Year End Wrap-Up

Dear Parents,

Thank you so much for an incredible year! Thank you for all the support you have shown our class and myself this year. I am so proud of the kids and all they have accomplished this year. Thank you for all you have done to support our learning and my own growth as a teacher this year!

The school has asked me to share the following newsletter with you:

A few last housekeeping things to end the year:

1) Report cards are coming home today! You can keep the folders as they will be given new folders next year.

2) Your student has told who their teacher will most likely be next year. As always, things can change based on enrolment and needs. The hope is that by knowing, students can ease any anxieties about next year.

3) Each of the students was given a water bottle today – They are hand painted and should not be scrubbed or put in to dishwasher so the paint does not come off. They will be fine to hand wash with water as they are an oil-based paint.

As you know, I will moving next year. I will be in Whitecourt at St. Joseph School teaching Grade 5. I am very excited to be teaching grade 5 again.

Have a great summer and best of luck next year in Grade 6!

Ms. Courtney Albrecht

Broxton Park Trip

June 11, 2015


Dear Parents,

We have an incredible opportunity to partner with a Grade 2 French Immersion class at Broxton Park to practice our reading in French. We have been invited to visit their class on Tuesday, June 16, 2015. We will be leaving school at 10:30am and walking to their school. We should be returning in time for lunch. There is no cost associated with this field trip.

If there are any questions, please let me know. If you do not wish for your child to participate, please contact the school or myself.


Thank you,


Ms. Courtney Albrecht



Heading towards the end of the school year.

We are currently wrapping up a lot of our work in our units. A lot of things will be coming home and I will be having students cleaning up the classroom bit by bit. My apologies about the lack of updates the last couple of weeks – there have been a number of technical issues.

Language Arts:
We have wrapped up our colour poetry unit. We have looked at various types of poetry and rhyme schemes. The students had fun with their poetry and we have used some of their poems to share with other staff in the building to showcase our work. We are going to be focusing on wrapping up our Book Clubs the next few weeks. If time permits, I’d like to do a viewing activity to compare 2 films to discuss how music, image and speech affect the story being told. We will likely look at examples from the new Annie, Wall-E, and Up

Social Studies:
We are putting the final touches on our coat of arms and recording our explanations of them. Links to the videos will be shared on the blog. Students will begin researching 5 great events that occurred in Canada’s history on Tuesday. They will have the opportunity to then build an artifact using clay and recycled materials.

Students will continue to work on their problem of the week from last week. The archimedes puzzle is definitely a challenge for the kids and working their perseverance and creativity. Students are also continuing with the Patterns and Equations unit with Mr. Letendre. They will begin their look at simple algebraic equations this week.

Students are wrapping up their exploration of wetlands. We will be returning to Jubilee park to talk about filtration. Many of the topics covered in this unit were explored in the study of ecosystems during Grade 4 Social Studies (Boreal Forest), Grade 5 Science ( weather and classroom chemistry – filtration and chemical reactions) or will be studied again in Grade 6 Science (Trees and Forests). The Students learned a lot during the field trip to DBG and were able to demonstrate an understand of their knowledge through various activities and reflections.  I will put together a photo slideshow this week and post it to the blog.

French (Field Trip):
We are hoping to be going to Broxton Park to read with Mlle Hawkes’s Grade 2 French Immersion students on Tuesday, June 16. Information letters will be coming home later this week. There is no cost as we will be walking. There will be some snacks provided. We will likely stop for lunch along the way back and have a picnic.

We are using the Pattern block shapes to work on geometric art. We will be working on with shapes the rest of the year to see how we can use them to create a variety of pieces. We will be doing an Art week  the week of the 15 – 19. Students will be given a challenge each day to complete in a specified time frame.

Classroom Cleanup:
We are going to be doing a major cleaning of the classroom on June 18. The remainder of the cleanup will occur on the morning of June 24. If you have extra reusable shopping bags for the students to put supplies and work in to take home, it would be appreciated if you could send them to school this week. I have exhausted my supply of bags during the last clean up we had done.

Library books:
Library books are due back on Thursday, June 11. Please ensure all books are returned at this time. We will not be going to the library this week so students may want to bring a DEAR book with them.

