Health Inquiry – Next Steps

Dear Grade Five Families,

We have been learning so much about nutrition and the impacts it has on our health and overall well-being this term.

The students have monitored and kept a log of the foods they consumed for a week and shared their findings on their blogs. They then processed this information directly with the recommended nutritional guidelines found in Canada’s Food Guide and completed a full reflection on their food intake.

We are now into the second part of our Health Inquiry project and we require your assistance.

Students are asked to accompany you within the next week on a family grocery trip and take along a notebook or device to record the following:
Every purchased item and it’s cost (two separate columns)
Any purchased item that made them think twice about what they have learned in class
A copy of the receipt
A picture of the groceries purchased for the week

They will then be asked in class to tally up the costs, as well as look at cultural trends in our food consumption as we will be comparing and contrasting our weekly groceries with those of other cultures around the world. This need not be a large trip, but rather an opportunity to provide students some time to assess the foods they are consuming and the impact that nutrition has on their health.

Grocery trip logs are due back to school by Monday, May 17, 2015.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us at any time should you have any questions.

Thank you greatly,

Miss D. Ariss Mr. B. Kolody Mrs. J. Krefting

Mr. C. Letendre Ms. C. Albrecht Mrs. M. Kerby

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