Our Weekly Update for Jan 12 – 17

Math– The students completed a check-up on Wednesday to demonstrate their understanding of estimation of products and multiplying 2-digit by 2-digit numbers. We will be going over this check-up on Monday to see where the kids are at with these concepts and some possible review. After that, we will make our move onto division. Also this week we have continued developing our problem solving skills by revisiting the process involved when solving problems. We reviewed and modeled the process using a POW titled Digits for Dollars and will continue working on the process with the students again next week.

Social-We wrapped up the last of our Who Do you Think You Are? presentations and feedback loops. Early next week we will look at the similarities and differences between family histories among the students in our class. The students and I will focus in on the commonalities and pulled out the major reasons why our families came to Canada. We are then going to be tying in these reasons into our talks about the regions of Canada and the students will  post a reflection on this process and assignment on their blogs. We also started our inquiry into the regions of Canada. As a class, we are exploring “The Interior Plains”. The note taking process is different than the students are used to as we are trying to find the answer to how different elements in the region affect the residents life and identity. Students will have the chance to explore the region on Google Earth as well.

Science-The students did a review of the two types of circuits; series and parallel and have begun to look at switches. The students explored different ways to construct circuits such as a pen with conductive ink instead of wires and a snap together circuit kit. The kids had lots of fun with the kits and building of the circuits. Next week we will review circuits and switches then have a check-up.

LA– The students have now been with their Reading Groups a few times and are well on their way in their novels. As mentioned last week, the students are continuing to develop their reading comprehension strategies in the form of literature circles within these groups. The students and I also revisited our criteria for making effective summaries, connections, predictions and asking good questions. The students are really enjoying the discussions within these groups and I can already see the impact it is having on their comprehension. Mrs. Cameron has also said how much the students are invested into their reading groups when she is in with the students.

We have also started our organization writing trait. I am really proud of the students and the work they put into their book boxes as our introduction to Organization.  I will post some pictures this week.


Other News:

SGPL Innovation Lab Tour- Thank you to everyone for returning their Field Trip forms and $2 so quickly. I am quite excited to go on this trip with the kids on Wednesday, February 4 in the afternoon. We will have an early lunch that day so we can leave the school at 12:30.

Forms for Vacation- Thank you to those who returned their forms for their upcoming vacation. I know the office appreciates the early notice so they can complete the form for you. It sounds like there will be a lot of exciting vacations coming up and I cannot wait to see pictures and hear stories from them. I am still trying to find a way to post this form properly for you but I do have copies or you can get one at the office if you need one.

Notes from the guests in our room- I am so proud of the work our students have done lately but I am extremely excited about the community and reputation we have built. Each week, we have Mrs. Cameron in our class for 2 hours as I teach French 7. We also have someone in our class on Friday for a block while we blog during the LC 5 team meeting and lately we have Haley – Mr. Letendre’s practicum student. Everyone has wonderful things to say about our class, the work we do and how we conduct ourselves. This week, I was away for 2 days at District Office and our sub, Miss Sontag, was so impressed with the kids, she would love to come back and work with the kids again. It is hard not to gush about our class and all that we have collaboratively put into becoming the learning community we are.

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