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  1. cweisbrod at |

    Wow Cameron you did an awesome job creating a video of the dance! 🙂 🙂 Mrs. Weisbrod

    1. Randee Rurka at |

      I am so proud of the fantastic video you created. So so so proud. Randee Rurka (baba)

  2. Cherie Lovsund at |

    What a fantastic video Cameron! I really love your write up and it certainly did start our day well!

  3. Randee Rurka at |

    Makes me want to start my day the same way

  4. Steven Schumacher at |

    Awesome video, Cameron! This got me pumped up for our next dance Friday!

  5. Parkland Village Thores (3/4s) at |

    Cameron, the video that you made looked like a real movie. The video was awesome! The thores are so proud of you :). Cameron, you are very sneeky… how did you make a video without us seeing you?

  6. Scott Gargus at |

    Right on son. Great job writing and video taping.
    I should tell you that you have 2 Great Uncles that have a career in Broadcasting. One works for CBC the other has his own recording studio. Maybe you will follow in their footsteps


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