Grade 7/8/9 Track Meet Information – May 16th

On Thursday May 16th we will be hosting our 7/8/9 Track and Field Meet.  We are excited to watch our students compete and give their best effort in all the events they signed up for.  Each student was required to sign up for a minimum of 3 events so take a look at the schedule and map to find out when and where those events are happening. More information about events can be found in the links below! In addition we have written an overview of what the day will look like for students.  Please note some special considerations in bold.

  1. Attendance is taken in homerooms (ANY LATES WILL REQUIRE A LATE SLIP FROM OFFICE)
  2. Students will be called down to the gym for a brief overview of the day (eg: rules and expectations of the day…NO TENTS WITH WALLS)
  3. Students will head out to the track and are expected to stay on school grounds all day (no one is allowed to leave for lunch that day)
  4. A food truck will be available for students to purchase food and drinks.
  5. Students are permitted inside the GYM ONLY to use the bathroom or water fountain.
  6. Track events take priority over field events (eg: if a student is in a running event and a field event at the same time, please let them go and finish their running event first and then come back to the field event after)
  7. Before the last event, we encourage all students to start cleaning up the garbage in their area by walking around with garbage bags
  8. At the end of the day we gather all the students around the track to watch the 100m Finals.
  9. If students are leaving school grounds with a parent/guardian, the office staff needs to be notified so that the student can be signed out.

Woodhaven 7/8/9 Track Schedule 2019

Map of WH Track Events – Grade 7/8/9 Meet

Field Rules 2019


Track & Field Season

It is hard to believe but track season is just around the corner! Our grade 7/8/9 Track and Field Meet is scheduled for Thursday, May 16th. Our grade 4/5/6 Track and Field Meet will be on Wednesday, May 22nd.

Training has begun for all students and we hope that everyone is able to participate and achieve their full potential. All students are expected to participate in this full day event so please take a look at the criteria for competition: Track & Field Criteria

Stay tuned for more information on the 7/89 and 4/5/6 Track and Field Meets in the coming weeks.

If you have any questions or concerns, please talk to one of the PE Teachers!


Spring League Basketball

Calling all basketball players in grade 4, 5, 6, and 7 to join our Woodhaven Spring League.  This is an opportunity for any students to develop their basketball skills and be part of a team!  Forms are attached below.  This year we have created a grade 4/5 league and expanded to create a grade 6/7 league. The grade 4/5 league will take place after school. The grade 6/7 league will take place mainly during the lunch hour. Please fill out the last page of the registration forms and return to the office by Thursday, April 18th!  Payment can be made in person or online through powerschool.  Skills camp runs April 23rd-25th and then the league will officially start in May.

Grade 4-5 Spring League Letter 2019

Grade 6-7 Spring League Letter 2019


February 2019 Calendar & Skating!!!

February is here and we are ready for some fun new activities in PE! We will be starting our skating unit this month and we are really looking forward to getting over to the Grant Fuhr arena and lacing up our skates.  The February calendar is below to see the skating dates. Here is a friendly reminder to be prepared with the proper equipment including a CSA Approved Hockey Helmet, skates and appropriate clothing to wear outside to and from the rink.  We do have skates and helmets that students can borrow but we encourage them to find some equipment to bring from home as sizes are limited.  If you would like to bring a hockey stick for some shinny, please arrange drop off and pick-up, as Parkland bus transportation will not permit any students to bring their hockey stick on the bus. If you are unable to skate, you will be staying back at the school to participate in some cooperative games! If you have any questions or concerns, please contact your PE teacher at school or via email.

February Calendar 2019


January 2019 Calendar

A little late, but here is our January 2019 calendar! The gym has been filled with the wonderful sounds of our Social Dance Unit! Fridays continue to be our TGIF days (Team Games & Improving Fitness)!!! Students can also look forward to some Intramural Dodgeball during the lunch hour!

January Calendar 2019



December Calendar & Christmas Cup!!!

The December calendar is posted as we head into the last couple of school weeks of 2018!  We are looking forward to celebrating the holiday season with our 3rd Annual Christmas Cup competition! This year students will compete in their Den groups for the chance to raise the Christmas Cup!!! You might ask…what is the Christmas Cup? Well,  the students are scheduled to participate in a variety of competitions in PE class over the next 2 weeks earning points for victories, cooperation, sportsmanship and team spirit! Check out the full schedule below!

December Calendar

Christmas Cup Schedule 2018


How do you PLAY the game??? Assessment in PE may help with this!

Report card season is around the corner, so here is some information on how assessment rolls out in our PE classes:

How do you play? How do you demonstrate and showcase your growth and development in PE? How do you show how you “learn how to learn” and “learn how to get along” in an activity based setting? How do you self assess on a daily basis? All very important items we consider while looking at assessment in PE.

The outcomes of PE are broken down into four categories referred to as the ABCD’s: Activity (Skill), Benefits Health (TGIF activities – Team Games & Improving Fitness), Cooperation and Do It Daily (Participation).  Within those four categories, we highlight some of the key points that we are looking for when assessing students in physical education.  These key points are outlined in our rubric (attached below) and assessed on a 4 point scale to align with the 4 report card descriptors: Beginning, Approaching Proficient, Proficient and Exemplary.  In addition, students have been given the opportunity to self assess daily as they leave the gym at the end of class (see the photo below).

Ultimately, we want all of our students to have fun, get involved, be active and become physically literate in PE!

PE Rubric




November Calendar 2018

Time is flying and we are already into November.  All classes are scheduled to be indoors for the month of November so it is important that all students are bringing an appropriate change of clothes and shoes for physical activity. Check the calendar below to find out what activity your class is scheduled to do. Also stay tuned for some exciting “Movember” activities that will be appearing soon!

November 2018 PE Calendar


Fall Ball – Volleyball League for Grade 5 & 6’s

Our Fall Ball Volleyball League is starting soon and we want lots of Grade 5’s and 6’s to be a part of it!  This is an awesome opportunity to develop volleyball skills, connect to the school community and have some fun!!  Forms and information are attached below.  Get yours in as soon as possible so you don’t miss out on this opportunity!

Get Active, Get Involved !!!

Fall Ball Letter 2018