Heading towards the end of the school year.

We are currently wrapping up a lot of our work in our units. A lot of things will be coming home and I will be having students cleaning up the classroom bit by bit. My apologies about the lack of updates the last couple of weeks – there have been a number of technical issues.

Language Arts:
We have wrapped up our colour poetry unit. We have looked at various types of poetry and rhyme schemes. The students had fun with their poetry and we have used some of their poems to share with other staff in the building to showcase our work. We are going to be focusing on wrapping up our Book Clubs the next few weeks. If time permits, I’d like to do a viewing activity to compare 2 films to discuss how music, image and speech affect the story being told. We will likely look at examples from the new Annie, Wall-E, and Up

Social Studies:
We are putting the final touches on our coat of arms and recording our explanations of them. Links to the videos will be shared on the blog. Students will begin researching 5 great events that occurred in Canada’s history on Tuesday. They will have the opportunity to then build an artifact using clay and recycled materials.

Students will continue to work on their problem of the week from last week. The archimedes puzzle is definitely a challenge for the kids and working their perseverance and creativity. Students are also continuing with the Patterns and Equations unit with Mr. Letendre. They will begin their look at simple algebraic equations this week.

Students are wrapping up their exploration of wetlands. We will be returning to Jubilee park to talk about filtration. Many of the topics covered in this unit were explored in the study of ecosystems during Grade 4 Social Studies (Boreal Forest), Grade 5 Science ( weather and classroom chemistry – filtration and chemical reactions) or will be studied again in Grade 6 Science (Trees and Forests). The Students learned a lot during the field trip to DBG and were able to demonstrate an understand of their knowledge through various activities and reflections.  I will put together a photo slideshow this week and post it to the blog.

French (Field Trip):
We are hoping to be going to Broxton Park to read with Mlle Hawkes’s Grade 2 French Immersion students on Tuesday, June 16. Information letters will be coming home later this week. There is no cost as we will be walking. There will be some snacks provided. We will likely stop for lunch along the way back and have a picnic.

We are using the Pattern block shapes to work on geometric art. We will be working on with shapes the rest of the year to see how we can use them to create a variety of pieces. We will be doing an Art week  the week of the 15 – 19. Students will be given a challenge each day to complete in a specified time frame.

Classroom Cleanup:
We are going to be doing a major cleaning of the classroom on June 18. The remainder of the cleanup will occur on the morning of June 24. If you have extra reusable shopping bags for the students to put supplies and work in to take home, it would be appreciated if you could send them to school this week. I have exhausted my supply of bags during the last clean up we had done.

Library books:
Library books are due back on Thursday, June 11. Please ensure all books are returned at this time. We will not be going to the library this week so students may want to bring a DEAR book with them.

Innovation Week:
This week’s theme will be “Ethical Citizen – How can I help others?”. All projects must have the goal of helping others. We will not be fundraising money or cooking this week due to logistical challenges. Students will likely be planning their projects this week or early next week. Innovation week will run blocks 3-5 with a time to reflect during block 6.  Students will once again require parental consent to participate. The showcase will be on the Thursday morning.


Important dates:

  • June 11 – Library Books Due
  • June 16 – Broxton Park French buddies
  • June 18 – Greystone’s Got Talent
  • June 19 – Try-me Try-Athalon See details here – http://psd70.ab.ca/OurDivision/Wellness/Pages/PSDTriathlon.aspx
  • June 25 – Innovation Week showcase in AM, Celebration of Learning and Grade 9 farewell in PM
  • June 26 – Last day of school, Year end trip (TBA), Report Cards go home


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