Innovation Week:
This week’s theme will be “Ethical Citizen – How can I help others?”. All projects must have the goal of helping others. We will not be fundraising money or cooking this week due to logistical challenges. Students will likely be planning their projects this week or early next week. Innovation week will run blocks 3-5 with a time to reflect during block 6.  Students will once again require parental consent to participate. The showcase will be on the Thursday morning.


Important dates:

  • June 11 – Library Books Due
  • June 16 – Broxton Park French buddies
  • June 18 – Greystone’s Got Talent
  • June 19 – Try-me Try-Athalon See details here –
  • June 25 – Innovation Week showcase in AM, Celebration of Learning and Grade 9 farewell in PM
  • June 26 – Last day of school, Year end trip (TBA), Report Cards go home


After a 4 day weekend…

Happy May long weekend everyone! I hope everyone had a great break and are ready to get back to some learning.

Language Arts:
We will continue working on our colour poetry and our reading groups this week. The Red free verse poems are awesome!

We will have our check up this week with Mr. Letendre. I am hoping to start a new POW this week as well. More details to be announced.

We will wrap up our weather unit this week with our weather forecast project so we can begin our Wetlands study. Testing the wind machines was a lot of fun and the reflections were amazing!

We will be wrapping up our clothing study with a fashion show on Thursday morning! Don’t forget to bring your outfits!

Social Studies:
We are continuing to finish up our study on the impacts of Canada the 7 groups had and creating our coat of arms with explanations of why we choose each part of the coat of arms and we will be creating a placard to explain the significance and impact the groups had on Canada.

This week we will be working on different types of shapes and how we can use them in our artwork. We are going to look at Jason Blower’s work. One of my favourite pieces to show shape is his print of Edmonton’s City Hall.

Please bring in your grocery shopping trip receipts or lists for health on Wednesday. Thank you!

Track and Field: 
Congrats to everyone on their awesome efforts this year at our track and field day. Way to go on having a positive attitude and showing great responsibility while participating. Some of our classmates even placed in the top 5! If you’d like to see the rest of the results, please check here.

Youth Boys
Stephen P – 100 m
Josh F – 200 m
Parker E – 800 m
Kaiden H – 800 m

Youth Girls
Cassia O – 100 m, 200 m, Long Jump, Javelin
Emma L – 100 m
Gillian W – 100m
Jaycie G – Long Jump
Katana L – Ball toss, Javelin
Brynn T – Javelin

Health Inquiry – Next Steps

Dear Grade Five Families,

We have been learning so much about nutrition and the impacts it has on our health and overall well-being this term.

The students have monitored and kept a log of the foods they consumed for a week and shared their findings on their blogs. They then processed this information directly with the recommended nutritional guidelines found in Canada’s Food Guide and completed a full reflection on their food intake.

We are now into the second part of our Health Inquiry project and we require your assistance.

Students are asked to accompany you within the next week on a family grocery trip and take along a notebook or device to record the following:
Every purchased item and it’s cost (two separate columns)
Any purchased item that made them think twice about what they have learned in class
A copy of the receipt
A picture of the groceries purchased for the week

They will then be asked in class to tally up the costs, as well as look at cultural trends in our food consumption as we will be comparing and contrasting our weekly groceries with those of other cultures around the world. This need not be a large trip, but rather an opportunity to provide students some time to assess the foods they are consuming and the impact that nutrition has on their health.

Grocery trip logs are due back to school by Monday, May 17, 2015.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us at any time should you have any questions.

