This week at school

Hello everyone,

Happy Mother’s Day! Our kids had an amazing week. I was away both Thursday afternoon and Friday. The students were incredible and supportive of the guests in our room.  Here’s where we are heading this week:

Language Arts:

Due to me being away the latter part of the week, we did not start our Colour poetry. This is going to be a priority for us this week. While I was away, students started a writing piece of “My Teacher is Missing”. They will keep working on this as extra writing assignment. I am excited to read their plans. We have been continuing along with our Book Clubs. We are about 1/2 done our books now. The kids are working great through the reading roles and tasks using the habits of a good reader.


We have built our wind machines. This week we will test them, do our reflection and finish up our final blueprints. Miss Olivia and I were so impressed with the students and their building. We will finish up our unit with looking at the water cycle and recording our own weather broadcasts. As we wrap up, we will begin our Wetlands study. We have a field trip coming up June 1 to the Devonian Gardens. Permission forms will coming homes soon. The cost of the field trip was covered in the school fees.

Here are some photos from our Build day for the wind machine



Students are continuing to work on their Geometry unit with Mr. Letendre. They investigated quadrilaterals and categorized them according to equal sides and parallel sides. The students also completed a Photo Scavenger Hunt to help them better understand terms such as parallel, perpendicular, horizontal, vertical, vertex and  right angle. The kids had fun with the hunt and we will continue to share those photos into next week. The students will also complete a check-in next week to see their understanding of the concepts covered so far in the unit.

We also worked on this Problem of the Week with the students about how we round change without the penny. Seeing how many places like Tim Hortons quote the rounded price many of the students were not familiar with the process some worked on how change is rounded. One of the videos that really helped was CGP Grey’s video called Canada Gets Rid of the Penny since they could see the chart of how the pennies are rounded. This week we will use some change to physically see how the rounding works and finish our journalling.

Social Studies:

We are are finishing up our first critical challenge looking at the impact of Canada’s Greatest Legacies. We have completed Colour Symbol Image sheets about the impact these groups had on Canada and Canada had on them. We will create our Coat of Arms for each of the groups. The Critical Challenge we will be working on is about the Famous Five as it ties in with our Trickster Performance.

Here are a couple of examples of some of the drafts of our CSIs


We are shifting our focus this week to food consumption and cultural food trends around the world. We will be reading the book What The World Eats and exploring how we gain identity from our food. Students will be sent home with a letter detailing their at-home assignment by Tuesday. This letter can also be found here.


On Friday students started a piece called the 4 seasons. They are working on representing a Tree’s progression through the 4 seasons. We will continue this piece this week before moving on to our Spring Flowers piece.


Other Notes:

This week is a short one with the upcoming long weekend (Monday, May 18, 2015) and PD day (Friday, May 15, 2015). We also have Track and Field Day on Thursday! I am not sure if the letter was sent home with students on Friday. I have posted it here and will send home another copy on Monday. Stay tuned for more information!

Also our Student Vote video can be found here:



Greystone takes on the polls!

Today students in LC 5 and LC 6 had the opportunity to vote in a mock parallel election called Student Vote. The students loved the experience. We tried to set up the voting similar to as you would see at a polling station, however we went to each class to vote. What an amazing experience for the students. I have heard amazing feedback from all the students about the process. Some of them were a little bit tired we had a lot of prep to do.  Greystone’s results will be announced Wednesday morning after the official election results are in so that students can compare their vote to the official vote. We are in the process of putting together a movie about our experience but here are some photos from our student photographers from our afternoon. Below are some of our tweets from the day.



Our Wrap Up Video:

Decision Greystone 2015 from Courtney Albrecht on Vimeo.

Student Vote

Student Vote is a parallel election program for students under the voting age that coincides with official election periods.

Students learn about government and the electoral process, and research the issues, parties and local candidates through classroom learning, campaign events and take-home activities. On Student Vote Day, students take on the roles of election officials and cast ballots on the local candidates running in their school’s electoral division. The Student Vote results are shared with media for broadcast and publication following the close of polls.

The program aims to achieve the following objectives among students:

  • Increase knowledge about the electoral process and levels of government
  • Foster a sense of civic responsibility and active citizenship
  • Encourage political dialogue with friends and family
  • Heighten interest about politics and current affairs
  • Practice critical thinking and decision making skills

LC5 and LC6 classes who are participating in the program at Greystone will have the opportunity to vote on May 4, 2015.

In 5A, students have been working on learning about the parties and candidates in the Spruce Grove – St. Albert provincial electoral riding (A list of candidates can be found here for each riding).  We have learned about the electoral process and explored a bit about majority and minority governments. We have also looked at how media influences our choices when we vote.  Students have also discussed a variety of important factors in who they vote for and looked at which parties match the important issues in their own voter profiles.

Parents: If possible, it would be a great experience to bring your children with you to the polls when you vote so they can see the experience first hand.  Please continue having the important discussions you have been having around issues important to you and your family. The students are engaged and excited about the election, and it is an awesome opportunity to connect while helping the students find their own voice.

Thank you for all of your support.

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