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  1. cjensen at |

    Hi Rhonda –
    I believe that you inherently come from a strength based perspective in working with your students. Now you’ll just have a framework to hang it on. Your optimism and compassion are just what your students need as they find their way through the complexity of their lives. Enjoy the conference! I know that you’ll find wisdom and ideas to keep your kids (and your practice) gaining momentum in positive directions.

  2. Emilie Keane at |

    Rhonda, teachers who care about their students and who can help them learn and maximize their strengths are our school division’s greatest strength. And you share and give that strength to your students when you help them develop the skills and competencies that will enable them to make their dreams come true. I hope that your rocket man builds beautiful rocket ships one day, and when he does, he will thank his grade two teacher for helping him make his dream come true! Keep up the good work!

  3. Brian Swann at |

    Sounds to me like you’re the right person in the right job there! I used to teach at the now-defunct Garden Valley School with students similar to those at Brightbank…resilency is what it was all about! Keep on encouraging them!

  4. Aileen Wagner at |

    What a great outlook you have Rhonda. I am sure that you are the inspiration your students need every day. Thanks for sharing this little story.

  5. Rhonda at |

    Thank you! Love my students, love what we have going here. The EPI Conference was in November, it is the most valuable conference for me – great presenters & connections!


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