Where we are headed for March 9 -13

Language Arts

Reading – We have finished reading our Literature Circle books. The students will be working on a Film Trailer about their books with their group. We have also finished reading our Traitor as our read aloud. We will be starting Sideways Stories from Wayside School as part of a collaborative reading project with several other schools. We will begin our Book Clubs before spring break.

Writing – We are starting to write our introductions to our stories this week. The students and I are rewriting Click, Clack, Moo to practice writing each part of writing through the Story Mountain. The kids will be starting their planning for their introduction to their own story this week. After reading a number of stories, the kids have realized that the introduction explains who is in the story – the main character(s), where the story takes place – setting, and the initial problem that sets the story in motion. We will be working through co-creating criteria, feedback loops and edits for our work.


Social Studies

The students are compiling their research and jot notes on their expert region into a Google Doc. The students are creating a hand out they can share with other students while they jigsaw with the other groups to find out about their regions. We will then begin some additional research on cost of living, wages and other important information so that we can then rank the regions and decide “where to put the people”.



Students have completed their units on Electricity, Mechanisms and Magnetism with a viewing activity and a silent conversation known as a Chalk Talk as their reflection on their learning. The kids have done some amazing work. Once we are done Measurement and Geometry in Math, we will be using our knowledge to build and wire a house suitable to live in one of the regions of Canada.

This week we are starting weather. Students had a task last week to write what they knew about weather. On Thursday, we will have a Josh Classen from CTV News in to present to our students about weather systems, highs and lows, and being a meteorologist.  The weather unit will require students to track the weather, temperature, highs and lows and precipitation.



The students and Mr L began our Measurement and Geometry unit in math. The students discussed measuring length by talking about how millimetres, centimetres and metres are related. The students got to estimate measurements outside of the classroom to begin these talks. They also discussed tools to measure, such as metre sticks, tape measures, and rulers. I had the opportunity to teach a lesson to the kids about moving between millimetres and metres using the stairs method. They did great with this and they are quite excited about this unit.  They will be moving on to perimeter and area on Monday.


The students and I have completed the 7 Habits. We will be moving on to looking at the food we eat starting with an inquiry into sources of food and “Is Organic all it is cracked up to be?”. This will require the students to track their eating habits, go grocery shopping with their parents and look at ingredients of some of their favourite foods.


The students have completed their dragon art. We are going to begin an art project called Falling Backwards looking at line, shape, composition and use of water colour. Some of the other classes have started this project and they are looking amazing.

Artist in Residence

During the week of April 13 – 17, Trickster Theatre will be transforming Greystone. We will be looking at global citizenship to support the theme of “Greystone Goes Global”. The kids and I will start exploring the questions of “What does it mean to be a citizen?” and looking at the answers of a few politicians I recently met as well as “What’s wrong in the world?” looking at global issues right now. We will be looking at the website kidsgoglobal.com and looking at twitter, the news and magazines to see what issues the kids feel passionate about. This goes well with our Current Events Wednesdays initiative we will be starting this term. Thank you to those who have volunteered already. If you would like to volunteer, please let me know. I can send home the letter again as well.

Other notes:

– I am away on Monday at a PD session in Edmonton

– Locker clean up: I will be sending home anything not needed at school. I ask that the students not bring anything unrelated to their learning.

– Don’t forget indoor shoes! With the melting slush, you may want to consider keeping spare socks at school as well.

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