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Hello! Thank you for all your support during Trickster. It was a huge success and an amazing learning opportunity for students.

Language Arts:
We are finishing up our story writing – Sideways Stories from Greystone. Our big focus was on the introduction and our conclusion. They students have been working quite hard on them and going through multiple rounds of feedback. This week we will work on editing them with a peer before we share them with the other classes across North America who are also working on their versions of the story.

We will begin poetry next week by starting with the rainbow/colour poetry. Students will learn about the different kinds of poetry and be asked to write their own to share via twitter and their blogs.

We are continuing our Levelled reading with our book clubs. The kids are really enjoying the variety of activities using the skills and habits of a good reader. This was shared on Google Drive with your including continuums for assessment.

Social Studies:
We will be doing our first Socratic Circle on Wednesday block 4 and then Thursday block 4 if all goes according to plan. Students have completed their ranking and evidence sheets and additional research for their region. Students really enjoyed the practice socratic circles.

This week we will also continue working on researching the political parties and candidates in our riding. Tomorrow I will be reaching out to the candidates to see if they would like to come in and do a question period with our students. Details TBA. Students are also going to be doing the Vote Compass activity to see where their personal views fit within the political spectrum.

Next week we will start our critical challenge about Rating the Impact of the various groups in Canada. Mr. Letendre’s class will be working through the same Critical Challenges as well.

5A has started working on learning about different things to do with climate change and protecting our environment. We will be creating CSIs about a different topics we have researched and read about. 5F will be finishing their temperatures before starting this.

Next week the students will be given a challenge to design a mechanism to measure wind direction. I will be heading to the Eco Station in Edmonton to pick up recyclables for them to use in making their mechanism.

We are going to start working on our reading strategies and fluency. We will be selecting books on tuesday and continuing to practice on Friday. Next week we will be starting our clothing unit with learning the vocabulary. Students have asked to do a fashion show to show their understanding of the words for clothing items.

Students will be working on Capacity this week and will have a checkup with Mr. Letendre later this week. They will then begin our Geometry unit.

We have done a Q focus on “What we are eating” and will begin journaling our lunches this week or next week. This is related to the letter sent home with report cards.

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