From The Leadership Corner… January 2012

Just in case you missed it… here is the note from the Leadership corner from the Mustang News.

Happy New Year to you and your families!  We hope that you all enjoyed your Christmas break and had a relaxing time with families and friends. We want to thank all of the families for once again supporting the Christmas concerts this year. Again, a huge thank-you to Mrs. Grant, Mrs. Gottenbos, Mrs. Badry and Mrs. Bursey and all of the teachers for doing such a wonderful job of bringing the shows together. All concerts were well attended.  Special thanks to Dylan Taylor and Danny Ogurian for serving as Sound Technicians. Many thanks to all that contributed to the Christmas Hampers and Operation Christmas Child this year. Again, Muir Lake School has come through to help others.

We would like to send out a thank you to the teachers and volunteers working as coaches for basketball this season. Thank you to Mr. Mackay, for coaching the junior boys and girls, Mr. and Mrs. Gottenbos for running our developmental teams and Carson McNaughton for helping with the senior teams. We are excited for this season and anticipate it to be a great season for our athletes and know that they will make our school proud. There is still plenty of room to help with basketball so if you are interested in volunteering it isn’t too late! Feel free to contact Scott Mackay or Travis McNaughton if you are interested.

We are excited to launch our new Muir Lake School blog. This is going to be a great way to enhance communication between school, parents and the community. The purpose of this blog is to share information and announcements, celebrate success, and share learning. Furthermore, it also offers opportunity for many different authors to contribute to it. We will be looking for teachers, students, parents, coaches, and community members to contribute to it as time goes on, sharing what they are learning, celebrating successes of the school, announcements, and whatever else we can use it for. The possibilities really are extensive. You can sort your posts by topics so that you can easily find information that you are looking for. We will also be beginning to use the calendar on this blog as a school wide calendar to keep you updated. Right now we only have the basketball team dates posted, but will be adding more in the future. We appreciate your patience while we do this and are confident that this will be a tool that will enhance communication. The calendar is interactive making it extremely easy for you to add all or just some of the calendar dates to your personal calendar or phone. We would encourage you to check it out and if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

Our Lighthouse team and staff are still excitedly implementing our Leader in Me Initiative. We have seen some great things happening around the school already and are excited to see other ideas implemented in the future. Our students have been demonstrating great leadership such as reading the announcements each morning, and volunteering to help in different capacities. We will also be starting monthly assemblies in the New Year. These assemblies will promote school community and culture, recognize student leadership, and promote the seven habits. We would love to see as many parent and community members at our assemblies as possible so please feel free to attend as time permits. You can look to our Muir Lake School Facebook page, website, and school blog for date and time specifics, along with other announcements.

This month’s habit is “Sharpen the Saw”. Take some time this month to read, learn, prioritize, and continue to grow!

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