Jedi Knights

Ms. Albrecht’s was really excited about our Problem of the Week (POW) the other day and we couldn’t figure it out until she told us what our POW was – Jedi Knights! She is apparently a Star Wars fan which make us all more excited about the problem.  This is kind of a river crossing problem but Star Wars. You can see it here.

After we finally figured out the solution. Mr. Letendre  and Ms. Albrecht asked us to reflect in our journals and get feedback to improve our entries.

The next day we were asked to share our solutions. Most of us drew a picture as part of our strategy but our teachers had other ideas. Enter the “Act It Out” strategy. We actually were able to be Storm Troopers, Yoda  and we had a “ship” to get between the planets (we used yoga balls). Mr. Letendre was even there to welcome us to Tatooine when we arrived!

Acting it out was a lot of fun but it probably wouldn’t work for all the problemsB0fcURhCEAA6WNZ