Thank you greatly,

Miss D. Ariss Mr. B. Kolody Mrs. J. Krefting

Mr. C. Letendre Ms. C. Albrecht Mrs. M. Kerby


We will be hosting the Annual Greystone Centennial Middle School Track Meet at our school on Thursday, May 14, 2015. All students will be expected to take part in the track meet and all staff will be in attendance as well. There will be a concession available for those interested. This day is a hot lunch day as well, so if you order hot lunch, it will still be served. We would like to invite you to come join us for a day of fun and friendly competition.
Students finishing in the top four in the junior, intermediate and senior age categories in each event will have the opportunity to compete in the Zone Track Meet on Friday, May 22rd at Spruce Grove Composite High School. If a student in the youth category has a faster time/longer distance then he/she will advance in place of a junior athlete.
Following the Zone meet our athletes can advance to the Division Championships on Friday, May 29th at Stony Plain Central. If your son/daughter finishes in the top 2 in this track meet they will advance to the Zone 5 track meet in St. Albert on June 3rd.
Please remember that the track meet will run as long as the weather cooperates. The rain out date for our track meet is set for Tuesday, May 19th. Keeping this in mind, we would like to encourage you to remember to send the following with your child on the day of the track meet, as appropriate:
• Proper footwear
• Appropriate clothing
• Sunscreen
• Mosquito repellent
• Hat
• Money and/or a bag lunch
• Umbrella
• Blanket
• Sunglasses
• Water bottle (filled)
We are looking for volunteers to help out with the track meet. Please let us know at the school if you are available and interested by sending back the attached slip by Friday, May 8th. Any questions may be directed to Mr. Granley at the school (962-0357) or by facebook at Greystone Athletics. Thank you!

If you are interested in helping out during our Track and Field day, please email Mr. Granley @

Back to our regularly scheduled programming

Hello! Thank you for all your support during Trickster. It was a huge success and an amazing learning opportunity for students.

Language Arts:
We are finishing up our story writing – Sideways Stories from Greystone. Our big focus was on the introduction and our conclusion. They students have been working quite hard on them and going through multiple rounds of feedback. This week we will work on editing them with a peer before we share them with the other classes across North America who are also working on their versions of the story.

We will begin poetry next week by starting with the rainbow/colour poetry. Students will learn about the different kinds of poetry and be asked to write their own to share via twitter and their blogs.

We are continuing our Levelled reading with our book clubs. The kids are really enjoying the variety of activities using the skills and habits of a good reader. This was shared on Google Drive with your including continuums for assessment.

Social Studies:
We will be doing our first Socratic Circle on Wednesday block 4 and then Thursday block 4 if all goes according to plan. Students have completed their ranking and evidence sheets and additional research for their region. Students really enjoyed the practice socratic circles.

This week we will also continue working on researching the political parties and candidates in our riding. Tomorrow I will be reaching out to the candidates to see if they would like to come in and do a question period with our students. Details TBA. Students are also going to be doing the Vote Compass activity to see where their personal views fit within the political spectrum.

Next week we will start our critical challenge about Rating the Impact of the various groups in Canada. Mr. Letendre’s class will be working through the same Critical Challenges as well.

5A has started working on learning about different things to do with climate change and protecting our environment. We will be creating CSIs about a different topics we have researched and read about. 5F will be finishing their temperatures before starting this.

Next week the students will be given a challenge to design a mechanism to measure wind direction. I will be heading to the Eco Station in Edmonton to pick up recyclables for them to use in making their mechanism.

We are going to start working on our reading strategies and fluency. We will be selecting books on tuesday and continuing to practice on Friday. Next week we will be starting our clothing unit with learning the vocabulary. Students have asked to do a fashion show to show their understanding of the words for clothing items.

Students will be working on Capacity this week and will have a checkup with Mr. Letendre later this week. They will then begin our Geometry unit.

We have done a Q focus on “What we are eating” and will begin journaling our lunches this week or next week. This is related to the letter sent home with report cards.

Our journey after Spring Break

I hope everyone is having a wonderful spring break! I love this time of the year because it is a time to relax and rejuvenate for a lot of awesome learning to come. If you have not yet seen our Term 2 learning video, please take the time to watch it with your child. We are so proud of the work we are doing. Here’s where LC 5A is headed after the break.

Language Arts:

Reading – Now that we have learned a little bit about our books and met our reading groups we will start our Book Club activities and reading schedule. Each group has been assigned a book at their level to read together and completed a variety of activities that fall under the habits of a good reader that we worked on over Term 1 and Term 2.  We will be meeting 2-3 times a week. We are also still working on Sideways Stories from Wayside School as our Read Aloud.

Writing – We are continuing to work on our Sideways Stories from Greystone. The stories are coming along well. Most students are starting to work on or edit the middle of their story so we will look at criteria for rising action, the climax and falling action. As a class we will continue to use Click Clack Moo and re-write it as an exemplar.



