Avery And Me Playing ROBLOX Together





We just were doing facetime. <Happily> starting to play ROBLOX eating icecream <3 Saying #happy! My name on there is poop emoji!!!! First i was a baby then teenager them the mom in ROBLOX this is happy cause i am younger but i am the mom!! Avery is the teen and im mom!!!!!  #R$  Avery was buying stuff for me then fashion frenzy it was verry fun while i was done… Avery was still playing!! it was super fun!!! But there was a poop emoji on my bum!! I was going poo!




I was dreaming of that time when we were playing ROBLOX.




Today on june 20th i was telling everyone in my school about it and after school

i will be doing the same thing today.




Playing with Avery again. and again and again and again.




Having a sleepover with avery and waching movies together.




Eating icecream <3 kiss faces :3 smile faces 🙂

















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Wait not yet




Being happy 🙂 no sadness aloud 🙁

KIssie face :3

Tounge face :p

Screaming face :()

Silly face :p



The end!!

Poo emoji happy emoji wierd emoji thumbs up emoji  BYE BYE!!

when i grow up i will be a architect

architect’s are pepole that disine house’s or draw a pichure then give it to an enginere then The

enginere makes it in real life or you can name a plase  then you make the insides of it like(fun world or minions creepy churo event or sugary crisp land! Or math land or mom can i get 100$    or pop goes the wessle land it’s fun but hard work.