What’s coming up for the new year

Language Arts – We will begin looking at the Organization Writing Trait.  Students will read several pieces of writing and complete responses with the focus being on the organization of their ideas.  Students will also be starting our leveled reading groups using the Literature Circle roles. I also hope to wrap up our read aloud of the novel “Traitor” as well this week.

Math – We will review the strategies for multiplication that we worked on before Christmas and we will then move on to Division strategies.  Mr. Letendre will be continuing to teach the students Math and I will be teaching 5F Science during that time.

Science – We are continuing with our Electricity Unit.  This week we will look at the various types of circuits and complete some hands-on activities exploring the various circuits answering the question “how does electricity move?”

Social Studies – This week we will start our presentations for our Who Do You Think You Are project. I am hoping to have these done by the end of the week. If all goes to plan, next week they will finish up their comparison and then the students will begin exploring the various regions of Canada.  The first step in the process will be to investigate pictures taken in the various regions.

Health – We will be looking at Gratitude this week. Over Christmas, students were to keep a list of kind things other do for them. They will be filling out gratitude cards for these.  We will also be working on the “Be Proactive” habit.

Art –  We are going to be working on Composition looking at what composition means and starting a “Through the keyhole” project to do with Winter landscapes.

French – We have finished the research piece of our inquiry as to “where is the best place to learn French?” and now we will be ranking each of them based on criteria the students will be generating as a class. The following step will then be to create a short presentation, visual or digital piece explaining why they chose the place they did as to where to learn french.

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