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It has been an exciting month leading into Spring Break with lots happening here at Muir Lake School. We were visited by the Trustees, Superintendent Tim Monds, and the Parkland Senior Executive team to share in some wonderful learning time. We launched our first Leader In Me assembly where we brought the whole school together to celebrate and promote leadership within our school… and of course our classrooms have been as busy as ever. The grade 2 classes had a great day of learning as they celebrated Dr. Seuss’ birthday.  We are excited to highlight and share these things heading into Spring Break and look forward to the return of our students after the holiday. We hope that you have a great break!

Superintendent and Trustees Visit to Muir Lake School

We had a great time on March 5, as our Trustees and our Senior Executive Leadership visited our school. It was a great hour of participating in learning with some of our students that led to some great discussion afterwards.  Our students demonstrated great leadership, welcoming and involving our guests in their learning activities.


Our visitors participated alongside our students in their learning in a few different classes in our school. Our grade 3 and 7 class demonstrated amazing synergy in working together by applying their knowledge of  structures and forces to design and construct a toy garage.  The grade 2 class shared their learning in math by working with our guests through hands-on math centers and games. The grade 8/9 combined class partnered with the kindergarten class to work with our visitors through a variety of nursery rhyme learning centers. Thank-you to all or our students and staff for opening up our classrooms for a wonderful time of learning, leadership, and collaboration!


Leader In Me Assembly

In case you missed it, we are very excited about the launch of our first Leader In Me Assembly. The assembly was jam packed with classroom presentations, the reading of classroom mission statements, the introduction of the Luminary Leader Award, the unveiling of the Leader In Me banner and 7 habit hallway habits, as well as the celebration of all of our basketball teams’ accomplishments this season. Although there were many highlights in this assembly, one of the most exciting parts was the fact that it was student led and hosted. It was great to see our students step up into leadership roles in planning, preparing, and hosting this assembly. Thank-you to all of our staff and students who participated in our launch. We are excited to continue to develop, encourage, and celebrate leadership growth in all of our students at Leader In Me assemblies in the future. Parents and community members are invited and welcome to attend so look for information in the future about our next assembly.


Grade 2 Dr. Seuss Day

On March 2nd the grade two classes held a celebration to honour Dr. Seuss’ 108th birthday.  Prior to the big day the students read many of his books and also learned some interesting information about his life.  They learned that his real name was Theodore Giesel and he wrote 44 books in total which have sold over 100 million copies.  They also learned that his first book, “And to Think that I Saw it on Mulberry Street”, was originally rejected by 43 book publishing companies.  They also thought it was interesting to learn that Dr. Seuss only used 50 different words to write “Green Eggs and Ham”.  On the day of the celebration the two classes joined together to participate in many Dr. Seuss activities.  The students made 2 different “Cat in the Hat” hats, one to eat and one to wear.  They also tried to balance dishes on their heads just like the Cat in the Hat.  Students also drew Dr. Seuss characters, completed a favourite character graph, made and played in “oobleck”, cooked and ate some green eggs, and completed some writing projects.  Students, teachers and our principal enjoyed the day tremendously.


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