This week in our class we broke down our walls…

Mystery Skype:

On Thursday we had the opportunity to meet Shauna’s Grade 3/4 class from Churchill Alternative School in Ottawa. The students were to figure out where Shauna’s class was from by asking questions that would help them narrow down where they were from. It was an awesome opportunity to meet someone from one of the regions of Canada that we are studying. We are going to be collaborating with Shauna’s class on a writing assignment soon.

Language Arts:

Writing – We worked on Setting last week – creating settings for our story. This week we will move on to working out what our initial problem will be that will set our story in motion. After this point, we should be ready to start our introductions. Kids are doing awesome with the idea of “show don’t tell”


Reading – We really worked on our predictions this week. I created a new organizer for them to break it down into the parts of a prediction. They kids did an awesome job adding context and evidence to their predictions. I have copies in my room if anyone wants one. We’re going to work on Questions again this week. Kids are loving their books. We are also planning on finishing Traitor – our read aloud,  if we can this week.

We’d like to start our next read aloud – Sideways Stories from Wayside School. We are going to do a collaborative piece of writing with our new friends from Ottawa in creating a book about Sideways Stories from our schools. There is about 10 classes participating to create “stretching the truth” stories about our classes.



Working on using the circuit boards talking about what resistors are. We are also working on our Conductors or Insulators tests. The students created a way to test if something was a conductor or insulator and are writing a lab report to go with it.  Students will finish this and work on making things such as a potato clock, water clocks, lemon batteries, and various natural sources of electricity to see if we really need batteries or not. We will do our house building project with electricity once we have completed measurement and geometry in math.





Social Studies:

Students have completed the first of their guiding questions as a group. Lots of feedback given from myself and peers, plus reworking them. This week we will do one block a day of social. The next question they will pull key information together, then they will independently write their Jot Notes.
















The students spent the last couple of classes practising 3-digit by 1-digit long division. Some students also got started on the cumulative review to get ready for our unit exam which is on Tuesday. On Monday, Mr L and the students will go over the concepts as a class that they have covered in this unit as a final review before the exam. A study guide was sent home of the topics on this assessment and ways that students can prepare. Next week they will also be tackling another problem of the week.



We started our Lunar New Year Dragon art this week with 5E and 5F. The kids were told to focus on colour, texture and shape using only paper. They are starting to come along really well.IMG_3756 IMG_3758 IMG_3759 IMG_3764

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