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  1. landrews at |

    This was so much fun to create, I enjoyed spending time with the staff during the process. Thank you for letting me be a part of it!

  2. Marianne Rogers at |

    Way to take the lead Duffield. Great message that looks like so much fun

  3. Mrs. Marci Laevens at |

    As Junie B Jones would say, “Wowie, Wow, Wow!” I’m not going to lie, I cried a bit. This was fun, funny, inspiring and entertaining. I loved seeing so many familiar faces. The message in the song is beautiful, but the message you sent by stepping outside your comfort zones and trying something new is really what is important. Thanks so much for sharing!

  4. Leanne Schram-White at |

    Wow! What an amazing job Duffield.
    I am so proud and blessed to be working with a wonderful group of people.

  5. Mrs. Colleen Woloshyn at |

    Wow! What a fantatstic way to begin the school year! It is so much fun to see how the staff came together to produce something so creative that will be enjoyed by many. What an excellent use of an iPad, used to do the videoing of Duffield’s Rendition of “Believe”! Great job!

  6. A. Owen at |

    Wow! It’s looks like the staff at Duffield are really connected to the students!
    What a great way to start off the school year!

  7. gferguson at |

    What a great way to start the year! Thanks for sharing Duffield.

  8. Emilie Keane at |

    What a powerful video and wonderful to launch the new school year! Students will know that all of the staff at Duffield School love them and believe that they can be successful. Great job!

  9. Shauna Wray at |

    You guys should be so proud!! I have to admit that I teared up watching you and I miss you all the more!!

  10. Peter Woloshyn at |

    Hey Duffers nice job! Congratulations for coming together as a staff on a whole new level.
    Choreography 9.5
    Videography 9.5
    Modelography 10
    Song selection 9.9
    Video/Audio mixing 9.9
    Enthusiasm 9.8
    Team spirit 10


  11. Diane Lander at |

    What an amazing example of team work! “I believe” this message may have inspired your students on many different fronts! Hope I have the opportunity to work with you in some capacity this year, Duffield Staff!

  12. Eric Cameron at |

    “I Believe” in Duffield School; just a great video; have a wonderful school year!

  13. Kelly D. Wilkins at |

    Wow – I had an opportunity to experience your video on the weekend! Like Shauna, I had a little emotional moment too! All I could keep thinking was how terrific parents must have felt as they have viewed your commitment to their kids. Who would not be thrilled to put their children in the capable hands of the staff at Duffield. Have a wonderful year!

  14. Tim Monds at |

    Awesome Duffield staff!!!! What a great follow up to opening day and the Boards Vision. Your creativity, imagination and exploration was truly a model for PSD. Great work. Really enjoyed it. Will be showing at a future meeting with the Board of Trustees.

  15. Claire J at |

    Wow! You are off to a great start to the school year and sharing this video is very powerful!

  16. lgraham at |

    I am so impressed ! well done Duffield ! Hard work pays off… everyone of your students watching this will know just a little bit more that you believe in them and the power you have as a whole. Have a wonderful year !


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