We will be selling t-shirts from February 22 to March 2. We will be dying the t-shirts from March 6-10.


March 9: Grades 1, 3, 5, 7, 9

March 10: Grades 2, 4, 6, 8

We will be dying the t-shirts in Mrs. Arnold’s room. Each white cotton t-shirt costs $10 and all money raised will go to the Stollery Children’s Hospital Foundation. Last year we raised about $1000, so this year we aim to exceed that amount.  Don’t forget to bring in your money by March 2!

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Dear Parents,

A writing sample will be coming home on Monday, January 23. We have been writing in our journals daily with help from the teacher to spell words, use of spelling dictionaries, and sounding out words. In January we started writing with more length in our journals. In the future we are working toward having at least 5 sentences altogether:

  • 1 introduction sentence
  • 3 detail sentences (minimum)
  • 1 closing sentence

We always discuss and come up with ideas before writing. Students can choose their own idea or topic. Here is two examples below:

I have a dog. He is white and brown. His name is Spot. He is a German Shepard. I like to play with him. He is a good dog.

My friend’s name is Sarah. She has brown hair. We sit together on the bus. Sarah is the same age as me. She is my best friend.

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Dental visit Feb. 27


Horizon Orthodontics, in Spruce Grove, is generously sponsoring a Registered Dental Hygienist to come in and present a dental health education program in our classroom. They will be visiting our class on February 27 at 1:30. Below is a little description of what they will be presenting:

Our presentation includes a ” tooth fairy” adult sized mascot, large teeth, large toothbrush, gigantic floss, puppets, a dental nutrition and tooth learning board, and various other photos, pictures and teaching tools for students. We show actual pictures of disclosed teeth, dental decay and x-rays. We discuss all aspects of the health of our teeth, gums and how they can affect our body through interactive learning and visual aids. A flossing experiment is done with a student volunteer to visually show the kids why flossing is important. Lastly we emphasize the importance, interval and components of a visit to the dentist, hopefully the sponsoring dentist in their community!  Included in sponsorship I make and provide a take home “plaque attack kit” for students that includes a toothbrush, floss sticks, coloring pages, brushing and flossing guide and parent dental health fact-sheet with your dental office contact information. It is very interactive dental presentation and the children and teachers love it!

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spelling words for Feb. 27- March 2


Some spelling words will be repeated on weekly tests due to sounds we are working on.

1 top  2 sop  3 stop  4 tick  5 sick  6 stick  7 tack  8 sack  9 stack  10 stuck

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words their way


The grade ones have started a new spelling program called “Words Their Way.” This is a word study program in which students learn by sorting words into categories. Each week your child will be bringing home new spelling words in the form of categories. We will be doing activities during the week to practice making and spelling these words. The test will be every Friday(Thurs. if no school on Fri.) Below are some activities you may want to use to help them study during the week.

Use letter cards to construct and deconstruct words, making it a guessing game with clue.

Hinks Pinks –

Word Hunts – using actual paper!

Apples to Apples – game that builds vocabulary

Boggle – for the iPad too!

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Winter clothes


Tis’ the season to be labeling!!

The children do their best to put their boots on the correct boot rack but often boots are taken by mistake.

PLEASE! Please, label all jackets, mitts, boots. We have a few sad little people as they do not have their own boots for recess time.  Thanks!!!…

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Hot lunch


Go to the Lunch Program tab at the top of the MLS Blog and follow the instructions accordingly.  You will need to RE-CREATE  your user name and password for the lunch program.

Simply go to and go from there.

Lunch Order Due Dates are as follows:

  • October Menus are due Sept 18
  • November Menus are due Oct 16
  • December Menus are due Nov 20
  • January Menus are due Dec 18
  • February Menus are due Jan 22
  • March Menus are due Feb 19
  • April Menus are due Mar 19
  • May Menus are due Apr 16
  • June Menus are due May 14

Thank you for your continued support of our lunch program. And if you are interested in helping out please contact Jennifer at 780-983-1316 or email to or call Gerri-Lou at 780-266-0899.

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We have a nut allergy in our classroom. You may send snacks with nuts or peanut butter sandwiches with your child but we can not share any snacks/lunches. If you are sending a treat for birthday or holiday celebration that the class is sharing, please do not send anything containing any type of nuts or peanut butter. Thank you

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We will be going to the library every Tuesday morning. We are allowed to check out 2 books each time we return our old books.

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