Jr. Achievement

Today we had a guest in the classroom from Jr. Achievement talking to us about Business in Our World. We learned how to apply for a job, good interview skills, and various parts of a business.

We really enjoyed applying for a job. Ms. A helped us understand some good habits by letting us ask her about what it was like to apply for her job at Greystone. We also learned about how to ask people about being a reference for us and how to pick good references.


Connecting our learning to our lives

Today we had a number of guests in our class.

This morning we had a FaceTime call (kind of like a skype call) with Cst. Lucas from the Edmonton Police Service. We talked about digital citizenship.

After, we reflected on how we can add the things we learned to our plan to be a good digital citizen.

This afternoon we worked through the inquiry model with Mrs. Rogal. We also talked about “what do good problem solvers do?” and problem solving strategies




Some students noticed that being a good problem solver is similar to being a good scientist and the inquiry model is similar to the scientific method.

This morning we also had a chance to explore Canada using Google Maps Engine. This gave us a good idea of the sizes of the capital cities. We will continue to build our maps as we learn about our country!

Mr. Letendre also led us in a discussion about how to pick a good book. We get to go to the library tomorrow so this will hopefully help us in picking a good book!