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  1. Emilie Keane at |

    I admire the fact that someone as young as you has recognized the need for us to share with others and the important role the Stollery Hospital plays in the health of children in Alberta. Our grandson was admitted there when he was four years old when his kidney quit working. He was very ill because there were complicating factors but the Stollery brought an entire team of specialists together to collaborate and find the best way to help him get well. He is a happy and healthy nine year old today thanks to that team of doctors. The research they do to maintain cutting-edge medical treatment is amazing! So, Seleena, your donation will go a long way to helping them maintain a high quality service to all the children of Alberta. Be proud of making such an “adult-like” decision and know that I am proud of you!

  2. cjensen at |


    You continue to be such a positive leader spreading your support and giggles everywhere you go! I am so proud of you for making this decision (and am not surprised at all). You will continue to touch the lives of the people that you meet in inspirational ways as a role model for people of all ages. Thank you for being you!


  3. Melissa Dallinger at |

    What a difference you have made at CFL and in your community! You are a leader and have influenced others to be leaders as well. This is a phenomenal demonstration of being the change you want to see. You are awesome!

  4. Brenda Scatterty at |

    Seleena, you have been such an inspiration on our leadership team at CFL, and as I said yesterday during our conversation, your work and spirit will live on at CFL, as you mentor those students who will take your place when you move on to all the wonders that your life will offer.
    I am extremely proud of you for this profound act of generosity – there are not so many your age who would opt to give up awesome gifts and money from friends and family to such a noble and worthy cause! My hope is that you will inspire more to do so in the future!

  5. dirvine at |

    Nice job, Seleena. Such a selfless and thoughtful act. As a new father I am sure that I may have to take advantage of this facility in the future. We are very lucky to have it and lucky to have you!Thank you, Seleena.

  6. Tammie Sarauer at |

    Seleena, you are a leader in every and I know you are going to do wonderful things with your life. Your actions will inspire others and that will inspire even more people to do other wonderful things. Well done Seleena, well done!

  7. MArian Affeld at |

    Wow, Seleena, what a very exciting and memorable 16th birthday you had ~ so special, just like you! 🙂 Yes, you have always been a sweetie, and here you go again, it is just you! We are so fortunate to have had the chance to get to know you, Seleena, and CFL is so much richer because of your cheery outgoing kind friendliness and generous leadership ~ your time, your brilliance, your creativity and now your gift of birthday cash! Lucky us! You should be very proud of all the many contributions you make, and your family can also be proud of their lovely young lady! Thanks, and hugs, Seleena! <3


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