Students have finished working on Volume and will be moving on to Capacity with Mr. L as the work to complete the measurement unit. Once we finish this unit, students will begin Geometry, which we have included in our workbooks. We will be continuing to work on our POW journals as well.



Students are wrapping up their study of Temperature and Clouds for our weather unit this week. They will have the chance to watch the grade 7 French weather reports on Thursday.  I am also hoping to join our grade 7 buddies for a measuring temperature lab.  Students are to continue recording the weather in the agendas to put into their science books.


Social Studies:

We are working on our socratic circle prep. Students are learning the language and habits of the participants of a socratic circle through short examples. We pause and work on the language as we go. The students are enjoying learning through doing. I will keep working with them on these skills this week and if we have time during our Trickster Week.

This week we will be working on ensuring we have selected our region and have enough supporting details and reasons for our socratic circle on “Where you should move”. Students are taking on the role of “Tourism and relocation” specialists for their chosen regions.  Most students have finished ranking the regions now and have selected the region they feel is the best region to live in. Many are also working on a mini persuasive piece to help them with their Socratic Circle.

I would like to live broadcast our socratic circles using Periscope. If this is not possible, I will be recording them and sharing via video on our blog and twitter for Parents to see.


Learning Day:

On Friday, April 10, Greystone will be hosting a learning day to share with other teachers, principals and learning coaches from our district and others as to the learning that happens at Greystone. This means that we will be sharing some of our thinking strategies as well as our feedback loops with our guests. Students will have a chance to talk to our guests and share their learning during 2 classroom visits. For me, this is our regularly scheduled learning. We are doing the same activities we would with or without guests, only at a slightly different time. For more information, here is the link to the ERLC site.


We will wrap up our Falling Backwards art and do the EyeSee art this week. Prior to spring break, we had the opportunity to do a music appreciation art piece with Mr. Petchel. We were to draw what we heard. They are now posted in the music room.



We have started looking at the food we eat. Students came up with a Q Focus using the statement “What we are eating”. They are really engaged in the project and I think they will like the documentation of their food as well. We will start documenting during Trickster Week.


Trickester Theatre Global Inquiry:

Students are very excited about their performance. As stated in the letters home and our most recent blog post, there is an evening performance component on April 17 at 7:30pm  and we would love if you could come watch your child’s performance. If not, please ensure that your child has a ride to and from the performance. We are very excited to perform to the school and our parents. Thank you for your ongoing support and understanding. If there are any questions, please let me know. Most of the week leading up will be about our global inquiry into the rights of everyone. I will be updating twitter and the blog regularly with pictures of the process. We are doing black light theatre which is very exciting.


Trickster Theatre Ticket Information


Your child’s performance with Trickster Theatre on April 17th at 7:30pm is a ticketed event, so please purchase your tickets through me. Tickets are $5/ person. This event is not only a great way to celebrate and support your child through his/her Trickster Theatre experience, but to also bring our Greystone community together within our school. We would like to see as many people as possible at this event, so please invite extended members of your family. If you are unable to watch the final performance in the evening, you are very much welcome to watch your child perform in the daytime dress rehersal show. The specific time is still to be determined.

As this is a school wide event, and a homeroom effort, it is important your child is at the school to showcase their hard work. If you are unable to attend the event, please ensure drop-off and pick-up for your child on the night of the performance.

Below are links to see examples of some of Trickster Theatre’s work with other schools. 5A has chosen to further explore the theme of Everyone Has Rights. The process so far has been very engaging, and we can’t wait to further investigate this global issue.

Here are some sample videos of performances Trickster has helped students develop.

We look forward to seeing you there! Thank you for your cooperation and support!

Additional ticket information:

* If you have more than one child attending Greystone and they are within different performance times, purchasing one ticket for the entire evening is sufficient. Also, the Greystone student watching his/her sibling in a performance will be admitted into the show free of charge.

* Volunteers will receive a complimentary ticket to attend their child’s show. We are still in need of volunteers; on the ticket form I sent home, below is a volunteer form if you are interested. Any amount of time on any day throughout the week is greatly appreciated.